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This Boy wants to play, there's no time left today,

It's a shame, 'cause he has to go home...

This Boy's got to work, got to sweat, just to pay what he gets to get left all alone.

How I Met Your Mother: Retold

How I Met Your Mother – Tie a ribbon 'round a Sakura tree

The springs creaked as a certain midnight-haired boy, who wasn't much of a boy now, sat on his daughter's bedside.

"Ok, so your Momma told me that I was in charge of tucking you in tonight, so there." Natsume plainly told his six year-old daughter Natsuki.

"Really? Is that so?" Natsuki adorably pouted as she bounced on her covers.

"Yup." Natsume lightly chuckled.

"Well…Fine with me! Could you tell me a bedtime story, Poppa?" She suddenly piped up, vaguely reminding Natsume of their strange similarities.

"Hmmm… How about Little Red Riding Hood?" He pulled out a book from the shelf.


"The Boy and His Whale?"



"Ugh, don't be so cliché Poppa…" The six year-old rolled her crimson eyes at her equally crimson-eyed father, its tantalizing color matching the ruby red orbs that dangled on Natsuki's dream catcher that hung on the window.

"Well, you're a toughie…" Natsume raised a joking eyebrow at his giggling daughter.

"Whatcha wanna listen to then?"

Little Natsuki thought long and hard, until finally, a light bulb sparked above her head.

"Ah! Got it! Why don't you tell me how you met Momma?"


"Please Poppa?" She flashed a dazzling smile she inherited from her mother and used frequently against her father.

"Fine, then. Lemme see…" Natsume thoughtfully scratched his chin.

The late summer wind blew across the streets of Tokyo, sweeping the face of a blonde-haired teacher and a pigtailed brunette he had just rescued from two seemingly intoxicated men. From the shade of a big Sakura tree, a boy in a cat mask watched the two of them as the girl accused the man of being a transvestite for using his unusual Alice.

"Hold on Poppa, what's a transvestite?"

"Uhh, I'll tell you when you're older…"

"Ok! Continue…" Natsuki let the subject pass while Natsume sighed in relief.

The man tried to use his Alice on the girl, only to find out that the girl possessed the Nullification Alice, therefore rendering the man's human pheromones useless. The man's name was Narumi Anjou, and he was a teacher at Gakuen Alice, a school for the so-called "Alice" geniuses. And the girl's name was Mikan Sakura


As a resulting punishment from the man named Narumi for blowing up a wall and attempting to escape from school, the boy in the cat mask, the infamous Natsume Hyuuga –

"Hah! That's you Poppa! You're the Black Cat!" Natsuki Hyuuga let out a cheeky grin, hugging her stuffed black cat tighter in her arms.

Natsume incredulously rolled his eyes at his daughter's remarkable 'density' that was also an attribute she got from her mother.

The boy in the cat mask, Natsume Hyuuga, woke up only to discover that the girl he met at the entrance was also there with him in the staff room, kissing a photo album that held pictures of her and her best friend. He threatened to burn her hair if she didn't answer his question, but having the Nullification Alice, Natsume's Fire Alice had no effect on the girl and their squabble was interrupted by another golden-haired boy named Ruka Nogi, acting as the rescue party and also Natsume's best friend, who came crashing through the window with the help of a giant bird.


"See you later… Polka dot panties. *waves*" And with that, the midnight-haired fire caster Natsume Hyuuga, and blonde animal pheromone boy Ruka Nogi went off into the setting sun, leaving bawling Mikan who just got her underwear stolen, behind with Narumi-sensei and Misaki-sensei.


"So… It was true that Momma went to the Academy because of Auntie Hotaru?" Natsuki snuggled up more under her covers.

Natsume nodded.

"Woah! The power of friendship! Such a wonderful thing!" The little awestruck girl squealed excitedly.

"Wanna sleep now?" Natsume said a little nervously. Ugh, this is where the cheesy parts come in.

"No way Poppa! This is too good!" She bubbled with enthusiasm, making it seem that Natsume's planned out bedtime story woke her up more rather than lulled her to sleep.

"I can't leave you behind! And I'm already here… Because you're my partner, of course I'm worried…"

Mikan's words struck the cold Natsume Hyuuga like lightning in this storm-like situation they got themselves into. 'Who is this girl, anyway?' were the words that repeatedly played themselves in Natsume's head. He was in complete shock at the moment not only because they were surrounded by the enemy, but also because no one has ever cared about him this way…

Soon, a huge explosion was heard throughout the whole seaside warehouse, blowing Natsume and Mikan away because of the extremely strong impact. And yet strangely, the two ten year-olds were kept safe beside each other, as if by a divine force…


"Is there something I'm doing that irks you? If there is, just say so."

The auburn autumn leaves crunched noisily under their feet, and they were just as crisp as the words a rueful boy had let go.

