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Flame yelped and latched onto Davis while going through the portal. As soon as they were through and in the computer room, she let go and scrambled as far from the computer as possible. Her sentiments were expressed in only five words.


The rest of the Digi-destined sweatdropped as Davis attempted to comfort his friend. "It wasn't that bad, now, was it?"

"YES IT WAS!!!" Davis winced as Flame's voice hit decibels that modern man has only dreamed of. He wouldn't be surprised in the least if someone heard her in the Digital World.

"Come on, you two." Davis said, speaking to Flame and DemiVeemon. "Later guys." This was directed at the rest of the Digi-destined.

"Bye Davis!"

"Oh, and Davis?" Davis turned to come face to face with the leader of the older Digi-destined, and his mentor.

"Yeah, Tai?"

"Your parents wanted me to tell you when we found you that you're grounded."

Davis face-faulted.

Flame sighed and picked up her best friend, setting him on her back. Davis automatically gripped her shoulders and wrapped his legs around her waist.

DemiVeemon experienced a surge of jealousy. Davis was his partner, for crying out loud! He should be the one providing the transportation. And his soft growls didn't go unnoticed by Flame, who was matching them with her own.

Davis saw the impending fight, and, hoping to ward it off, quickly grabbed DemiVeemon and plunked him down behind him. This startled Flame and DemiVeemon so much that they both stopped growling for a moment. But only a moment.

"I refuse to allow him to ride on my back!" Flame snarled.

"Like I want to ride?" DemiVeemon growled back in his cute little chibi voice.

"STOP ARGUEING, THE BOTH OF YOU!" Davis yelled, scaring both of them into silence. Davis almost never yelled like that.

"You're both being silly. You can take turns being the transportation. Besides, DemiVeemon, you don't have enough energy right now to take us all the way home." Davis tried to reason with them.

DemiVeemon pouted and looked away, then back again after a few seconds. "Will I get something to eat when we get home?"

Davis smiled. "Yeah, little buddy." He affectionately rubbed the In-Training behind the ears.

Flame gave a tiny growl of jealousy, but knew enough to stay quiet. If getting along with DemiVeemon is what it would take to stay Davis's friend, then she would either become the little pipsqueak's friend, or die trying.

It couldn't be that hard… right?

But she had other things to worry about… like where Davis lived.

"Uh… Davis… where do you live?" Flame asked as she walked outside the school. DemiVeemon actually didn't weigh all that much, so she hardly noticed he was there. Which made it easier carrying him, if she didn't have to think about it.

"Go down till you get to Anu lane, turn right, go down till you get to Sayi street, turn left, go down about a quarter of a mile till you get to Larayi parkway, turn left again, go down till you get to the Kirena apartment complex, and we're home." (A/N: That was all made up, because I have no idea where Davis really lives, as in street and stuff. So I just made stuff up.)

Flame just gave Davis a look that said 'I am totally lost.' "And how do I know which street is which?"

"Read the signs, of course."

"Read? What's read?" Davis and DemiVeemon exchanged a look.

"So… you don't know how to read…"


Davis sighed. "Just follow my directions when I give them to you…"

Flame nodded, and leapt over the fence, turning left at Davis's command. She bounded down the sidewalk, often coming close to hitting someone, which left everyone but Flame a little nerve wracked. At least the world knew about Digimon now, and no one ran away screaming about monsters.

Flame suddenly shot straight up in the air with a yelp when a car honked, and was clearly expecting a fight when she landed.

"Flame! Chill! It was just a car, it won't hurt us!" Davis shouted, trying to calm the terrified Digimon down.

"You're sure?" Flame asked, never taking her eyes off the street.

"Positive. Now let's get moving. We still have a ways to go to get to my house." Crisis averted, Flame made her way down the street, only much more cautiously this time. She had thought that she would be able to deal with any Real World dangers, and she was abashed to see that Davis was more equipped to handle them, because of his knowledge of that world.

She didn't know how wrong she was.

Getting Flame to cross the street proved to be nearly impossible, though.

"I AM NOT SETTING ONE FOOT ON THAT PATH!!!!" Was Flame's main sentiment, but after being reminded that Davis and DemiVeemon would also get hurt if something happened, she finally, and very reluctantly, agreed to cross.

Unfortunately, the light for the crosswalk sign was on "Don't Walk."

Davis decided that he would try to teach Flame how to read at the nearest opportunity as they gasped for breath on the other side of the street. He did not want a repeat performance of that.

The rest of the trip was relatively uneventful, and they finally managed to get to Davis's home.

"This is it?" Flame asked while being shown Davis's room. Davis's parents had hugged him so tightly that he was pretty sure one of his ribs was cracked, and DemiVeemon had had to keep reassuring Flame that Davis was in no danger.

Davis nodded. "Yeah. This is my room. Just give me a second to clear a space, okay?"

"You might want to get out of the way…" DemiVeemon advised, hopping up on Davis's bed. Flame reluctantly joined him, and they watched the chaos.

When it was finished, Davis's room was spotless, and there was a large pallet on the floor next to Davis's bed. Luckily, Davis's parents had said it was okay if Flame stayed. They were just happy that Davis was back, safe and sound, and the fact that Flame had protected him in the Digital World helped their decision.

"Okay, Flame gets the bed, and DemiVeemon and I get the pallet." This prompted an argument from Flame, and after a heated discussion, Flame won.

While privately thinking she cheated, Davis grumbled in defeat and went to go make dinner. It was one of his new duties, now that he was grounded. He laughed at Flame's amazement when she started to look around the kitchen.

"This stuff is so cool…"

"I'll teach you how to use it, sometime. After all, you might want a snack while I'm at school, or something."

"Really?" Flame's eyes lit up at the prospect of learning how to use all the cool machines she saw.

"Yeah." Davis smiled at his friend's excitement.

"I'd like that…" Flame said softly, turning back to examine what she later found out was called a "microwave".

"Me too…" Davis murmured, going back to fixing dinner.


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