This is an A/N that I am putting on every one of my stories...

And before everyone slaughters me because this is not a chapter I would like to explain what this notice is for. There is a program called Red Button that is deleting people's stories for any explicit content that breaks the 'regulations' of this site. Thethe idea of my stories (or anyone else's stories for that matter)...rips my heart out. Because I have worked a very long time on my stories and they are a huge part of me (I'm sure that many others can relate with this) if I were to lose them I don't know what exactly I would do.

This is the reason why I right this notice. To try and prevent my stories from being deleted I will have to edit them of all there lemons. I would also like to note that if I can't edit them on time and that they are deleted that I have put ALL OF MY STORIES ON fictionesque (.com) and (They are all updated up to what I have on this site) I also have been considering on putting my stories on mediaminer (.org) (it is still in progress).

My account under both is inuookamilove16 yes that's write I spelt ookami right! XP

I would just like to thank everyone up to this point who have read my stories to this point! Thank you for making my time at so enjoyable...hopefully I can continue to have more pleasant experiences on this site.

Thank you.