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This fanfic starts off a bit after Gohan goes to high school. Videl does not know much about Gohan yet, and she hasn't figured out who Saiyaman is either. By the way, Saiyaman will barely be in here. It's just a few ideas I had all mashed up into one story.



Chapter 1: Bad Luck

"Hey guys, guess what?" Erasa said.

"Idunno" was the response from the group.

"Next week we have a field trip to the Capsule Corporation headquarters in West City for Science class!" Erasa said cheerfully.

Gohan's face filled with shock after hearing this. 'Great. Now I have to go over to Bulma's, and so does everyone else in my class! I just hope no one finds out anything they shouldn't while we're there…'

"We're even getting a tour from the Bulma Briefs! She's one of the richest people in the world, and I've heard she's quite attractice…" Erasa continued, still rather excited.

This piece of information caught Sharpner's attention. "I doubt it. She runs one of the, if not the largest companies in the world! Girls that are at the head of a business usually aren't exactly what you call attractive, Erasa."

Gohan held his laughter in. He knew that Sharpner would get what was coming for him when he actually saw Bulma. 'Speaking of Bulma, I haven't seen her in a while. This might be a good excuse to come over, and maybe even spar a little with Vegeta. I need to see how rusty I've gotten after all this time.'

"And just what are you smiling at, Gohan?" Videl questioned him.

"Oh, um…nothing. I'm just excited to finally meet Bulma Briefs. 'I hope she buys that excuse. I don't need her trying to figure me out more…'

"Is that so?" She replied, with a look of doubt appearing on her face. She eyed Gohan carefully, trying to see what he was really smiling about.

'Crap. She saw right through it! Guess I'll have to think of something else then. Um…'

Before Gohan could come up with something else to say, Erasa interrupted, "Of course he is, silly! I mean, who doesn't want to meet her?"

"I guess you're right…" Videl replied, pondering what was said. 'I know he's hiding something. I'll figure you out one way or another, Gohan.'

One Week Later…

The students approached the giant yellow dome that is Capsule Corporation. Gohan was in the middle of the group with Erasa, Videl, and Sharpner, as usual. They were about to reach the front door when a voice came onto the speaker system. "You are trespassing on private property. Please vacate the premises or I will force you to leave immediately. You have to the count of 5 to evacuate. 1…2…3…4…-"

"TRUNKS! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO USE THAT!" This voice belonged to a woman. Gohan let out a small chuckle. Bulma hasn't changed a bit since he last saw her, and neither has Trunks for that matter. And much to Gohan's amusement, Trunks had actually managed to scare a few people into hiding.

The rest of the group laughed after hearing the kid get scolded by his mother. "Sharpner, you can come out from the bush now. It was just a kid joking around. Don't tell me you were actually scared of a little kid," Videl joked around with him.

Sharpner came out from behind the bush and let out a sigh. "Of course I'm not! If anything, that kid should be scared of me. I mean, look at my arms," he said, while flexing his arms in a pathetic attempt to not seem like a sissy. Both of the girls sighed and the group continued to walk forward.

Gohan remember the reception area before and said "Hello" to the receptionist.

"Right this way please. Mrs. Briefs will be in shortly, she just had a few things to take care of first." And with that, the receptionist led them to one of the many lounges in the large dome.

When they finally arrived, everyone was chatting about how amazing it was to be here, and how much they wanted to meet Bulma, and many more things. The next thing they knew, the door to the lounge came open, and a blue haired woman appeared in front of them. All the boys, minus Gohan, stared in awe at one of the most beautiful woman they had ever seen.

"Hello," Bulma smiled, "my name is Bulma Briefs, the CEO and owner of the Capsule Corporation."

"No way that's her!" said a confused, awestruck Sharpner.

"Of course it is," replied Gohan.

Bulma, hearing a little bit of talking, decided to see the source of this. She arrived to see two blond-haired teens, one black haired girl, and a very familiar black-haired boy. "Oh my…I didn't know this was your class!" she said, looking at Gohan. "If I knew, I would've done something special, but I guess it's too late for that now. How's your family been, Gohan? It's been a while since we last got together."

