The shattered bits of glass flew into pieces as Gabriella swung the guitar into the television. "Asshole." She grunted slamming the guitar into the floor. Strands of hair came loose from her pony tail as her body vibrated with the impact.

"Sweetie I think that's enough." Sharpay said holding out her hand to usher Gabriella out of the room. They came as soon as she called about David. Little did they know she was delirious and making her new career in deconstructing his apartment.

"That two-timing, arrogant son of a bitch." She yelled pushing his entrainment center to the floor. Everything came down with a crash as his game system fell to the floor and split into two pieces. CD disc and DVDs crashed to the floor as well flying everywhere as she reached for the bat.

"Oh that expensive!" Taylor said covering her mouth with her hands. Sharpay and Taylor both made their way over the wreckage and tried to get a hold on the still furious Gabriella. She was on her way to the cabinet of trophies and awards.

"Come on that's enough you're done it's done." Sharpay cooed as Taylor pried the bat from her hands.

"Let's go." Taylor said wrapping her arms around Gabriella's waist as she struggled to knock over the cabinet.

"After everything I've done for him." Gabriella yelled fighting to get away.

"Gabi." Sharpay said reaching for her bags already packed at the door. "It's okay he'll pay its karma."

"Fuck karma!" she screamed getting out of Taylor's grasp.

"Sharpay! Grab her!" Taylor said and Sharpay got a hold of her eventually both girls were able to get her out of the apartment and downstairs were Gabriella settled by the car.

Sharpay had gone back upstairs for her things and Taylor was standing in front of her with both hands on her sides. "We're going to take you home." She said quietly. Gabriella nodded and just stared off blankly to the side as she examined the ground. "David is just an idiot." Bringing Gabriella closer she hugged her as Gabriella thought about her world and how it was swiftly fleeting from her grasp and control was no longer a concept.

"I helped him start off his business." She said looking back at Taylor. "I've been with him since the beginning." She added

"I know but it wasn't meant to be guys like David only think about themselves." She said rubbing her shoulders as she smiled weakly.

"But we were suppose to get married and have a house." She said rubbing her noise with her sleeve we've been together for five years. Don't I mean anything to him?" she said slouching her body on the car behind them.

"I'm so sorry Gabi really I understand." She said bringing her closer.

"My dad was right about him." Gabriella said as a sob escaped her mouth. "God I have nothing now." She said and that was the last auditable words she spoke.

6 years later.

Holding up the spread sheets she chewed on her pen cap. Looking at the books and then at the Tax forms quietly studying the numbers. It was nearing ten in the morning and Gabriella sat on the tan bed sheets still in her pajama's her white tang top still wrinkled from sleep her hair up in a messy bun and her black framed glasses hiding her face.

"Gabriella?" her mother's voice sounded by the door. Causing Gabriella to look up from the papers and over to the door where her mother was walking in "Good Morning" she muttered before looking back down at the papers.

"Gabi, your sisters are here and everyone is down stairs are you going to join us?" her mother said peering into the room with a warm smile.

"Yeah just give me a moment I think I figured out what the missing link is." She said writing a number down.

"Okay." Her mother said with a sigh glancing at her middle child as she was engulfed with her work. Closing the door she made her way down stairs and into the living room where the Girls were talking.

"She is going to hate us." Amanda said pointing at her older sister as she shrugged. Amanda Montez placed a hand on her swollen belly and leaned back in her chair. She knew her sister was going to spit fire at the idea of being on a television show. "I'm not taking any part of this."

"What? dad thinks it's a good idea." Christina said sitting down in a chair by her husband. Her hand Teddy had been married for eight years and they had two children who were playing in the next room.

"No I think it's about time she find a husband and move out of my house." Daniel said letting the papers fall from his hand and lay on the table. "It not right for a woman her age to be single and still living at home with no children."

"But is this really the solution." Taylor said picking up the papers and reading the acceptance letter.

"She'll be on national Television." Christina said looking at Sharpay and Taylor. "Besides this guy is dreamy." She said holding up a photograph and smiling,

"I don't know it's like answering a personal ad for her." Sharpay said picking up the picture "He is good looking." She said smiling as she glazed into his blue eyes. "Their children would be so cute."

"Hello there's going to be like 19 other girls what if he doesn't pick her." Amanda said looking at Sharpay and yanking the photo from her hand.

"Not pick my daughter? Impossible!" Daniel said taking a seat at the head of the table.

"Well how do we know that he's her type of that she is his?" Taylor said coming around to Amanda to look at the picture.

