Extra: What Happened along the way of pleasing the little Terrorist

"Shinobu-chin, listen to me!" Miyagi was panting, after chasing his uke all over the place. Shinobu ignored him yet again. It never fails to happen and end this way.

I'm done!! Shinobu cursed in his head. He ignored Miyagi, and began walking faster instead.

Miyagi finally caught up with Shinobu, and grabbed him by his wrists. "I said wait, Shinobu!!" Miyagi shouted, obviously agitated. Everyone around them stared hard. 'What the hell are those 2 up to' were written all over their faces.

Shit!! Miyagi thought. He then dragged Shinobu all the way to the parking lot, where no one was there.

"Hey, what do-Ow!" Shinobu was thrown against the wall, and Miyagi placed his hands around him, making escape impossible.

Miyagi stared straight into Shinobu's eyes.

"For the millionth time I am telling, I'm not having an affair!" Miyagi started explaining.

"And it was the millionth time I caught you having your hands all over someone." Shinobu said, averting his lover's gaze. There was no emotion in his voice.

Miyagi was utterly speechless.

Shinobu saw that Miyagi was distracted, and pushed him away.

Crap, how the hell did I get involved with this brat?!

" I was just pulling a joke on that guy!! Believe me or not, I have nothing to do with him!" Miyagi was almost at his last straw.

Apparently, Shinobu did not believe him, and was starting to walk away.

TCH! It snapped. Miyagi grabbed Shinobu's arm, making him jerk backwards. "Wha-" Shinobu was taken aback, but was silenced by Miyagi's aggressive kiss.

"Hmm! Hah... Miya-" The poor boy gasped for air, helpless against the strength of Miyagi. Then everything started to happen...

Before Shinobu could stop him, both of them were already doing it in the car park. PLEASE!! Why does it always end this way?! Arh!! The other day, they were inside the cleaner's room... And they were seen. By an Oba-san, who nearly fainted at the sight of them. All she did not to do was to scream, 'Miyagi-sensei's raping a student!!'

After they were done, Miyagi merely told Shinobu, "Go back home. I'll find you after my lessons." He was serious. There was no joke in his voice. Shinobu knew he'd be dead if he retaliated now. "See you later." With that, he left.

Back at the office:

Miyagi sighed as he opened the door to the office. "Ah, that was fast! I thought you'd usually take 2 hours to appease that guy?" Hiroki commented, still staring at his laptop.

"Ah~ shouldn't you be comforting me?" Miyagi whined. That's right. Darn right. If I had appeased him, I do not think I can return to work. I can only wait until I go home... Then what? I should apologize... It was my fault...

Miyagi sighed.

Right after work, Miyagi called home to see if Shinobu was home. No one picked up the phone.

Why did I even bother calling? He would definitely be home. I'd be damned if he picks up the phone!

Back at home:

Damn that Miyagi!! Can't he be gentler? Urg... He is SO going to pay for it! I'm gonna make him eat my cabbages until he rot!!! Shinobu huffed. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. Since when was it his fault when Miyagi goes around touching other guys?!


"Shinobu?" Miyagi's voice traveled through the house. "Are you... home...?" Miyagi saw Shinobu, hugging the cushion, lying on the sofa. He heard a slight snore.

Miyagi chuckled. He can be so.. Cute, at times like this. Then when he saw what was on the floor, he changed his mind.

Pieces of cotton were lying on the floor, next to the sofa. Bits of cloth were lying all over the area as well.

Ack!! What did my cushions do to him?! I take back my words! He is so not cute! .bit!!

He went over to Shinobu, and attempted to wake him.

"Hmm... Miyagi..." The sleeping boy mumbled.

Could it be? Sleep talking? I have never seen a terrorist do that. Miyagi thought, trying to hold back his laughter.

"I...I'm sorry... I didn't trust you enough..." Miyagi's eyes softened as he looked at the child, "I'm sorry too..." Then Shinobu continued, "Just... Just don't do it in... The car park next time... It... Hurts... Nhh..."

That's it. Miyagi thought. He took big strides towards the bathroom, closed the door and locked it.

"Mfft...Pfft... AHHAHAHAHA~!!!" He could not hold it any longer. He laughed so hard that tears were already coming out from his eyes. What the hell is that brat thinking?!

1 hour later...

Hmm? Shinobu rubbed his eyes. "Awake already, sleeping beauty?" Miyagi joked.

"Who's sleeping beauty?!" Shinobu suddenly remembered that he fell asleep waiting for Miyagi. "Ah.. That..." Shinobu's face was turning red. "You have not apologized to me yet!! Baka Miyagi!" Shinobu shouted, hoping that Miyagi would not notice that he was blushing.

"Ah, but you apologized first... You also said not to do it in the car park anymore..." Miyagi could not help but laugh as he recalled when Shinobu was sleep talking.

"Mi-ya-gi!" Shinobu bit on every word he said, as his eyes flashed with an aura, ready to kill. "I'M GONNA MAKE SURE YOU EAT ALL MY CABBAGES!!" Shinobu took out a chopper, and it flashed as the light shined on it.

"Ah... Shinobu, c-calm down, w-we can take things out!!" Miyagi stammered, trying to calm Shinobu down. He could feel a drop of sweat rolling down his forehead. Where the hell did the chopper appear from?!

Too late. "AHH!!!" Miyagi was running from the deadly terrorist who was chasing him with a chopper in hand, and a cabbage in the other, while shouting, trying to calm him down...

Nonetheless, trying to provoke a Shinobu who is angry as it is, is not a very good idea...

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