It was fall, and it was that time of day where you started to feel sort of awkward. It was after noon but not quite time for the evening to start. The sky was a hazy grey and the clouds were dark and bunched up. Sadly and slowly they rained down upon all.

Norway bent down on his knees and rested his arms on the window pane and stared; just stared. Everything was misty-looking outside, but the sound of the rain lightly pattering at the windows sounded so peaceful. The room was dark, except for, of course, the light coming through the window. He sighed heavily and closed his eyes. The window was cracked in a corner and it let in that rainy smell. Norway just loved it. He just loved water; it reminded him of his days of riding the sea. Where he had it all...

The room was silent and peaceful, and he almost did not hear the other boy enter the room. He had light footsteps and quiet breathing and he took his place on the Norwegian's bed, and he also stared. Norway knew he wouldn't feel the same way about the rain, but it was nice to have someone with him. His days as a sailor were lonely and painful, and even though he would love to get out on the waves, he knew that it wasn't worth it.

"Rain is beautiful." Iceland breathed. Norway didn't look back he just kept his eyes closed; he just listened to the heart beat of the rain. After a while he opened his eyes and turned around to look at his friend. Iceland had a distant look in his eyes, and he was staring; staring at the rain.

Norway pulled himself up and took a seat next to the white-haired boy, and studied his features.

"It's been a while since it last rained," The Icelandic boy said slowly turning his head to face the blonde. Norway just sighed and nodded.

"The rain makes you sleepy doesn't it…?"

"Yeah..." Iceland closed his eyes and looked down. "It does…"

Norway laid back on the bed and blankly looked at the ceiling. Iceland just watched him with his same apathetic look. The rain was falling much lighter now, but you could still smell it sweeping through the room and you could still hear that rhythmic beat… and yes, it was making him very tired.

He fell back on the bed beside Norway and snuggled in closer to him. Norway didn't move he only closed his eyes, and smiled.

"Let the rain kiss you…" Iceland gave one last look at Norway before he slowed his breathing and drifted off. Norway turned and gave Iceland a tiny kiss on the forehead, before also drifting off into the rain.

Let the rain sing you a lullaby.