Time seemed to go by slowly, making the Sackville-Bagg family along with their friends, fidget in anxiety. My grip on Gregory's hand did not loosen. I doubt he would let me let go of his hand.

James spoke, "What do you think is taking them so long?"

No one answered, not even me. The moon seemed to get brighter every second, catching our immediate attention. Suddenly, Anna pointed to the dark sky excited, "Look!"

Gregory and I looked up to see two figures quickly approaching us. What made me sigh with relief is when I heard the familiar voice of my cousin screaming,

"Tonyyyyyyy Poweeeeerrrr!"

Aunt Dottie and Uncle Bob dashed out of their car, completely forgetting about the hungry vampires. They both gasped in amazement at seeing their son flying,

"Oh my god!"

Gregory smiled faintly before glancing at me. I returned the smile and continued to watch Tony and Rudolph make a landing. I may seem calm, however, on the inside my stomach was having a party of it's very own.

Tony and Rudolph advanced towards Frederick, my little cousin held up the ruby red amulet, "I think you've been looking for this."

Everyone around us started to gasp and ramble with excitement. Frederick said nothing, he simply grasped the amulet in his cold iron hand.

He finally stated in a rasp voice, "The stone!"

Freda looked up at her husband, happiness shone through her eyes. Anna was grinning ear to ear as she clung onto her mother's hand. Gregory YET again smiled.

James smacked Tony on the back, "Nice one kid!"

"Pretty amazing..." I commented.

Frederick smiled, his attention to the small boy standing before him, "Thank you my friend!"

Oh NOW he considers us FRIENDS!

Rudolph grinned over to Tony, flashing his pearly whites. As Tony ran over to embrace his parents, I noticed Gregory was holding my hand tighter then before. He was staring down at it as if he was afraid my hand would suddenly disappear.

I smiled reassuringly, "You guys did it. You're all going to become human."

Gregory nodded, "Yes...we are. It's too bad about it though..."

Giving him a confused expression, I questioned, "What do you mean?"

"Once we turn mortal we won't remember anything about our vampire life."

Wait-wait-wait, does that mean he won't remember Tony, James, Aunt Dottie, Uncle Bob and most importantly ME? The terrible shock dawned on me as Frederick declared the stone to be theirs. He raised it in the air and all the vampires praised beneath it.

The little stone started to spin quickly as the comet edged closer to the moon. This was it, they're going and never coming back. Dread filled my heart. Frederick began to recite words that were definitely not English. Tony and my relatives took a step back, gazing at the ancient beings.

James and I however decided to stay in the circle of vampires, waiting for them to take their departure. A huge glowing red ray erupted from the moon and beamed itself on the stone. More gasps and shouts were heard. I closed my eyes slightly, not wanting to bear what was going to happen next.

Then there was silence. I still felt Gregory's hand in mine. Reopening my eyes, I looked about confused. The ray quickly faded as a huge blimp covered the view of the moon.

Uncle Bob exclaimed, "Hey, that's my blimp!"

James muttered, "No kidding."

"What's going on---." I started.

However, I was interrupted when I saw who was clinging onto the blimp's rope. The bloody hunter screamed as he neared the cliff, bright cross in hand.

Gregory hissed angrily and started to push me back. What good will that do?!

Rookery got close enough to kick the amulet out of Frederick's hand. He landed roughly on the grass, still screaming at the crowd of vampires. They all fled in terror as the light started to burn their flesh.

Rudolph covered his eyes wincing as I tried my best to cover up Anna and Gregory from the light. Damn it! I wish I was taller!

Rookery caught the amulet single handedly, his rotten teeth exposed as he laughed. Right afterward, he advanced towards random vampires,

"And you go straight to hell!"

Tony screamed, "Mom! Dad!"

James managed to get Anna out of harm's way as Gregory pushed me towards his parents.

Uncle Bob threw down his apron, "That's it!"

He marched over to the cackling Rookery, grabbed his arm, getting his attention. What happened next, I didn't expect. Uncle Bob swung his fist, nailing Rookery right in the face! Tony smiled in victory. Uncle Bob shook his fist quickly in pain as Aunt Dottie went up to the plate.

