My Funny Valentine


Category: Humour, Romance

Ratings: G, K

Warning: none really. I suppose A/U.

Disclaimer: DOC does not belong to me. The show is created by the Johnson brothers.

Spoilers: none that I can think of at the moment.

Summary: Just when Clint Cassidy is about to ask Nancy Nichol out for dinner, she gets a Valentine card… and it doesn't stop there. Confusion all around.

Archive: i2eye Fan Forum

Challenge: Winner of Valentine's Day/Winter Writing Challenge 2009 Awards: Best Valentine-themed Story and Best Romance (C/N – DOC)

A/N: Wrote this story in February/March this year, for the i2eye Fan Forum Valentine's Day/Winter Writing Challenge.

I know that part of this idea is similar to Tracy's (tis*me!) "Secret Valentine" story… my apologies for that… however, I'm throwing in (quite) some other people, and after the initial start, it's going to go a lot different, so I hope you've got your seatbelts on. ;)

Finished: 20th of March, 2009

Chapter 1

"Yuck, I don't know what people like about all this red and hearts. The only good thing is the candy that goes with it!" Justin complained, as he and Raul walked through the school hallway, which was decorated with balloons and ribbons. Raul sighed. "Yeah. At least Beverly's not handing out those questionnaires again."

"Oh yes! I don't think I'd be able to fill in another one," Justin sighed in relief.

"I don't even want you to fill out another one!" Raul said with emphasis, causing Justin to shrug. He had quite liked his answers. He waited while Raul pulled his coat out of his locker. "But you know…" Raul said pensively. "The questionnaires Clint and Nancy filled out matched up perfectly… but they're not together…" He looked at his friend, and added, "Yet."

Justin's eyes started to sparkle. "I feel a plan coming up!"


There was a knock on the door, and Beverly quickly hurried to open the door. "Hey Donna, Tippy, come on in," she said, allowing the two women to enter.

"Nancy said she'd be here in about half an hour. She and doctor Cassidy went to check up on a patient first," Donna said. "Irene Hart," Tippy added. "I think she said she had accidentally hit something, and she didn't think much of it at first until the pain didn't go away."

"Didn't she come to the clinic then?" Beverly asked, as she accepted the coats of the two women, and put them away.

"She was going to. Actually, she called to make an appointment, but doctor Cassidy said he was finished anyway, and would just drop by."

"And Nancy tagged along?" Beverly asked.

"Uh huh," Tippy nodded. "Although I think she said she needed to pick something up in the neighbourhood for her father, and this would be easier than taking the subway."

"Ok," Beverly accepted the explanation. "Please sit down… somewhere. I'm sorry for the mess, I've been trying to clean up some old piles of papers and such, but Mattie apparently finds all that paper quite interesting too." She sighed, looking at the various pieces of paper scattered around. She had managed to at least put them on small piles again, but they were still everywhere. Quickly she moved to take a few piles from the couch, to make room for her friends.

One of the papers slipped from the pile, and Donna picked it up.

"Thanks," Beverly said, accepting it back. Then she noticed what it was. "Oh, I'd almost forgotten about these!"

Immediately she handed the paper back to Donna. "Read it, I'll find the other one. I'm sure it's in this pile too."

Donna and Tippy exchanged a look, then both started reading. "This is the questionnaire you made a while ago, isn't it?" Donna asked, while reading.

Beverly nodded, still searching. "Yes."

"So what does doctor Cassidy's filled in questionnaire have to do with anything?" Tippy asked. Donna looked up in confusion briefly, then scanned the paper for a name, even turning it around. Beverly looked up at Tippy in surprise.

"There's no name on it," Donna said.

"How did you know?" Beverly asked the receptionist. Tippy looked at them, then pointed at the check marks. "That's the way doctor Cassidy fills out medical charts. Although," she said pensively, "I guess it could be someone else's, but then it would have to be someone who has the same handwriting as doctor Cassidy, and he'd have to have filled in your questionnaire, and that just seems a little unlikely."

Donna and Beverly looked at her for a moment, completely baffled. Shaking herself awake, Beverly said, "It is indeed Clint's."

"Ok, so what's so special about it?" Donna asked, deciding to get to the important part of the conversation.

"Well, the - Aha! Here it is!" Out of the pile came another filled out questionnaire. "Compare this one with Clint's," Beverly said, handing over the second sheet.

Donna quickly scanned the results, and exclaimed, "They're a perfect match!!" She turned the paper and saw the name. "Of course, considering it's Nancy's, I really shouldn't be surprised."

"If only they did something about it," Tippy said dreamily. Donna nodded. "They're perfect for each other. Anyone looking at them can see that they love each other."

Beverly bit her lip, and smiled. "I think we need to give them a little push…"

Tippy frowned. "Why would we do that? I mean, we could push them against each other, but they'll just apologise," Tippy rambled confused.

"Ah, I think Beverly meant we should help Nancy and Clint realise they're perfect for each other."

"Oh. Oh! Ok!!" Tippy exclaimed, catching on. "But how?"

"Well, it is Valentine's day in two days…" Beverly said with a smile.