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Laven week, last day; Finishing.


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This is it... Allen thought, pressing himself closer to the warm body pinning him to the wall. He and Lavi had been friends for so long, been so close, and gone through so much together. Allen thought he was going insane when he realised he wanted more than friendship from the older teen. He found himself craving the touch of his best friend, going out of his way to even just brush hands or bump shoulders. It was almost maddening to want someone so badly, but not be able to say anything for fear of losing them completely.

So Allen had resigned himself to suffering in silence, waking up late at night with an ache in a place he wished to god he didn't have and finding release in his own hand. But somehow he had found himself in the situation where Lavi left him no other choice but to confess.

"Allen, you're acting weird and I don't like it. Tell me what's wrong, damn it!" those simple words had cornered Allen. He'd had no way to get out of the position Lavi had forced him in. The redhead could always tell when he was lying, no matter what the situation, he always knew. It was something Allen loved and hated about him.

He'd tried to deny that anything was wrong but Lavi was persistent when he thought something was wrong. Lavi just wanted to help and he wanted to make his friend feel better, Allen knew, but he just couldn't take the thought of Lavi's face contorted in disgust, the rejection Allen was sure to face.

But there was no way to get out of it, Lavi was relentless and Allen could feel him patience wearing thin. He didn't want to tell Lavi, but the redhead was too stubborn for his own good.

"You want to know what's wrong? Fine! Don't blame me for anything; you're the one who wanted to know!" Allen figured he was going to lose his best friend anyway; he might as well at least get a taste of what he would never have. So, with that in mind he grabbed Lavi by the collar and pulled him down into a desperate kiss. Lavi had instantly gone stiff with what Allen assumed to be disgust but he didn't care. Lavi's lips were so soft, so perfectly moulded for his he couldn't pull away.

He had to savour this one taste.

But then something he'd never really imagined possible happened. Lavi's arms came up around him, pulling him closer as he returned the kiss with as much passion as Allen. They kissed like they were going to die tomorrow, tongues plunging into each other's mouths, mapping out the unexplored territory, bodies pressed tightly together. Before Allen quite knew what was happening he was pressed against the wall of his bedroom, Lavi's thigh between his legs as the redhead's hands moved up and down his body hungrily.

Allen let his hands slide up Lavi's shirt, feeling the firm muscles and hot flesh there. The taller boy shivered, pressing Allen more firmly against the wall as he swiftly undid the buttons on the younger teen's dress shirt. Allen gasped loudly as Lavi's lips left his mouth, trailing burning kisses down his neck, fingers trailing across the exposed skin of his chest slowly.

"L-Lavi..." The redhead's movements stilled and he pulled back enough to look Allen properly in the eyes, panting slightly.

"A-Am I... um, did I... maybe you didn't... I-I... s-sorry, uh... I..." Allen silenced him with a finger pressed against his lips and a soft smile.

"Please, don't say sorry... just... please..." Allen wrapped his arms around Lavi's neck and pulled him close. The tension in Lavi's body vanished and he leaned against Allen, letting his eyes slide shut and a soft sigh out.

"I thought for a second that I imagined you kissing me first..." Lavi chuckled slightly, "Scared me." Allen nodded, still not quite believing that Lavi had really kissed him, touched him like he had dreamed of for what felt like so long...

"Y-You, um... you... feel the same?" Allen's voice as timid, quiet, as if he was afraid to speak too loudly and dispel the illusion he could be dreaming up.

"Y-yeah. I just... I mean, I never even though you would like me back..." Allen could have laughed at the utter ridiculousness of the situation. They had both been longing for each other for god knows how long, yet they had both been too scared to say anything to change it. They had wasted so much time...

"We're both idiots then..." Allen smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lavi tenderly, shivering as the boy kissed him back just as gently. Before Allen quite knew how it happened his legs were wrapped around Lavi's waist as they stumbled backwards in the general direction if Allen's bed. Once they were horizontal, Allen felt his blood start to heat up as they were pressed so closely together. He could feel Lavi's arousal already pressing into his hip and though the thought of Lavi taking him then and there excited him, it wasn't something he couldn't allow to happen.

"L-Lavi... w-we have to stop..." Allen gasped out, pulling back so he was straddling the older boy. "I-its too fast. I-I mean, I-I do want it, b-but... give it a little time, okay?" Lavi looked a little disappointed, but he nodded.

"You're right. S-sorry... I got carried away. I'm just a little... over excited at the fact you... you know, want me." He smiled guiltily, shifting a bit so Allen wasn't getting poked anymore.

"Heh, yeah, I feel the same... I just... want to savour the whole... start of a relationship, or whatever it is we're doing..." Allen was tentative, not wanting to get his hopes too high in case Lavi would inadvertently break his heart.

Lavi nodded, smiling sheepishly. "You want to uh, date?" he looked so hopeful Allen could have cried. They had really been going through exactly the same thing, feeling the same pain and suffering in silence for so long. Allen was going to end that, right then and there.

"Yeah, I'd really, really like that." Relief flooded Lavi's features and he leaned up, kissing his new boyfriend softly, bringing an end to all of the pain they had both dealt with for far too long, and giving birth to the joy they could both share in each other.



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