Rookery stared at her dazed before shoving the cross in her face.

Aunt Dottie remarked, "I don't think so..."

With one swift motion she pushed the cross away and punched Rookery roughly in the stomach. My jaw dropped. James snickered in amusement as Tony realized how awesome his parents really are.

Aunt Dottie punched him again, making Rookery let the amulet slip through his dirty fingers.

Rudolph ordered, "Get it Tony!"

Tony stared up at the amulet and started running, as if he was in a football game. The amulet is the football, the vampires are The Eagles while Rookery is The Giants.

Rookery staggered backwards. Uncle Bob glared at him before simply pushing him off the cliff. Rookery screamed loudly as he tumbled down. Cheers erupted from every corner. Tony caught the amulet.

Uncle Bob brushed his hands together as if it was a chore.

I pushed Gregory near his family, my hand slowly slipping from his.

Frederick shouted, "The ceremony!"

Rudolph said, "Tony! You know what we want! Wish it!"

The blimp silently moved away from the moon, the comet touching it smack center.

"Tony, you HAVE to wish it! NOW!"

Tony looked down at the amulet before raising it above his head and closing his eyes. The ray reappeared, hitting the stone flawlessly. The power made Tony shake uncontrollably. The vampires stared up at the moon, suddenly erie smoke appeared and traveled it's way across the grass.

I spotted Gregory in the mass of vampires. He was looking at me as well. The smoke surrounded the vampires. This was it. Before I knew it, I was running forward, pushing past the vampires, I stopped in front of Gregory.

James shouted after me, "What are you doing?!"

I didn't answer him. Gregory was staring at me as I had grown three heads.

He asked faintly, "Yes, what ARE you doing?"

Smoke started to surround each family member. I knew I had to do this now, for I'll never get another chance. Leaping forward, I grabbed Gregory's shoulders and kissed him hard on the mouth. He stiffed slightly, probably too shocked to react. But I didn't care. I'll never see him again, so why not kiss him now.

Only James seemed to notice what I have done for he smiled sadly before shaking his head.

I gasped in utter surprise when I felt Gregory respond to my kiss. He roughly bit my lip, making it bleed. He then began to ravish it, kissing and sucking away. The smoke was around us both now, however we could care less. I held onto Gregory, refusing to let him go.

Gregory stopped kissing me, just in time to breathe faintly. I felt his arms slowly snake away from my body, his presence slowly fading away. Since the smoke was so thick, I couldn't see a thing. A few moments passed by and I stood there awkwardly, wondering if he left me yet. Only one way to find out... I reached forward, hoping to feel his leather jacket. However, it was gone. Just as quickly as the smoke appeared, it vanished.

Looking around, all the vampires were gone along with the Sackville-Bagg family. Tony was staring at the moon, tears quietly rolling down his face. Aunt Dottie and Uncle Bob hugged him reassuringly.

I returned my gaze before me, where Gregory had been. Even though he's gone, I can still feel his chilly breath against my goose bumped skin.

James made his way over to me, "You alright?"

I sniffed before rubbing my neck, "Yeah. I'm fine."

What a lie that was.


I gently touched my still swollen lip a few days later. It hurt like crazy, though it was the only thing Gregory left behind. I hope the pain never goes away.

After the vampires disappeared, Aunt Dottie and Uncle Bob collected us kids and took us home. The car ride was silent. Tony was looking out the window, his face sketched with depression. James was on my right, trying his best to comfort me. After that night, I knew things would never be the same.

Tony hasn't spoken a word since we got back. He would get up in the morning, eat breakfast, go to school, come back and lock himself up in his room.

Uncle Bob had said, "He needs time."

I need time too.

Suddenly, Aunt Dottie appeared at the door frame, "Jennifer, we're going to the market now. Ready?"

Tearing my finger away from my lip, I nodded slowly before following her down the stairs. There was Tony and James already waiting.

James smirked, "Hey Bella."

I glared, "Oh shut up Jamie."

"She actually spoke! It's a miracle!"