Everyone turned to Gohan, completely surprised that Bulma knew him. "You know Bulma Briefs? How?" question a very curious Videl.

"We've been family friends for years. I met his dad when he was just a little boy, and we've been friends ever since. So Gohan, how is your family doing? Is your mom holding up okay with Goten?" The class was still shocked at hearing that they knew each other and we seemingly good friends. 'I knew he was hiding something. There's more to him, and this Bulma lady, than meets the eye,' thought an inquisitive Videl.

"My mom is doing fine, and she is handling Goten the best she can. She's been much happier with him around."

"That's good to hear, kiddo. Well, let's start this tour then, shall we? Follow me everyone!" Bulma said cheerfully, leading the way out of the lounge and into one of the many hallways of the building.

'It's still a little fishy that these two know each other. There's got to be something else about them that he's not telling me. I'm going to figure you out, Gohan…'

About half an hour passed and they heard what seemed to be several explosions coming from a little farther down the hall. Many of the students asked, "What was that?"

"I see Vegeta is still training," said Gohan calmly, while all the other students were panicking from the explosions, which only Gohan and Bulma knew were mere ki blasts.

"You bet. All he ever does is stay in that Gravity Room all day and train. He only comes out to eat, sleep, or tell me to fix it. That man gets on my nerves too much if you ask me. He's just so bent on trying to get stronger than you."

Sharpner chuckled at hearing this, "Nerd boy is strong? Yeah right! There's no way he's stronger than me."

"You'd be surprised. I've seen Gohan do a lot of things that you can't even imagine. And he can definitely beat that lousy husband of mine, even if he is in there 24/7." Bulma just chuckled and continued on down the hallway.

'Gohan is strong? He looks like a weakling if you ask me. And what did she mean by "I've seen Gohan do a lot of things you can't even imagine"? What can he do? I have to find some way to watch him fight.'

"Now, are there any questions so far? Yes, kid in the blue. What's your question?"

"I was wondering, what's a gravity room? Is it a room where there's zero gravity and you float, like you're in space?" asked one student.

"Actually, no, but I can see why you thought so. Normally, they might be, but this one is definitely not that. This gravity room is a room where you can change the gravity of the room to several or many times the Earth's gravity."

"What the point of that? Why would someone want to make the gravity higher?" asked another student.

"Although it is quite strenuous, it is actually extremely good for training. That's the reason why my husband doesn't leave the room. And for him and those who use it often, it's also extremely well patched so it doesn't explode or take much damage after their intense training sessions. Would any of you like to try it out?"

'Hm…I could use some training, and this apparently can give some good results. I think I'm gonna try this thing out," Videl thought, and then volunteered herself as one of the people going in. 'This should be interesting.'

About seven other kids and Gohan volunteered to go in. "Now, I am warning you. You should only go in if you are extremely tough. This room can easily hurt people who think they are tough and are not. Also, do not try to show off in there; it will only make the effect worse on your body. I would take you in, but the gravity is too much for me, so I'll have Gohan do this since he's a little more experienced with the room than me. Now, to get Vegeta out of there." She then proceeded to knock continuously on the door, while yelling, "Vegeta! Get out of there now! There are people that want to go in, so come out this instant!" Another explosion could be heard from inside, and then the door opened slowly, revealing a man who was rather small in stature with pointy black hair. The man looked to be well-built and had several tears in his strange outfit, which seemed to be some type of armor. There were several bruises and cuts all around his body, yet he moved as if he were in perfect condition.

"What the hell do you want, woman?!"

"Gohan's class is here on a tour and they want to check out the gravity room." Bulma replied calmly.

"What? Kakkarot's brat is here? Why? And why are all these other brats here with him?" yelled the man.

This made Videl wonder even more. 'Who is this Kakkarot? Could it be Gohan's father?'

