It Started With A Sore Throat.

Disclaimer: Promise no innocent tonsils were actually hurt in the writing of this story.

Authors Note: This started out as just a little one!shot! with Dean and tonsillitis and it kind of took on a life of its own and resembles nothing like I had originally planned. Oh welz I actually think its worked out better.

No particular time line, probably set around season 1 or 2.

Dedication: This story is for Lovin'Jackson sorry it took a wee bit longer to put it up but stubborn computers can be just as frustrating as stubborn Winchesters!! But ya still gotta love em!!


It started with a slight tickle in the throat, nothing too serious, and nothing too ominous just a packet of throat lozenges will fix it. Then two days later, it upped the ante a little and suddenly the tickling cough morphed into rough hacking coughs, especially first thing in the morning and in the cool of the evenings.

Although he wouldn't admit it under the threat of torture, he wasn't feeling so crash hot, not only did he have that annoying spluttering cough, he had a hellishingly sore throat, and pounding headache. Actually, he decided that a gremlin got into his mouth and lined his throat with razor blades, swallowing was becoming a nearly impossible feat.

The small looks Sam kept throwing his way did nothing to help his mood, with every cough or sneeze he recovered from he found his brother watching him with that annoying look, the one that says 'I know you're sick and I'm gonna get you to admit it even it if kills ya.'

'What?' Dean demanded when he caught Sam's look again.

'Admit it you're sick.' Sam said with that matter-of-fact tone Dean hates at the best of times but when he isn't feeling well all bets were off and Sam was cruising for a losing.

'Am not so where's our next …' Dean's voice croaked into non-existence and the coughing took over.

'That's it we're getting a motel room.' Sam declared, 'I'm driving so no arguments if you want your baby in one piece!'

'Oh low blow Sam.' Dean snarled between sniffs and another coughing fit that left him feeling warn out. 'Okay maybe we could have one night to rest.' The smug look on Sam's face had Dean seeing red but that could have also been the fever, damn it it's not even the season for coughs and sore throats.

'Dean?' Sam touched his brother's arm and had a more serious and sincere look on his face, 'hey bro you still with me?'

'Huh?' Dean blinked and tried to focus on his brother but his neck ached and didn't want to hold his head up any longer. 'Sorry Sammy my ears are all gunky.'

'Gunky? Owkay I'm finding us a motel and then we're gonna get you to a doctor.' Sam announced his tone set as a dare to make Dean argue when he didn't Sam almost pulled over onto the side of the road to check him for delirium.


Sam pulled into the first motel with a vacancy sign flashing; he glanced over at his brother who had finally drifted off into a restless sleep. Carefully he got out of the car and closed the door as quietly as he could before heading in to the reception.

'Hi can I get a double room please?' he asked the woman behind the counter at first he thought that she didn't hear him but when Sam went to ask again she looked up at him and smiled brightly.

'That a double room?' She asked her smile growing as she took in his dimples and innate shyness. 'Do you want two singles or two queens?'

'Ah queens please, and oh yeah you couldn't tell me where the nearest hospital or clinic is around here could you?'

'You sick?' She asked raking her gaze over his muscular body with a look of sheer appreciation on her face.

'No ah my brother's not too good, he's got a bad throat and cough we're passing through on a road trip and don't know our way around Deer Point.'

'Oh okay well there is the free clinic downtown but I wouldn't take my dead aunty there.' She giggled softly, 'and then there's Angel's Hope Hospital, they have a free clinic there as well as an ER if that helps.'

'The hospital is really called Angel's Hope?' Sam asked incredulously with a small shake of his head, Dean's gonna love that one.

'Yep it sure is the doctors are pretty good there too.'

'Ah thanks …?'

'Amelia though everyone usually calls me Amy.' Amy handed Sam the registration forms and took a moment to glance out at the black car noting the handsome man resting against the window and then back to mister tall dark and gorgeous. 'So … Sam how long are the two of you be staying?'

'Not sure yet, if we can get Dean in to see a doctor in the morning we'll know more.'

'Hmm okay so how about I put you down for five nights and we can work out the difference either way once you know what's happening with him.'

'Sounds good so how do you want to do the payment?'

'The first two nights up front and we'll take it from there for the three days after than that.'