Aunt Dottie cracked a smile as we all piled into the car. Uncle Bob was in shot gun.

He motioned towards Tony, "Ready to go kiddo?"

Tony just simply nodded, however, his eyes told a different story.

Uncle Bob returned his gaze ahead of him, sighing, "Alright, here we go..."


We arrived at the market a few minutes later. Uncle Bob jumped out of the car, grabbing the empty baskets. Oh no, here come the pumpkins.

James tried to lighten the mood as Tony and I followed Aunt Dottie around the market, "UGH! Not the heavy lifting again!"

I tried my best to laugh, but I couldn't. No sound came out of my dry mouth.

James shrugged helplessly then pretended to be interested in some ripe apples nearby. Tony began to fiddle with his yo yo. Up and down. Up and down. A noise of a large object dropping snapped us both out of the depressing daze.

Turning around, I saw a moving truck across the dirt path road. Movers were carelessly putting boxes on the floor near the gate of a huge house. Suddenly, two small children appeared from the side of the truck, carrying suitcases.

Tony's eyes widened in shock, he started to jog over to them.

I whispered, "Hey! Where are you going?!"

He simply ignored me and called out to the boy and girl, "Hey!"

I noticed the girl in the pink dress dropped her suitcase and bent over to pick a beautiful flower. When Tony called over to them, the girl looked up, making her brother stop what he was doing.

"It's me! Tony!"

Who is he tying to convince? I stood beside the little ruggart now, looking over to the children. Strange...they look so familiar.

The children stared back at us, then without a word, the boy took his sister's arm and advanced towards the house.

The small girl struggled out of his grip, giving us a nasty glare before receiving her suitcase. Where have I seen these kids before?

James noticed us looking over to the new people, so he came over, "What chya doin--?"

However he was silenced when Tony started to whistle loudly. James looked down at my cousin as if he was crazy. The loud whistle made the two children stop and turn around. They were listening to it as if it was something familiar to them. Suddenly the boy smiled and realization hit me.

Rudolph??? Anna?

Tony grinned, pleased that his best friend remembers him.

James finally got a clue, "WOW!"

Rudolph and Anna looked so different as mortals, if Tony hadn't whistled, I wouldn't have figured it out. Wait a second...if Rudolph and Anna are here, Gregory must be somewhere about? My heart tingled with hope.

As Rudolph and Anna continued to stare, two tall adults exited the gate. There was a man with slicked black hair and a woman with the most freakyish haircut I ever seen. I believe I had said this before.

Frederick and Freda.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Dottie must have noticed we were gone for they were looking at the Sackville-Bagg too. Frederick and Freda stared at my aunt and uncle, suddenly remembering. Aunt Dottie smiled, resting her hands in her sweatshirt pockets.

Then came the moment I was waiting for. Lastly, a boy with black mullet styled hair entered the scene. He was wear black pants, boots, choker and a Iron Maiden shirt. His face displayed nothing but a confused expression before his eyes came to rest on me. Right then and there, I knew he was my Gregory. Yes, MY.

In his hand was an apple, bite marks all over it.

Tony smiled yet again before walking towards Rudolph and Anna, who happily started to skip towards him. Gregory was still standing beside his parents, his intense gaze on me.

That's when things started to go in fast motion. In a blink of an eye, Gregory was jogging over towards me. I didn't move an inch, my mouth probably was open from shock. Gregory stood in front of me, grinning from ear to ear. He said nothing when he reached over and grabbed my arms.

He also said nothing when he leaned in and crashed his lips onto mine. All my thoughts flew out of my head as he pulled me closer to him. We stayed like that for a few minutes before someone coughed behind us.

Pulling apart, I saw James, Tony, Rudolph and Anna staring at us.

Anna declared, "That's SO romantic!"

Rudolph simply smirked at his older brother while Tony made a disgusted face, "EWWWWW!"

I chuckled lightly before facing Gregory again.


Gregory smiled, "Hello."

James walked forward, patting Gregory on the shoulder, "Welcome back Edward."

"JAMES SHUT UP!!!!!!!!"

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