;:the previous night:;

"Really?!" Chopper demanded, eyes practically popping out of his head.

Usopp grinned and pointed to himself. "Of course! Has the great Captain Usopp ever lied to you? Eh, don't answer that."

Chopper nodded, placing his chin of his hoof and looking pensive.

Franky snorted. "Explains why she's so masculine all the time."

"But Usopp, if Nami's a man, why doesn't she sleep in here with us?"

The future Pirate King looked thoroughly perplexed by this, hanging off his hammock till he was face-to-face with the back of Usopp's head. The marksman jumped when he turned around and discovered that Luffy had invaded his personal space, but he disguised it with a flourish, while subtly trying to skooch away from the Captain.

"I don't know, but I heard it from her own lips, so I guess she's a transvestite, or something. Oh uh, don't tell Sanji about this. He doesn't know, and it'll just make him mad. And don't tell Nami you know either, she'll be really mad....Eh, Brook, what's wrong with you?" he asked the skeletal man, who was seated in the corner, with his face to the wall, an aura of doom surrounding him.

Brook turned to stare at Usopp mournfully out of empty eye-sockets. "I'll never ask to see her panties again."

Zoro just rolled over to hide the knowing grin that spread itself across his face.


Sorry if anyone's OOC, I'm not really familiar with Brook and Franky yet.
Written for the lolz.