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Prologue: Dying

Well, she thought rather dully, this is it.

Out of all the places she believed she would get unceremoniously killed, it was certainly not here.

But, she supposed it had to happen somewhere, so why not here?

The past months had been way too good to be true. She had forgotten herself. Forgotten the dark and desolate future she had come from. It had just been too easy to disregard all her troubles.

At least she hadn't let Dumbledore or Harry or Ron or Hermione or that annoying redheaded Ginny down. Hell, she figured even Snape would crack one of his I'm-really-happy-and-smiling-I-just-don't-want-you-to-know-it smirks.

She had followed all of their instructions to the tee. Except for the "Oh and please be very careful and try not to get yourself killed" part. But hey, she believed it was her right to leave some of their words up to creative interpretation.

"Please be careful," when she interpreted it, stood for, "Well, you're probably gunna die anyway, just put it off until the last moment. Procrastination can only help you in regards to dying."

So, maybe she really had followed all of their rules and such.

A tall figure was making their way towards her now, and she braced herself. He was beautiful, she wouldn't deny it. Even after chasing her he looked perfect, with milky pale skin, dark eyes, sharp features, and a careless smile pulling at his lips.

Her mind flashed to the events of her past year in 1944:


A lot of danger.

Not enough regret.

The beautiful boy came to a stop a few feet before her, his wand twirling absently in his hands, his hardened gaze bearing down on her.

She grinned in response, "Hello Tom. Fancy seeing you hereā€¦"