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Day One; Unexpected Guest

Dave Batista didn't expect to see Matt Hardy standing in his doorway. He wasn't the most social of wrestlers, and here was Mister Social Butterfly himself, the life of the party, at his door. But there he was, holding a duffel bag and smiling cheerily. "Hi Dave," he said, patting the bigger man's shoulder.

"Uh... hi, Matt," Dave said awkwardly, "I... what are you doing here?" Dave hadn't gotten any visitors in a while; he didn't want them. He wanted to do physical therapy in peace and quiet. But he was never one to be rude. Especially not to Matt.

"Well, I'm working on getting back into 100% health at home, when I realize that this could be a lot better if I did this with someone else," Matt explained, "Shawn and Mark are ALL the way in Texas, and I didn't want to hang out with Copeland, so... you're my choice."

"You want to... what, exactly?" Dave asked. Everyone liked Matt. He was everyone's friend. How exactly did he tell Matt he didn't want the company? Even though he kind of wanted Matt to stay, as well. Matt would always be the person who'd pull Dave into a dance at a party when he just sat in the corner, eating a plate of food. Matt would always include him in conversations. He was a total sweetheart, and he was cute to boot. Dave chastised himself- he can't think about him like that.

"Isn't it obvious? You and I are going to do Physical Therapy together," Matt said. "It'll be fun; you and me just working through our pain."

"Um..." he looked at Matt's bag. "How long are you planning on staying?"

Matt shrugged. "I dunno. Let's see how a week goes, then we'll talk about more. Unless you want to go to North Carolina instead; that'll be fine."

Dave didn't know what to say. Matt had a lot of nerve, not even calling to talk to him about it first; he just assumed it was okay. But this was Matt Hardy, sweet, proud, sexy Matt Hardy, and he thought this would be a good idea. What was he supposed to say?

Matt saw Dave's expression and said, "Was I being too presumptuous thinking that this could work?"

Dave laughed. Matt almost sounded innocent, saying that. "No, no... I think it's a great idea... why don't you come on in?"

Matt smiled and walked inside. Neither of them knew what the week would hold for them.


Matt walked around Dave's house like a geek in a museum. He loved Dave's lunchbox collection, stared at the Samurai Armor for a few minutes, and loved the artwork. Dave had many people in his house before, but no one had ever was so intrigued by it.

"Where'd you get all this?" Matt asked, looking at his collection of weapons.

"Various places," Dave said, smiling.

"It's all so cool!" Matt opened a door and gasped. "You have a barbershop in your house!"

"Just one chair," Dave said.

"That's awesome!"

"Well... my Granddad was a barber... if I wasn't a wrestler, I'd probably be one too..."

"You can cut hair?" Matt asked. "I mean, like a professional?"

"Yes," Dave said, blushing harder than before.

"Dave, you look funny when you blush." Matt giggled. "But it looks good on you. So... can you do any type of hair?"

"From a shape up to a trim, my friend."

"Can you give me a trim?" Matt asked.


Matt grabbed his ponytail, let it loose from the band, and showed him his hair. Dave watched, loving how soft Matt's hair looked. He wondered how it'd be like to run his hand through it- and then he shook his head. Even if Matt was gay, he had a whole pool of better guys to choose from. Dave was the guy who you invited to a party only if he overheard you inviting someone else; Matt was always invited first.

"I have been meaning to take care of the split ends for ages," Matt joked, "Well? Can you handle my hair?"

"I think I can manage," Dave said, "You want me to wash it first?"

Matt laughed. "I was just joking, Dave."

"Well, I'm not. You challenged my barber skills. Do you want me to wash your hair first?"

Matt laughed harder. "Well, why the hell not?" He ran a hand through his hair, and Dave wished he was the one doing it. Shoot, he had to stop thinking about Matt Hardy like that.

He washed Matt's hair (which was harder than it looked, because Matt's hair easily tangled) and then he brought him to the chair. He combed it, and then he cut the split ends. He thought he did a pretty good job on it.

Matt thought so too, and he smiled as he looked at it. "Maybe you should be a barber," Matt said, "Hair by the Animal..."

Dave laughed. "I'll keep that in mind."

"How much do I owe you?" Matt asked.

"What?" Dave asked, confused.

"Well, if Hair by the Animal is going to be a business, you need to start making money," Matt said, "How much?"

"Matt, I'm not going to charge you," Dave said.

"But you have to!" Matt said, "Such a good job deserves a reward!"

"Matt, if you give me any money, I will give you a Spinebuster," he warned.

Matt laughed. "Fine. But I make dinner, then."

"Deal. Just don't mess up my counter," Dave said.


They had lunch afterwards (sandwiches, since they'd be working out soon enough) and then Dave took Matt to his gym room. Dave went to his barbell, but Matt grabbed his arms. "That has to be 400 pounds," Matt said.

"420, actually," Dave said, "Now, if you'll excuse me..."

"Dave, you shouldn't do that," Matt said.

"420's my best."

"And you're in healing, so you're not going to do your best." Matt pulled off some of the weights. "There. 250 for now."

"Matt, that's ridiculous," Dave said, "I can benchpress 420."

"Is that why you're so accident prone?" Matt asked, "Bite off more than you can chew, and your injuries never heal. Work your way back to 420."

"Matt, don't tell me what to do," Dave said, crossing his arms.

"Dave, don't kill yourself before you're able to come back," Matt said, crossing his arms. He sat on the weights and just stared at Dave.

Dave sighed. "You're not going to let me put the weights back on, are you?"


"But I have to exercise."

"Do it with the 250."

Dave began lifting the 250 weight. "You're stubborn, you know that?"

"I'm told it's one of my better qualities," Matt said.

"Is that so? Well then, I'd hate to see your worst."

"You already did," Matt said, "My ridiculously hard to manage hair."

Dave looked at him, but saw he was dead serious. Dave started laughing and Matt looked a little offended. "I was serious," he said.

"I know you were," Dave said, "But... Matt, your hair's so beautiful! How could you be so mean to it?"

Matt smiled. "Thanks. And I can be mean to it because it broke my brushes way too many times!" Matt grabbed a couple of dumbbells, sure Dave wasn't going to put some more weights on the barbell, and began slowly working out his arm muscles. Dave alternated between watching Matt and doing his own exercises. It was kind of hard to do both, but Dave managed, especially since he was lifting the 250.

Matt and Dave did a bunch of exercises, some together, some apart. And Matt always made sure to take down the intensity level Dave was going at; he didn't want Dave to overexert himself. Dave was always super intense, and sometimes that was a good thing, but not now. Not right after a surgery.

Dave half wanted to tell Matt he couldn't dictate what he was doing, but, when he was being smart, he realized Matt had a point. But he didn't have to be so pushy!

Matt sometimes noticed Dave's eyes on him, but he thought nothing of it. Matt was too used to being the center of attention. He was the guy who danced on tables at parties, who sang karaoke when no one else would... there were always eyes on Matt Hardy. He thought nothing of them.


When Dave got out of the shower, he smelled something wonderful coming from the kitchen. Half of him wanted to run downstairs right there and then, but that would probably freak Matt out. That wasn't his intention at all. In fact, he wanted Matt to feel happy here. Lord knows, although the cocky brunette could drive you up the wall, he made Dave feel happy.

He got dressed and went downstairs, where Matt was finishing making spaghetti. He'd also made garlic toast, and Dave couldn't help but smile. Matt turned around and said, "Oh, hey Dave. Food's almost ready."

"Thanks." Dave got some lemonade out of the refrigerator, and he watched as Matt put the spaghetti on two plates. He could definitely get used to seeing Matt around here.

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