Sam paid cash for the two nights not wanting to rip Amy off; she seemed too nice to do that.

'So Sam what brings the two of you to a dump of a place like this?' Amy asked wanting to keep him in the office as long as possible.

'My brother and I are on a road trip and well when he started to feel a bit off colour we decided to look for somewhere to stay.'

'Well I'm glad that you decided on the Cherub Inn,' Amy leant down under the counter and pulled out extra towels and face washers, 'here you might need these…'

'Thanks Amy for everything.' Sam ducked his head and gave her a shy but full dimpled smile, 'Cherub Inn? Seriously?'

'Yep 'fraid so my great-grandparents had a sense of humour when they opened it up.'

'Ah so family business huh?'

'Yep ah looks like your brother's awake.' Amy nodded towards the direction of the impala.

'Oh yeah I ah had better get out to him, I'll see ya later?' Sam blushed and tripped slightly as he got to the door, 'see ya Amy.'


Dean sat back against the headboard and literally pouted, 'I aint going to the doctor.' He croaked out barely audible.

'Dude you need antibiotics, I'm not gonna be your slave anymore, you're going to the doctors.'

'Can't make me,' Dean crossed his arms but then another coughing bout started this time he coughed up a mouthful of phlegm with flecks of blood in it.

'First … that's just so gross and second that's it you're going and that's it.'

'So bossy dude.' Dean sighed but he agreed albeit reluctantly he didn't have much choice in the matter, he was feeling worse and not getting any better.

'Okay so Amy…'

'Amy?' Dean croaked and coughed and then looked at Sam expectantly, 'details?'

'She works in the office here anyway she said that the hospital Angel's Hope isn't far from here.'

'Dude? Angel's Hope?' Dean shook his head; if he didn't feel like crap rolled up and squeezed through a giant wringer he'd find the humour in the name. 'Cherub Inn? Angel's Hope Hospital and Deer Point for the town, sure it's not Bambi?'


Dean dropped bonelessly onto the plastic chair in the waiting room while Sam dealt with the receptionist and all of the insurance crap. He glanced around the room and half-expected the nurses to have wings on their backs or something just as angelic.

'Hey they said it won't be too long.' Sam said as he folded his long body into the plastic seat.

'Fine.' Dean sniffed and rested his head against the wall, if he had to swallow again, he was going to curl up and die.

'Dean Jones?' A middled aged nurse called out, without lifting her gaze from the clipboard in her hand.

'That's us.' Sam stood and hovered waiting to see if Dean wanted his help, not wanting a repeat of the last time he tried to help a sick older brother and ended up nursing a broken nose.

'Ah Sammy can ya?' Dean asked sheepishly hating feeling so crappy, and weak that he had to have help.

Sam nodded, swallowed down on his ingrained teasing and helped his brother up, having to hurry when the nurse bustled off without really waiting for them.

'In there,' the nurse pointed to a curtained cubicle, 'up on the table Mister Jones.'

Dean climbed up onto the table and glared at his brother, he was so lucky that it hurt too much to talk now.

'Okay let's get your temperature.' The nurse pushed the thermometer into Dean's ear and then gripped his wrist for a pulse count, she grunted softly when she read the thermometer and wrote in the chart she had made up for Dean, 'doctor will be in, in a few minutes.' She announced before hurrying out of there.

'Nice.' Sam tried to quip but he nervously shifted in his seat and deliberately avoided looking at his brother. 'Nurse Hatchet or what.'

Dean croaked and winced, 'so not funny Sam.'

'Dean Jones I'm Doctor Claude Atkins?' The doctor came in closely followed by the nurse; the doctor looked like he could double for Santa Claus, with his white hair and thick beard and well padded stomach. 'So Dean I hear you got a bit of a frog stuck in ya throat.'

'Could say that.' Dean felt the tears threaten with each word, the razor blades once again made themselves known.

'Okay so let's have a look see.' Doctor Atkins pulled his latex gloves on and pulled the large light down closer to his patient's mouth, 'open up wide and say AH.'

Dean rolled his eyes but did as the doctor asked frowning at the stinging coming from his exposed tonsils.

'Very good Dean, you can close your mouth now,' the doctor said as he felt along Dean's throat for swollen glands and then took his blood pressure and repeated his temperature reading, 'okay I'm assuming that you are Dean's next of kin?' Doctor Atkins turned and faced Sam.

