Title: Heartbreakers
"You must want revenge on me since I 'played with your heart'. But if you're thinking about breaking my heart, good luck. You're going to need it to rip apart something that isn't there."

Notes: This is AU.

A slight smirk could be seen on his lips, his eyes glistening with mischief as he stared at the girl who was defiantly glaring back at him, a scowl planted on her face.

"You think you're oh-so-great, don't you asshole?" She said with venom in her voice, her eyes burning with a flame that was fueled from the anger and hate she had for Lelouch.

The opponent across the table from him was glancing from the steaming redhead to the impassive teenager who was only raising an eyebrow at the female's harsh words. "Is this a bad time… because I could come back later…" he said, trying to sneak his way out of a bet, only for Lelouch to glance his way before lifting his hand and moving his knight.

"Checkmate", Lelouch stated calmly before directing his attention back onto Kallen.

His opponent grumbled and handed the young man a suitcase, before standing up and shaking his opponent's hand, even though he had not taken his eyes off the girl.

"Please sit Kallen", Lelouch said, gesturing for her to sit in the chair once his grumpy, older opponent had left. The angry girl only crossed her arms and huffed before pulling the chair out forcefully and sitting in it, her arms crossing once more.

"I hate you", she said through clenched teeth. "I knew you were a sick bastard but this?"

He raised an eyebrow in response, amused with her blunt behavior, "I don't know what you're—"

"I'm sure you don't. That's the way it works here right?" She said mockingly, slightly shrugging while speaking, her arms still crossed. "Feelings don't really matter. It's all about winning or losing, right?"

Well, she had learned quickly.

His lips curled up in a small smirk before picking up a pawn piece off the chess board in front of him and holding it up to eye level. "The majority of students in this school are pawns. Nothing more, nothing less."

"Is that so?" Kallen asked, pretending to take interest in his words when in reality she was steaming, completely angry with the way this pompous, arrogant fool thought he could toy with people's hearts. The way he thought he could play with human life. To him, it was nothing more than a game. Just a fucking game. "And what, I suppose you're the king?" She asked, picking up a black King off the board and examining it, trying her hardest not to crush the small ceramic piece in her fist.

"Of course not." She picked her head up quickly, bewildered by his words. He reached over the table and picked the black king piece out of her grasp using his slim, pale fingers, and put the piece back on the playing board.

"I am the player."

Kallen watched him rearrange the pieces on the board again, putting the black pieces on his side and the white pieces on her side. He was graceful with these movements, she noticed, and after glancing at his face and observing his raven black hair that framed his face, and his violet eyes that just seemed to intrigued her, she realized why most of the girls here had fallen for his trap, his game. He had invited them into his lair, into his world, and they never had a chance since.

"How did you invite them to play?" She asked, assuming that's how the rules went. Perhaps if she figured out his methods of winning, she could make it backfire against him.

But a smirk adorned his face when she asked him this, and his shimmering violet eyes, his orbs melted with a hint of red, glanced up at her, "I didn't invite them in Miss Kallen Stadtfeld."

Confused, she opened her mouth to ask him what he meant when he continued, "They were already part of the game."

And her eyes widened in realization when she could figure out the meaning behind his cryptic words. Already part of the game? They were part of the plan! They really were pawns, figurines that once shined until they ran out of usefulness, which was when their shine would dull down. Did that mean she was part of the plan too? Was she only a toy for this "player" to play with until she ran out of value?

He raised an eyebrow when she stood up hastily, letting a white pawn fall to the floor, the small piece ricocheting on the ground beneath the table. She stumbled on her feet before walking a few steps away to try and get away from this psychotic freak, before he spoke, stopping her in his tracks.

"And where do you think you're going Miss Stadtfeld? It's rude to accept my invitation and then leave."


"What invitation?" She asked, turning around, her eyes widened from her recent discovery.

A gorgeous, tantalizing yet cryptic smirk adorned his face once more, before he motioned for her to sit down. Reluctantly she did so, knowing she needed more to get rid of this freak, and she hesitantly sat in her seat, waiting to hear more from him.

"It would be an honor for you to accept my invitation to play this game, dear Kallen."

Her eyes widened horrifically as he picked up a white pawn piece and put it in her hand for her, signaling her to start the game.

"Are you ready to play?"

I sometimes get afraid to write CG fics because I never know if I get Lelouch's character right. I usually have Kallen down, but … still.

1) Any ideas as to what Lelouch is actually doing that is making Kallen upset?

Then again, I haven't thought this fic out COMPLETELY but I do know the direction it'll probably go in.