The class just laughed at the couple's argument. Gohan spoke up, taking the heat off of Bulma. "Yes, I'm here, and so is my class. Calm down Vegeta, it's not like we're gonna be in there the entire day. If you want, I'll do a little training with you later. I could use someone to test my skills on after all this time. Oh, and Bulma, I'll make sure to keep it at a low level so I don't break it, and so that they can withstand it."

The Prince of Saiyans, unable to deny a challenge because of his pride, agreed to the training with a smirk on his face. "Fine. You're on. But this time, I will win. And you better not wear those clothes when we fight; they make you look like a pathetic weakling. A true warrior would never wear such things or hide themselves in something such as that."

'What does he have to hide?' thought Videl.

"Gee, thanks Vegeta. I'll make sure to change by then."

"You have ten minutes kid, so hurry up before I blast you all!" The class was taken aback by this, but the small man left after saying it.

Sharpner just laughed more. "What the hell was he talking about? I could take him on any day. Look at how puny he is!"

Vegeta heard the comment and immediately turned around and gave the man a death stare that left Sharpner scared for his life. Vegeta then continued walking.

"I wouldn't mess with him. You have no idea what you'd be getting into," warned an irritated Bulma.

Hearing everything that just happened only made Videl wonder more. 'Since when does Gohan train? And how can he take on that one guy who made Sharpner cringe just by looking at him, and still win?' "Gohan!" Videl yelled.


"You better not put this at a low level. I want to see test this thing out, and a low level won't do anything."

"Oh, you'd be surprised. It takes a lot of skill to do high levels. Even with all the training you've gotten, I doubt it's enough." 'I should probably keep it below five. My dad could barely stand ten when he was at King Kai's, and he was one of the strongest people in the world, and not to mention he isn't even human!'

That statement just made Videl angrier. "And how would you know how much training I do, Gohan? I bet I've done more than you!"

"You're the daughter of Hercule, and you fight crime, so I could only assume that you were trained from a very young age. As for me, I've been training since I was younger than 5 years old."

She gave him a death stare when she heard the first part, but that expression soon changed to a look of surprise. 'He's trained since he was five? This doesn't make sense! If he has, then he would be much stronger than he is now…or how he appears to be.

Gohan then continued what he was saying. "Now, at any time, if you feel you want to leave, then I will stop it and let you leave. I know what this thing can do, and it's not pretty if you aren't careful, so I'm not pushing anyone beyond their limits here. Now, just let me lower the setting and then you guys can come in." Gohan walked into the room while the gravity was at 200xG, as if it were nothing. Videl took a mental note of this and was planning on doing more than him to prove she could handle higher levels, not matter how hard. After he lowered the setting back down to one, he let everyone in. The eight "tough" teenagers entered the room and just looked around at the many burn marks and dents in the wall wondering what happened here, and also what this was going to be like. Gohan then spoke. "Now, this is Earth's gravity. I am about to raise it up to two times the Earth's gravity. Be careful and tell me if it is too much for anyone. If it is, I'll lower it back to Earth's gravity and let out those who wish to leave."

"Only double? Come on, Gohan! Don't you have a little more faith in us? Two can't be hard. I mean, that guy had it way higher than this," said Sharpner, obviously trying to show off.

Gohan laughed again. No one knew what they were getting into, but he just couldn't let up this opportunity embarrass Sharpner and the "tough" people. He was meant to just let them do this for the experience, which they will definitely be receiving. "No, raising it too high is too dangerous for most people. And that guy is extremely well trained and uses this room for extended periods of time, so I am not surprised he can withstand the level he goes on. Now, I am raising it to 2xG in 1…2…3!" And with that, the gravity increased. Six of the people who came in immediately felt the weight on their bodies and fell flat on their face and couldn't get up. Sharpner was on the ground as well; he tried to get up, but kept on falling back down, unable to stand. Videl was struggling to hold herself up while on her knees, but she was still faring better than everyone else. Gohan just stood there like the sudden change didn't affect him at all. 'Good thing I started off low. I doubt I'll need to go higher than three for sure now. Looks like Videl is the only one who can take it, and even she's struggling. Oh well, I guess not everyone has trained at this intensity.'

