To be honest, it been about a year and a half since I have even logged onto the website, and for that, I apologize. I realize that I've said many times before in previous notes, but I truly am sorry. I lost motivation to continue writing shortly after my last update. Thanks to all you guys who have read my story and review it, I regained that motivation, but lost the time to work on it. I am still just a student, and these past two years, which have been my junior and senior year, it has been incredibly rough and time consuming, especially with a job factoring in to that time consumption as well. Both school and work have left me with little to no time to actually work on my stories or even reply to many of you reviewers and those who sent me messages. So to all of you, I would simply like to say sorry and that I plan to continue both of my stories when I get the chance. This should be very soon, considering I am moving closer to the end of my senior year. I will keep writing and I will revise and correct whatever mistakes you all have pointed out to me in your reviews and messages. Thank you all for sticking with this story, despite the amount of time it has been since an update, and I hope I can fulfill your wish for an update and revisions very soon.