A three-one shot on Shaitlyn. I made it because well, I'm bored. Amanda is still not here it's making me sad. :( Strange, the song I'm listening to just sang "It's making me miserable." O.o

I didn't really edit this at all. But hey, enjoy.


"Caitlyn, I need you." Stated the rockstar who stood in her cabin as the said girl relaxed on her bed with her laptop in well, her lap. She raised an eyebrow at the young man before her, a scoff on about to come out of her throat.

She wore a tight black tank top and neon green shorts. Her hair was in a ponytail but messy and tangled from what he suspected her rubbing her hair too much. She had a habit of doing that.

"Duh, of course you do. But what for this time?" He almost shot her a glare but he decided against it. He sighed and found it hard to speak.

"Mitchie's dating Nate." The young girl nodded, obviously already knowing.

"Duh." He frowned. "You knew?" Well, of course she did. She was the girl's best friend. Caitlyn nodded, her eyebrows raised.

"Who do you think set them up?" He went to speak but he knew if anything seemed offensive to her, she'd have a fit. And he needed her help, not her screaming. She waited for him to speak while he had a hard wording his problem.

"I need to make her jealous." The last thing he expected was Caitlyn's laughter to come to his ears. He looked up from his stare at his shoes to the girl who was giggling loudly and uncontrolably. She continued for a few minutes before her bubbly laughter cut from his ears. She grinned.

"Jealous? Oh my god, this is funny. Jealous!" She repeated, about to laugh. It annoyed him to no end. This was serious. Not a laughing matter.

To him anyway. "Yeah, jealous. You know, to get her back." That caused in more laughter. "You broke up with her!"

He nodded, knowing. It was a terrible mistake on his account.

"I regret it. Now, I need to make her jeal-"

"Why do you need me?" He glared at her. "Because," He stressed the word. "I need a fake girlfriend."

"Why not Tess?" That surprised himself. Why didn't he go to Tess? Now he sat down on Mitchie's bed which was across from Caitlyn's. "Erm, she'd try to make it real. I don't want her, or you, just Michelle." He came up with an excuse quickly much to his pleasure. Caitlyn didn't buy it but forunately she wasn't gonna try to push it.

"Sure. But um, I'm her best friend. I can't just go behind her back like this." He figured she'd say that.

This was Caitlyn he was talking to here. "You liked us together, right?" Honestly, she did.

"Yeah." She nodded, a curious look on her face. "So you'd want us back together." Shane stated hastily and she wanted to say no.

"I'll do it." She didn't as you can see.

He squealed in excitement to which she giggled. "You sound like a chick." Caitlyn said, grinning and he chuckled. "You know how to make a guy feel good, Caitlyn." She nodded in response. "Shane, if this doesn't work out and she hates me, I'm coming after you." He faked terror and gasped dramatically. She gave him a mocking look and glared.

"Go." She commanded, picking up her laptop that she set aside.

"Fine but hey," He paused and she looked up at him. "See you tomorrow night." He winked and she rolled her eyes, smiling. He left and she finally got back to producing the song she was working on.

"I bet he doesn't get the girl." She said to herself, grinning. She shook her head and looked out her window to see him walking, a big grin on his face. "Yup, he's not gonna get her." She repeated, smiling.

For some strange reason, that made her happy.