Maria Montez picked up a photo of Gabriella and smiled. It was a photo she had cut out of a family portrait and had blown up. She was the one that suggested the idea to Christina and they had submitted her in as a possible contestant. Gabriella was a sweet lonely and heartbroken woman. She still remembered the year after Gabriella and David had that nasty break up. Gabriella didn't come out of her room for days and the sparkle in her eyes were gone. She'd stop playing her music and sold her Guitar. She'd gotten a job as a tax auditor. Maria could no longer sit back and watch her daughter grow old and alone without any passion in her soul. She needed a chance at romance. A push in the right direction and hopefully this was just thing.

"In his letter he said he likes a woman with sensitivity, smarts, some who is strong and caring, some pure of heart with a great laugh and loves to be herself. He wants someone not afraid to independent and someone adventurous." Christina said reaching for another sheet. "Plus he likes short petite woman with a sparkly attitude" she said looking at Taylor.

"He is cute." Amanda said tucking a hand behind her neck and placing the picture on the table. "If he's a jerk at least she'll get air time and other guys might start calling?" she said.

"What will she wear?" Sharpay said think for a moment.

"We can take her on a shopping spree." Christina said looking over at her mother. "I think this counts as an emergency?"

"I could take her I know this great place with nice dresses." Sharpay offered.

"How do we get her to go?" Amanda said looking at her mother and her father.

"She is going and that's that." Daniel said forking eggs and bacon into his mouth.

Just then Gabriella came down the stairs in her blue robe and flannel bottoms her hair still messy and her Glasses hiding her face. "Good Morning." She said looking at everyone and reached for a plate of Bacon and eggs. Looking up at everyone's silent faces she sat down in her chair and reached for the orange juice. "Who shot bambi?" she said pouring herself a glass.

"Real sensitive." Taylor muttered and took a seat next to Amanda.

Sharpay held her breath as Gabriella looked at the pieces of Papers scattered on the table.

"Gabi," Christina said grabbing her attention. "We're here for an intervention." Christina said placing a hand on Gabriella's.

Gabriella looked around the room and back at Christina. "Oh dear god what have you done?" Gabriella said eyes widening as she looked to her father and then at her mother who was smiling at her tenderly.

"Next year you're going to be thirty." Christina said with a smile. "And we think that you have a lot to offer some lucky man out there." She said tugging her hand and adding a bright smile.

"No, no, no I'm not going on another blind date." Gabriella said pulling her away.

"It's not a blind date we're setting you up on the TV." Her father said as he continued to eat.

"What?" Gabriella looked at her father then back at everyone else. "Mom?" she said hopeful.

"The show is called Real Love and its about a man looking for real love." She said with a smile.

"You put me in a game show?" She said looking at her family with disbelief.

"There are Twenty constants and you were selected as one of them." Christina said with a smile reaching for the picture of the Male lead. "His name is Troy Bolton." She said with a smile.

"No you didn't" she said with a frown. Taking the picture she looked at it and frowned. "He looks like some pretty boy?" she said looking over at Amanda.

"I told them it was a bad idea." She said holding her hands up in defense.

"It's not right for a woman to be alone at your age especially when you are Spanish woman." Her father addressed pointing his fork at her. "Who is going to take care of you when your mother and I pass?"

"I pretty sure I can take care of myself." Gabriella said looking at her father outraged.

"No daughter of mine is going to be a old maid." He said placing his fork down. "Your mother and sister have gone through a lot of trouble to get you on the show I think you should be grateful for the help." He said reaching for bead.

"if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out and you come back here. But if it does think about how happy you'll be." Sharpay said point at the picture. "He is cute."

"Your all nuts." Gabriella said placing the picture down. "I am not going on television and making a fool of myself as I compete for one guy alongside a bunch of desperate irate women." She said looking over at Taylor for help.

Taylor shrugged and her mother placed a hand on her shoulder. "We're not asking you to do anything that would make a fool of yourself we just want to see you happy and I think that this is a good opportunity to go back into the dating world." Her mother said picking up the picture. "He's a charming young man and I'm sure that you'll be very pleased."

"No." Gabriella said. "I'm not doing it."

Gabriella threw the shirt into the cart. "I can't believe I'm doing this." she said placing the straw back into her mouth.

"It'll be fine, look at the bright side you'll be on TV." Sharpay said lifting up a bathing suit to her body. Gabriella rolled her eyes as she placed her free hand in the pocket of her sweatshirt.

"Being rejected on television is not a bright side." she said looking at a t-shirt and placing it in the cart.

Sharpay picked up the shirts and held them up. "Gabi, we're going for sexy not lumber jack." She said looking at the big t shirts.

Gabriella tossed her head back and grunted out load. Life as she knew it was no longer hers.