"Everything… Everything irks me. I hate everything about you. Don't come near me."

And just like that, were the scars on their hearts formed. The blows were never meant to be dealt, but Natsume had to utter them out, because there was always a reason behind everything he said.


The moonlight had its way of bathing the place with a mysterious glow, casting off hushed conversations in the night and unexpected events to take place thereafter.

"If one day I can successfully make an Alice stone, at that time, I'll give it to Sakura. So when that day comes, you must accept it!"

"…Yeah. Then, let's exchange! I'll give the stone I make to Ruka-pyon too!"

…And even lure in the most residual eavesdropper of all.

"Natsume! What are you doing here?"


"…Just now, you were talking to Ruka about the Alice stone."

"You heard the conversation I had with Ruka?"

"Do you know what it means to exchange Alice stones?"

"So, Momma never knew how the tradition worked before regarding Alice stones?"

"Nope, she never did until she found out a few months later…"

"Woah! Momma's so stupid!" Natsuki Hyuuga laughed evilly at her mother's figure, the oh-so dense Mikan Sakura, the slow ten year-old.

Natsume chortled along with his daughter. He heaved a sigh, 'If only you knew…'

Ruka, Natsume's best friend, also developed feelings for Mikan, but it was incomparable to Mikan and Natsume's unusual relationship. Together, they faced battles, problems, and dances being the uncanny pairing the Academy recognized as Narumi's doing. They became each other's strength during the Z infiltration, experienced a masquerade mishap during the Christmas dance, shared their first kiss on the same night on the same Sakura tree that held so many of their fondest memories, and even had their first Alice stone exchange with each other. Not to mention the times when their unspoken bond grew stronger, and blossomed into something new. Though they never spoke or admitted it out to each other, Natsume perfectly knew his feelings, and was secretly hoping that Mikan would come to notice her feelings too. But unfortunately…

"Unfortunately what?" Natsuki retorted at Natsume's last sentence that hung lazily in the air, unanswered.

"It's, well, an incident happened." The wind howled with Natsume's last words, making both father and daughter shiver from the cold.

The Elementary School Principal discovered Mikan's second Alice, the Stealing Alice, and used her as a trap to lure in her mother, Yuka. When the others found out about this, they decided to take Natsume, Ruka his best friend, Mikan, her best friend Hotaru, their seniors Tsubasa, Nobara, and Tono, on a journey to the past, just so that Mikan would know about her mother, father, the ESP and everybody else. And of course, Natsume sensing Mikan's early departure, took the opportunity to confess his feelings for her, just before the time arc…

"The woman love, as I see her sink in the same darkness I'm in, what damn things might happen in the future, those types of thoughts can't enter my mind now. The future you guys want, I don't care about that, from now on, whatever happens, I'll protect this person…"

The words of declaration, the words that stated a love of a lifetime…

"Aww, Poppa!" Natsuki uttered in adoration. Natsume noticed that Natsuki completely understood the entire story, so maybe she took after him after all in terms of 'brains'.

"But unfortunately…" Natsume continued.

But unfortunately, Mikan had to go away and escape the danger that loomed within the Academy's once safe walls. Mikan went away with her long-lost mother Yuka, leaving behind her classmates, her teachers, her friends, and Natsume.

Natsume stopped as he saw a tear trickle down his daughter's cheek.

"Hey, hey now. What's there to be sad about? You're here now, right?" Natsume wiped a fat tear on Natsuki's round face, sweeping a few strands of her brown locks and tucking them behind her ear.

"But…" Natsume started in a lighter tone.

"But w-what?" The little girl sobbed.


If you say that this is an unfair world, who can call it biased if there are rainbows after storms, calmness after a turbulent hurricane, and peace after a long-lived war?

"And Momma said, 'I came back five years later, after the war ended within Gakuen Alice, I returned to where I once reunited with Hotaru, learned about my roots, made great friends, and found love.'" Natsuki solemnly murmured her mother's exact words when she told her how she met first met her father. The little crimson-eyed brunette girl sat up.

Natsume smiled.

They met under the same Sakura tree, and Natsume pulled her into a deep embrace. And it was also under its almighty shade where Ruka learned to let go of his feelings and found a new fleeting love, Mikan shared many meaningful conversations with almost anybody that rested under its shade, Natsume almost burned Mikan's hair again, and lazy afternoons were spent reading mangas or playing with little white rabbits while chatting away on how the day came and went. And there, under the aged Sakura tree, a boy broke a promise...

The midnight-haired man stopped, for remembering was too painful.

"What happened next Poppa?" Natsuki's voice rang around the room, the windchimes tinkling and the owls hooting in their wake.

This Girl tries her best everyday, but it's all gone to waste,

'Cause there's no one around.

This Girl she can draw, she can paint,

Likes to dance, she can skate,

Now she don't make a sound.

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