It was just a show. A charade. One of Lelouch's many masks, as far as she could tell.

Another door slam greeted Lelouch's ears as he stared at the spot Kallen was seconds ago.


"It's okay if she leaves, you know."

Lelouch hadn't stopped staring at the place Kallen was standing a few minutes ago. It was very unlike him.

"The loop has been broken. It's 6:30. She was supposed to have died at 4:52, on April 17 in the year she turned 17 years old. She's alive again."

He glanced her way as she chewed on the pizza. In a soft voice she continued, "For good, this time."

With a sigh Lelouch stood up and dusted himself off. "Until the day passes, I'm going to stay wary. Just because I managed to save her in time this year doesn't mind I've forgotten how I've let her die twice already." The bitter anguish was clear in his voice. She couldn't blame him completely. Since the game started only six females had the capability of gaining his love, and four of them were disqualified from the beginning because he loved them in a way before gaining his Geass.

Kallen was different. He loved her after he had obtained his power.

And then she died.

Lelouch started rearranging his chess pieces again before putting on his shoes. "I can't afford to wait for her to be resurrected again and live knowing let her die once more."

With that, Lelouch stormed out of the room, intent on finding Kallen.

C.C. just blinked and bite into her pizza.

All this for a crush. Sigh.

When he found her she was with some blonde jock looking type. Her smile was more strained and her body was more distant. He couldn't help but feel relieved.

"Kallen", he said, walking up to her calmly with hands in his pockets. Kallen saw him and stiffened. Normally that reaction would have him chuckling, but now it just left him feeling uneasy.

"Lelouch", she said with that fake sweet smile and that aggravating higher pitch in her voice. "I'm busy", she said, glancing at Mr. Joke. Jock. Whatever.

He smiled, "That's cute", before grabbing her by the arm and dragging her away. Before he left he glanced at the gaping boy before saying, "She's not interested."

"Hey! What was that for?" she asked annoyed, tugging her arm out of his grasp before stopping where she was.

Turning around, Lelouch placed his hands in his pockets and sauntered toward her, "What? I helped you get number three. Just being a good samitarian."

"Samitarian my ass", Kallen said, rolling her eyes. "What do you want?"

He looked at her for a few good seconds before smirking, "I thought we were hanging out all day."

She scoffed, "I changed my mind after you decided to turn into a jackass."

"I thought I was always a jackass."

"Good point I take that back."

Chuckling, Lelouch walked closer to her, and a wary Kallen, whose clenching heart hadn't forgotten the last time Lelouch had gotten close to her, stepped back. "I..." He sighed before looking her in the eyes. "Someone I loved very dearly died on this day, and I don't want to spend it fighting with you or breaking hearts." He held a hand out. "Temporary truce?"

Or more than temporary. Forever. Eternity.

At this Kallen's eyes grew softer. She had to swallow before speaking and her throat was dry. "I'm sorry." She looked at his hand before raising her own hand, but even then she was hesitant.

"... Why can't you just stop it completely?"

He only wished he could.

He sighed. "I'm not actually in a position to do that." He glanced at his hand and her hesitant one. "Truce?"

I don't want to keep living and repeating these lives over and over until I succeed.

She still looked at him warily, remembering the pain of being rejected. What would Lelouch do if he knew he almost hurt her like all the others?

"Fine... but I want to know what's really going on", she said with steely eyes. She grabbed his hand and shook it, before taking her hand back. He gave her a sincere smile.

I can't watch them all die again and wait till they're reborn.


Not without having any good memories, anyways.

She scowled, "I'm more of a coffee person." Lelouch rolled his eyes. She still hadn't gotten rid of that disgusting caffiene addiction.

"We'll compromise." A lot. "Shall we?" he said, leading her to walk ahead of him. With her head raised high she brushed past him and walked away. Lelouch stared at her impassively for a moment before following her.

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