Chp 1: The Beginning

"Eh?" Misaki was staring at him. Two of them, to be exact. Though he knew it was rude... But he could not help it…

After all, it was not everyday you see your male sensei kissing another guy in the school where ANYONE- in this case, unfortunately, is Misaki- could pass by and see. Trauma.

"I-Illusions, illusions. I must be too tired from Usagi-san's stunts yesterday!" Misaki's face darkened with these thoughts.

O-Ouch! Backache. Misaki turned and walked away stiffly, with his left hand and left leg in synch, which was not supposed to happen- when you do not see your sensei kissing another guy, that is.

"Hmm... H-HMM!!" Hiroki was waving his arms frantically in the air, trying to push Nowaki away. . He was positive he saw someone nearby just moments ago.

*Pants* *Whews*

"W-What do you think you're doing?!" Hiroki was trying his best to be fierce, but it came out all wrong. "Kiss you." Nowaki answered as a matter-of-factly, with the usual smile on his face.


Before Nowaki knew it, Hiroki's briefcase landed on his head- a direct hit. Ah, looks like Hiro-san's speed increased again. Nowaki thought to himself.

"Ite yo, Hiro-san~" Nowaki tried easing the pain by rubbing his head. Where did Hiro-san get all this strength from?!

"What should I do?! We were seen by a student!! And its all your fault, Nowaki!!" Hiroki exclaimed, pointing a finger at Nowaki, "If word of this gets out, everyone will know i have a BOYFRIEND, or worse, I could get fired!!"

Hiroki was getting desperate when Nowaki chimed, " You mean the guy with brown hair, white sweatshirt, and perhaps green eyes if I'm not wro-" Brown hair? Green eyes? Hiroki cut in, and hissed under his breath, "Ta-ka-ha-shi..."

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