Sharpner let out several gasps. "Gohan…how….the hell…are you standing…perfectly fine?! I can't even… get up!"

"Sharpner, I've been in much higher levels than this, so this is absolutely nothing to me." He proved it to them by running around the room and doing several exercises with extreme ease. He continued, "Now, would anyone want to leave?" He heard seven grunts, meaning yes, they wanted to leave. He lowered it back to one and let them out. He then walked back in to see the last person remaining in the room; it was Videl. Sharpner wanted to stay in there to show he was stronger than Gohan, but Gohan knew it would be too hard on him, so he made him leave. As for Videl, she was testing her limits here.

'This is harder than anything I've ever done before! How can he just walk around with such ease, especially at 200xG?! I can barely stand it at 2xG! There's something strange about this kid,' Videl thought.

"Now, I see it's only you left, Videl. I saw you were struggling to remain on your knees back there. Would you like me to keep it at 2xG, or raise it a bit? "

"Raise it," Videl said confidently. She wasn't going to seem weak just because she of a little bit of elevated gravity.

"Very well. Let's see. Let's try 3xG this time." And with that, Videl fell flat, but could still move slightly; she tried to get up, but kept on falling. She let out several grunts from the pain she received of falling on to the ground with that much weight upon her. Meanwhile, Gohan just stood there, watching. He was in awe that someone like Videl could withstand this, and still move. 'There's something about her. She's tough and not willing to give up. She's too proud to back down from something like this and admit she can't take it, but I should stop her soon. This is getting to be too much for an ordinary human to handle, even if it is Videl.'

Videl still didn't understand how Gohan could be perfectly fine. She could take his excuse for being to walk around as the reason. She didn't know it, but it was the real reason, even though it was extremely generalized. 'Maybe he's wearing some type of special device that make it not affect him at all…Yes! That has to be it! I know for a fact that Gohan is not tougher or stronger than me, so that must be the only excuse!'

"Okay, well, it appears you've had enough. Let's turn this thing off and go back to the tour." And with that, Gohan shut off the gravity machine and left with Videl, who was breathing hard and sweating like never before. Erasa just stared at her, wondering what the hell happened to her best friend.

"What happened to you guys?" she asked.

"That gravity room happened. It even messed up my beautiful hair!" Sharpner answered, not very happy about his hair. Everyone just laughed, but a hint of suspicion was still in one very curious and agitated, black haired girl.

A couple hours passed and it was time for lunch. They were led back into the lounge where they went to after arriving and ate there. They were asked to remain in the lounge for the hour-long lunch period. Gohan tried to sneak out to see if Vegeta wanted to get in a quick spar before he had to leave. Most people didn't notice him, but Videl did, and she followed him. She noticed him go into a room and change into his gi and just gawked at him. She had never seen him before like this; he had always baggy clothes, but now she saw what he was hiding beneath them: he had gigantic arms, each covered with numerous scars and scratches. Gohan's chest seemed to be quite muscular indeed and popped out, showing his strength. His face and attitude seemed a bit different as well; he was much more focused. 'Wow! I would have never expected that to come from him! He's…hot. Wait! Videl, what are you saying? You can't be falling for him; you still have to figure him out yet!' She continued to gawk at him and his muscular build until he came to the gravity room. He opened the door and started talking to that Vegeta guy, and then the door closed. Not a minute after the door loud noises were coming from the room. She edged closer to the entrance to hear better and could make out a few sentences of speech.

"So, what level you put those other brats on?" asked Vegeta.

"2xG, and 3xG for one of them."

"Pathetic. None of them would pass as a true warrior!" Videl was taken aback by this. She had been doing martial arts and fighting crime for years, yet this man insulted her without caring. Did he even know who she was?

"Vegeta, they're only human, and teenagers at that. What do you expect? Not everyone trains at 1000 times the Earth's gravity you know!"

"You're right. Only the strong do. They are the true warriors!" Vegeta yelled, while charging at Gohan. Gohan dodged and went in for a kick that collided with Vegeta's stomach.