'Ah yes Sir, I'm his brother Sam, it's just us.' Sam said his own worry spiking at the serious look on the doctor's face, 'what's wrong with my brother Doc?'

'Dean has enlarged tonsils, I'll get him settled in a room tonight, nil orally from now on…'

'Nil orally? Hang on Doc…' Dean's voice faded with his words, his pale face now devoid of any colour, glancing over at Sam he silently begged him for help.

'Ah what's going on Doctor Atkins? Can't you just give him some antibiotics?'

'From the size of his tonsils and the signs of previous infections I'd say that Dean here has had several bad bouts of tonsillitis?'

Sam looked over at his brother who nodded his head in agreement, his confusion growing with his anger at yet another thing kept quiet by Dean, Sam looked back at the doctor, 'which means what exactly?'

'A tonsillectomy, actually I'm surprised that you still have your tonsils Dean … has any other doctor mentioned taking them out in the past?'

Dean nodded again, looking even more miserable, 'when I was bout twelve,' he managed to get out wincing with the sharp pain even inhaling through his mouth causes.

Sam gave him the 'we are so talking about this late' look and then gave the doctor his full attention, 'so what happens now?'

'Okay like I said I am admitting Dean tonight, and scheduling the tonsillectomy for first thing in the morning, all going well and his fever goes down he should be right to go home in a couple of days.'

'Wouldn't it be only a day normally?' Sam asked, mentally adding up to make sure that they had enough in funds to cover the extra nights at the motel.

'Normally yes, but it is always more dangerous when the patient is an adult with the position of the tonsils, but also Dean is running a low grade fever and has the makings of a chest infection as well. I'd like to give him an aggressive regime of antibiotics to stave off any complications and a fever reducer with some paracetamol for the joint pain and headaches. If you respond well to the antibiotics and your fever goes down overnight then I will look at sending him home in two days.'

'Anything else?'

'Like I said nil orally because you'll be first up in the morning, you can have a sip of water when you need to take the medications but that's it.'

'Kay.' Dean sighed and glanced over at Sam, who was uncharacteristically quiet, 'Sam?'

'I'll ah go back to the motel and pack some things for ya … you sure you're okay Dean?'

M'fine.' Dean paled when he saw the needle in the doctor's hands, 'ah doc?'

'This is a nice little cocktail of antibiotics, fever reducer, and some pain relief,' Doctor Atkins smiled patting Dean's shoulder before he prepared the injections site in the crook of Dean's elbow. He had the injection finished before Dean realised it was about to happen and smiled slightly as his patient sighed and rested back on the raised head of the gurney.

'Dean'll be fine for a while Sam if you want to get his things, just ask at reception and they'll let you know which room he ends up in.'

'Thanks Doc,' Sam shook the older man's hand, 'I'll be back soon dude.'

'Kay Sammmmmeeeeeeee.' Dean giggled hoarsely. 'Hey Doc ya met me frog?' Dean poked his tongue out and tried to giggle again but it all came out as another coughing fit.

Sam shook his head, and left when he saw Nurse 'Hatchet' coming back in to help the doctor place the IV port in Dean's hand.


'Hey Sam how's your brother doing,' Amy asked when Sam pulled up just outside his room, she held a bag of food in one hand and fresh linens in the other, 'I was just about to knock on your door.'

'Hey Amy, I've just come to get Dean a few things, he has to have his tonsils out.' Sam explained, his stomach growling loudly when he caught the aroma coming from the bag of food. 'Sorry haven't eaten much today.'

'Well let me fix that …' Amy grinned, 'I can do you a plate while you pack Dean's things.'

'That'd be great thanks Amy for everything.'

'No problems at all, so with Dean in hospital I guess you'll be staying around a little longer?' Amy twirled a lock of her long brown hair and gazed up at Sam with mischief gleaming in her almond shaped brown eyes.

'Yeah but I ah don't know how long we'll be staying around.'

'Don't you worry bout that Sam, it's late in the season and we're just happy to rent a room out. I'm sure that we can work out something when you know more.'

'I don't know how to thank you,' Sam smiled and took a bite of the thick chicken salad sandwich, 'this is so good!'