Back in your own world...

Mary and Jennie walked out to their car, followed by the three hunters. It had indeed been an "interesting week", as Dean had put it. Jennie held the keys to the Volvo in her hand but, as a vote of confidence, she handed them to Mary. But Mary just smiled and shook her head:

"I think I can live with your driving. Don't get me wrong, you still can't do it properly but I think, with you behind the wheel, I might live."

This was Mary's vote of confidence. She would allow her little sister to make the calls for a while. Jennie nodded and her eyes twinkled, she heard everything her sister didn't say and accepted the responsibility. The brothers saw the exchange and their eyes met briefly in full understanding. Bobby inadvertently cleared his throat, feeling a little left out, until Jennie turned her loving, penetrative gaze to him, her eyes telling him she read his mind and wanted to tell him he was included. To cover his blush he gruffly asked:

"So, think you got the way now? These back roads can be pretty darn tricky even in daylight. Remember to stick to the left until the third crossing, that will take you onto asphalt and from there on the map will be helpful."

"Yeah, no worries. I may not have a very good sense of direction but I am good at remembering words. And Mary is good with a map."

Mary gave a shy, startled smile at the words of praise. Her self-confidence wasn't back to normal yet, it had taken a severe beating when she had understood how wrong she had been and all the danger she had put her sister in. She felt like a patient slowly rehabilitating. Besides, she had been looking at Sam and suddenly worried that her thoughts were plain on her face. His personality, warm compassion, obvious intelligence and soulful eyes had a disturbing effect on her. Maybe something unexpectedly good might come from this. As she met Sam's eyes her heart gave a little flutter because his also spoke of interest. Perhaps, when she had come to terms with what she now knew she had to fight, she would be ready to go dating again. She had to be back in balance before then.

But in the meantime…she used the power that owned nothing to any other realm than the female…and treated him to a slow, promising smile that would make sure he didn't forget about her until then. She watched with satisfaction as his eyes widened and it was his turn to look flushed. Then she jumped into the car. Dean and Jennie's farewell was shorter. They simply looked at each other and smiled, both knowing that they understood each other perfectly, and both hoping that they'd meet again some time. Jennie put the Volvo in gear and they left Bobby's junk yard.

All of them had learned a lot about the world, about each other but, perhaps most of all, about themselves. A little step closer to the abyss or a little step closer to heaven, which way their lives would swing was still open. All you can ever do is stay faithful to yourself and your own destiny.

Stay with me
Stay with me
Stay, stay with me
Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay
Stay with me

-The End-


And if came all this way, THANK YOU!