Chapter One: The Start of Summer

Harry rolled over in bed, pleased that he didn't have to get up early today. His master had given him a break from morning training that day, saying that he deserved a lie in after the eventful end to his first year. Harry thought back on it and grimaced. Saving the Philosopher's Stone had been good, but killing his Defense teacher hadn't been so good. Still, the Stone was back with its rightful owner, and he and his fellow first years had escaped with minor injuries. Thinking it over, he grinned. His first year and he had one very best friend, who he hoped would turn into his girlfriend in later years, he had two other best friends, and the four of them were going to learn to turn into their animagus forms this summer, and one enemy who Harry didn't really count as an enemy, he qualified as more of a jealous rival. Harry turned over and snuggled down into the sheets again, closing his eyes.

Only to be awakened by a freezing cold bath. "Aagh, Master, what in the Sith did you do that for," he demanded sitting up and shivering.

His master grinned at him. "I did call you several times, Padawan. Hermione, Fred and George are going to be here soon, to say nothing of Minerva. Would you prefer that I let them see you in your boxers?" she enquired mildly. Harry blanched, before racing for the shower.

In ten minutes he was showered, dressed and downstairs, eating breakfast at record speed. He then jumped into the lounge where he straightened his clothes, slowed his breathing and calmed down. He then smiled when his thoughts fell on Hermione; he had got several letters from her, most starting with his Demon nickname of Jet and ending with her nickname of Tawny. They had started to use those as affectionate names for each other, as well as being the names they would use when starting the prank siege of Hogwarts that they, along with the other two members of their group, Fred and George, who were known as Rusty and Blaze were planning. Hogwarts would tremble in fear; as the Demons were on the rampage.

While he was lost in thought, the Floo flared up. Fred and George stepped through, greeting Harry with wide smiles and enthusiastic hugs, saying, "Jet, old chap, how are you today," and "Jet, my good man, have you though up any start of year pranks for Hogwarts?" Harry shushed them; he didn't want his master knowing that he was planning on pranking Hogwarts all year this year. It was going to be fun, but he didn't want her knowing about it. Gred and Forge hushed as ordered, realising why Harry didn't want their plans becoming known. They were distracted from pranks when the Floo flared again, admitting Hermione into Sanctuary.

Harry stepped forward with a wide smile, drawing her into a tight hug, and whispering in her ear "I missed you, Tawny."

He smiled as she hugged him back, whispering, "It's only been a few days, Jet; surely you can last longer than that".

Harry gave a rather goofy grin before saying in a normal tone "I find my powers of Jedi stamina are strained without you around my dear, Tawny."

Hermione punched his shoulder gently. "OK enough with the cheesy dialogue, where's Professor McGonagall?"

She jumped back in shock as said Professor materialised in the Floo, stepping out and saying "Right here, Miss Granger, shall we begin."

The lesson went well, and at the end of it, Harry could grow fur on his arms, and the beginnings of a tail, Hermione could grow fur on her arms, and whiskers on her face. Fred and George shrank and grew tails but otherwise remained human. Through it all, Kiara stood in the doorway, snapping pictures at random intervals and laughing at the indignant looks that Harry was giving her.

Finally Harry had had enough and snapped, "If you think this is so funny, Master, why don't you try it." He regretted it a minute later when Kiara stepped into the living room and gracefully changed into a wolf herself. She rubbed her head against his and gave a small growl when Fred tried to pull her tail. Turning round she transformed back again. Harry stared at her in disbelief.

"When did you learn to do that, Master?" he asked.

Kiara smirked at him and said, "You four weren't the only ones getting animagi lessons last year." Harry groaned and returned to visualising himself as Jet.

Several hours later he stopped, as he had a headache from all the visualisation. Professor McGonagall said that all four of them had made good progress, especially since they weren't really supposed to have learnt this stuff until sixth year. Harry politely thanked her and then went to ask his master if the Demons could stay for tea. Kiara agreed as long as the Grangers and the Weasleys agreed. Fred and Hermione Flooed their parents and came back with affirmatives.

Later that night, after Hermione and the Twins had gone home; Harry was seated on his bed meditating. He caught a flash of a giant snake, and a diary. Frowning, he filed that away before going to sleep, looking forward to more animagi lessons the next day.