Chapter 1

(note: just so you know, I'm portraying the characters as they were in games like "Crash Twinsantity" and "Wrath of Cortex, partly because I knew them from those game mainly, mostly because I don't like how they looked in "Crash Of The Titans".)

(Camera shows Dr. Neo Cortex, Nina, and Uka Uka at a certain room in Dr. Cortex's base. Neo appears timid torward Uka Uka, who appears to have a chip on his shoulder, metaphorically speaking fo course, since he has no shoulders. Nina was simply gives Uka Uka a blank expression.)

Uka Uka: Fools! idiots! NITWITS! can't either of you think of a GOOD plan for once!?

Neo Cortex: but Uka Uka, you know as well as we do it's not our fault! those wretch goody-goody Bandicoots keep foiling even our greatest schemes!

Uka Uka: grrr! there has to be a way to stop those insolent marsupials!

Nina: I'm begining to doubt that. these guys keep knocking down everything we throw at them. Maybe we should just give up.

Uka Uka: (giving Nina an angrier expression) THAT'S COMPLETELY OUT OF THE QUESTION! BY INFINITY PERCENT! (turns to Dr. Cortex) Cortex! I thought you taught your niece better!

Nina: oh never mind, I need some air...

(Nina walks away as Uka Uka and Dr. Cortex continue bickering.)

Nina: (thinks) I need a place where I can do some thinking where my uncle and all the other goons won't ever expect to find me if they decide to look for me for any reason.

(Nina enters what looks like a teleportation pad. she press afew buttons and walks into the teleportation pad, it instantly teleports her to the jungle of N-Santity Island.)

Nina: N-Santity Island, the very home of my enemy. (looks around) looks like I'm nowhere near their house, good, the last I wanna do is get attacked by those Bandicoots when I'm not doing anything.

(Nina starts walking around the jungle)

Nina: how is it Crash and that bandicoot family of his keeps beating the heck out of us whenever we do our evil deeds? Coco? she's been holding a grudge against me even before I did anything to help my Uncle. She's got the brains to make the tech she and Crash have been using. She seems the smartest of them, could she have thought up plans that have foiled our plans? Crunch? He join them just after Crash defeated him, maybe he saw something after that beating Crash gave him freed him from my uncle's brainwashing. Aku Aku? he's a sage-like mask who seems to act like he's in charge. he's Uka Uka's opposite, so Aku Aku must know a thing or 2 about what it's like to be good. Crash? I can say easily he's been doing most of the work out of the rest of his family when it came to taking out my uncle and me. maybe I should go ask him about the whole "being a goody-goody" thing. oh who am I kidding? I bet I'm at the point of no return. Crash would likely wanna slam me into a tree as soon as look at me now.

Crash: (voice heard from behind Nina) there is no "point of no return", Nina.

(Nina gets startled and turns around to see Crash.)

Nina: gaah! don't sneak up on a girl like that! (pauses for a while) uhhh... take this! (Nina extends her metal hand at Crash to throw a punch. but Crash moves aside, grabs the extended part of the arm, and swings it to a side, causing Nina to be sent flying along with it and also causing her to get slammed into a tree.) ooowww...

( Nina falls off the tree and lands on the ground on her butt. Crash walks over to Nina.)

Crash: you alright?

(Nina stands back up and reels in her extended arm.)

Nina: you're being awfully friendly, considering we're enemies

Crash: do you really believe that?

Nina: well..... actually, I don't know really.

Crash: then let's take a walk and figure this out, shall we?

(Crash and Nina start walking around the jungle, talking.)

Nina: I don't really get it. everytime my Uncle comes up with some scheme, you always foil his evil plans. how do you do it?

Crash: "Evil never wins" they say, some think a higher power supports the side of good, some thinks it's Karma. I'd like to think I simply did what I had to do.

Nina: that's it?

Crash: well not really, I know there's something that helps good triumph over evil. but I think it's simply that no matter how successful evil becomes, the only thing that lies ahead is inevidable doom.

Nina: you saying if I keep this up, I might die?

(Crash and Nina stop near a Wumpa tree Crunch is hiding behind, Crunch seemed fully aware Crash was talking to Nina.)

Crash: dying is a pretty strong word, Nina, I can say this much though, if you keep this up, you could get yourself seriously hurt.....

(Crunch, after hearing what Crash said, elbows the wumpa tree he's hiding behind, which causes it to shake a little and a Wumpa fruit falls off and hits Nina's head bellow it.)

Nina: (covering her head in response to the Wumpa fruit hitting her) ow!

Crash: .....or worse!

(Crunch then puts his arms around the tree and shakes it violently, causing ALOT of Wumpa fruit to fall down on Nina, until the lot of it buried Nina under the fruity pile now created. Crash pulls Nina out of the pile of Wumpa fruit.)

Nina: thanks, ow...

Crash: (takes 2 Wumpa fruit out of the newly built pile, takes a bite off one of them and offers Nina the other, who simply waves her hand in polite refusal.) you know, look around you, this island, it's lovely, no? you think evil would keep islands like those to being safe? nope, your Uncle Neo's been trying to take this and many other things away fro me, you can say that's why I've been such a goody goody going against him. also, you don't have to go through this evil charade your Uncle and Uka Uka have been putting you through. heck, if I talk with the others, I might convince them to let you stay with us instead. though I know I'd have a hard time convincing Coco, I'm sure she along with Crunch and Aku Aku would welcome you to the side of good easily.

Crunch: (thinking and still hiding behind the Wumpa Tree) not easily, per se, I just don't really trust anyone aside myself with metal arms.

Nina: wait, you think it's that easy to turn to the side of good? last time I showed to be good, (holds out her metal hands) my uncle took my hands from me!

Crash: this only proves to me you can turn a new leaf, that you can turn to good.

Nina: (both confuse and frustrated) what are you saying?! I don't understand!

Crash: (gently holds one of Nina metal hands and looks at it) I'm saying that if I look pass those cold, cybernetic hands, (then looks directly into Nina's eyes) that there is a good heart in you, that's something no one can take from you, not your uncle Neo, not Uka Uka, no one.

(Crash places Nina's head close to his chest and hugs her. Nina could feel warmth in Crash's fur. Crash then lets go and starts to walk off, Crunch does the same while remaining unnoticed by Nina.)

Crash: I'll leave you to do some thinking, I'm assuming that's why you came here in the first place.

(Crash walks off, leaving Nina alone in the jungle. Camera cuts to Crash meeeting up with Aku Aku.)

Crash: Aku Aku?

Aku Aku: yes, Crash? what is it?

Crash: there's a friend, or at least a might-be friend who might need your help.

Aku Aku: I'd love to help, but I'll need to know more first.

Crash :alright, I'll tell you.....

(Author's note: like it? it's a start. I already got other fan fic stories in mind, but if you review me, the chance I'll update will greatly increase.)