'1000xG?! I could barely withstand 3xG, and yet these two can train at 1000xG? Who are these people?'

"Vegeta, they may be weak, but they are strong for what they are. My father was the strongest on Earth before you came, but even he could barely take 10xG back then! One of them actually managed to kind of handle 3xG, but with some work, she could have easily gotten higher! Even you have to admit that that is pretty good for a human!"

'Wait! He is actually defending me? Why would he defend me, and even compliment me? There's something about you, Gohan, something that is making me start to want to get along with you more and more.'

"No matter what you say, they are still pathetic weaklings. Now, let's finish this!" And with that, Vegeta charged at Gohan with a barrage of kicks and punches.

Vegeta continued his assault on Gohan. Gohan barely managed to dodge many of his attacks, but was hit with a hard elbow to the back. Gohan crashed to the ground, but got up within a few seconds. He then proceeded to charge at Vegeta, shooting a ki blast at him, which he knocked to the side. As soon as the ki blast was reflected, Gohan appeared in front of him and sent a full-force punch to the gut, knocking the wind out of Vegeta. Vegeta crashed to the ground and returned to his base form, as did Gohan. "Well, I think that's enough. I gotta get out of here before anyone realizes I'm gone." [1] With that, he picked up Vegeta and exited the room.

Videl managed to hear the last sentence and decided to hide before they got out and was surprised at what she saw: Gohan was full of scratches and a bit of blood, and he was carrying the smaller man who was in a similar state, but appeared to be unconscious; his clothes were ripped in several places. Gohan put the smaller man in a bed in a nearby room and then went back towards the bathrooms. She was even more surprised when she saw the level of gravity the room was it when they left: 1000xG, just like they had said. 'How can that still seem like nothing to them? He seems to be a nerd, yet he can stay in there much longer and at higher levels than me, and I am supposedly one of the strongest fighters in the world! Man, I have to get me one of those gravity rooms to train in…'

Gohan took a quick shower, cleaning off any dirt and cuts he got during the fight. The warm water felt good on his body after that training session. He was stronger than when he fought Cell; Gohan had somehow managed to fit in training sessions into his tight schedule of work over the years. He finished his shower quickly and changed back into his school clothes. He snuck back into the lounge without being detected, or so he thought. As soon as he closed the door behind him, he noticed a pair of blue eyes staring him down. A look of panic appeared on his face. 'Yikes! It's Videl! As if she didn't have enough against me already. She knows I snuck out too. Hopefully she doesn't know what I was doing.'

Videl just continued to glare at him, unaware of her surroundings. "Gohan!"

Gohan quickly turned to see Videl behind him, still staring. "Yes?" he responded with a petrified look on his face. He knew he was a bad liar, and that Videl had seen through his lies too many times already.

"Where were you just now? You were gone for a good twenty minutes and I just saw you sneak in. Where were you?"

"Um…I just went to go catch up with Bulma. We haven't seen each other in a while, so she just wanted to talk and see how everything is," said a very nervous looking Gohan.

"Sure you did…" she said, and then turned away, back towards Erasa. 'I still don't understand you, Gohan, but I will soon enough. There's definitely something special about you that you aren't telling me. At first you seem to be a nerd, but then you are apparently quite close to the owner of one of the largest companies in the world, then you are extremely tough and buff, and you even go and fight that short guy, win, and then sneak back in here. You are one strange fellow…'

'Phew, that was close! I'm glad she didn't find out about what I was really doing, and then I'd be a wreck! Gosh, she reminds me of my mother too many times.'

"Alright class, it's time we go back to school. Everybody say goodbye and thank you to Mrs. Briefs here and then get onto the bus," said the science teacher. Everyone did, and she gave Gohan a hug and told him to stop by anytime.

On the bus, Videl sat in the window seat, next to Erasa. She looked to the sky and was thinking more. 'Who are you, Gohan, and why are you so…different?'

Author's Notes:

[1] Yes, the fight actually did go on for longer before that. Sorry, but this is my first fanfic, so I'm kinda new with fighting scenes