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The party was on a Saturday. It was during the middle of the year, for no real reason. There were no invitations, which meant that they weren't supposed to be having it. But once word got around that Zita's parents were going out of town for four or five days, no one but Zita knew exactly how long, everyone started talking about a party. An unsupervised party. No one knew if Zita had approved the party or if one of her friends had just spread the word around without asking. Of course, all things considering, no one really cared.

The rumors spread fast, from the most popular to the outcasts. Even Dib and Zim were invited, or at least, they weren't not invited. There would be college boys there. At least, according to the rumors anyway. There would be booze, hot people, and free rooms. That was enough to get everyone talking. Suddenly Zita was the most popular girl in their grade and those below. Everyone pressured her for details, but she just flicked her hair back and grinned wickedly. If they wanted to know, they would have to come to the party.

And everyone did.

The rather small two story house was filled to the brim with high school and college kids. They were everywhere at once, dancing and drinking, kissing and fighting. Someone was throwing a football from jock to jock while a group of girls ogled the hot guitarist from the local rock band. Music nearly burst eardrums, blocked out only by the screams of 'chug, chug, chug' from the keg in the backyard. Streamers soared through the air, smacking one guy in the back of the head and causing him to spill his drink on his 'date'. Several rooms were locked or had signs up that said 'fuck off' or something just as rude. There were snacks floating around, not that you could find any when you wanted them. And several family photos lay in ruins by the mantle, stepped on and cracked.

When Zim arrived at the party, it was already hitting its peak. Almost instantly, he collided with Zita, who was laughing and swaying on her feet. She gave him a kiss on the cheek, called him 'Hank' and shoved a drink in his hand. Then she waved to someone and hurried off. Zim had been alone after that, if you could call being constantly mistaken for other people alone. He wandered around the living room, shoving people out of his way and screaming at the top of his lungs whenever someone nearly knocked his wig off or smacked his pak. He poured his drink on a girl's shirt, proving once and for all that she wasn't wearing a bra, and he tripped a popular jock, sending a crowd of girls into a fit of giggles.

He had found his way to the kitchen shortly after getting attacked by a couple of cheerleaders looking for Zita. They were drunk and they tried to kiss him and one passed out a moment before he stumbled backwards into the kitchen. Then he turned around and was face to face with a stoner from their school who was always in the bathroom smoking. He grinned widely and handed the Irken a drink. Zim had poured it on the chips, trying to figure out why humans were so fascinated with these sort of things and if he could use it against them.

Then he'd run into the Dib. He was there with his sister, who was drinking that foul smelling liquid. She punched a few keys on her game, ignoring them. Dib had grinned and accused Zim of not knowing what parties were because he wasn't human. Even though that was true, Zim refused to let his rival know that. He had just laughed, waving off the few thought.

And he had taken his first drink of booze.

He didn't know what it was called or what was in it. It burned his throat nearly as bad as water did. But it did something to him. As he swallowed mouthful after mouthful of the stuff to prove he knew what happened at parties, given the mass amount of people he'd seen drinking it, his head started to feeling a little foggy. Everything felt different, strange but in a good way. Suddenly, he didn't really care what Dib thought. He didn't mind the constant shoving. In fact, the more of this stuff he drank, the better his mood got. So he had bid farwell to the Dib and left to go get more.

After four or five of the things, he was dancing and singing along to the music he had never heard before. He jumped up and down with a few girls and guys, all screaming at the top of their lungs and shaking their hips. He had chugged a 'beer', as it seemed to be called, with a bulky guy he was pretty sure had thrown him in a trash can before. They had raced to see who could drink faster. Zim had won. Then he was dancing and singing again, with different people. As far as he could figure, one of the girls was stripping. But he didn't really pay attention. This was 'his song' and he wasn't missing it.

Somehow, he had ended up outside. Two or three beers later, he was grinding up with a guy who looked vaguely familiar. Something was said and the small Invader was lifted off his feet. He didn't scream or fight, he just laughed and shouted something in his native language. It got cheers from all around as though they had all understood. Maybe he'd said it in English. He didn't have time to think about it. He was upside down with a tube in his mouth. People were screaming 'chug, chug, chug' as beer was poured down the tube. He chugged it to the chants, holding the tube in his mouth with one hand and pumping his fist in the air with the other.

When he was right side up again, or upside down, he wasn't really sure, he was face to face with the Dib. He was shaking his head, trying to take hold of him. Zim wasn't sure what he was saying, but he knew it couldn't be good. He knew that look and he didn't like it. They were fighting, if he remembered right. Then he was leaving, stumbling back into the house for more booze and people who knew what a good time was. He didn't know if the Dib had followed him or not. He found the kitchen and grabbed two more beers and something else.

By the time the last bottle crashed to the ground, he was too wasted to know where he was or what he was doing there. He wasn't sure if he was still wearing his disguise or if he were still speaking English. What he did know, or thought he knew anyways, was that someone gorgeous was in front of him. He swayed to the side and nearly fell over, only to be caught by the person. Their lips touched and sparks seemed to fly. They filled Zim's head and before he knew it, his tongue was down their throat.

They were in the middle of kissing when hands started to travel. Zim grabbed his hair and pulled. His hands went further south. He touched him near his lower stomach and suddenly Zim's head was spinning again. He felt two fingers rub against the slit starting at his far lower stomach. The feeling was so orgasmic he could barely breathe. His head danced somewhere in space as those fingers pressed the slit through his pants.

"Uh. . . .there. . . right there. . ." Zim gasped out, running his fingers down their neck. He felt the fingers moving, a gentle caressing at his most sensitive area. He felt his body tingling with a feeling he hadn't had in years, so many years. It made his toes curl, his head spin, his sight go white and fuzzy. He couldn't think, couldn't breathe, couldn't move. There was only that feeling of pleasure that filled him to the brim, threatening to overflow at any second.

The motion got more and more realistic as it continued. His fingers moved into the slit, parting it slightly. He moaned, his head tilting back as one finger dipped into him. He felt it twisting, moving around as though tasting him. The fuzziness of the alcohol started to leave him as the feeling grew stronger and stronger. He could feel it through his entire body, rocking him from head to toe. It pushed and pushed at his restraints, making him shake with ecstacy.

Just as the pleasure reached it's boiling point, everything went hazy. Zim let out a moan unrelated to sex as he stirred. He moved a little, pushing one hand against his forehead. He could still feel the pounding headache as he came to. He slowly opened one of his eyes, but found only darkness. Slowly, he closed his eye again, letting out another sound. He willed himself back to the dream, the memory, to whatever it was. But as his head filled with passion, he realized that it wasn't just a dream.

Zim jerked up, his eyes wide with fury that raged behind those pinkish orbs. He gripped the sheets of his bed as he stared down at his lower stomach. Gir didn't seem to realize that his master was no longer asleep, but wide awake, watching him with narrowing eyes, antennae slicked back, as he licked his slit like he was a cat lapping up milk. Each lick was quick, but prolonged, sending a shock of pleasure through the Irken's entire body. He twitched, fighting th urge to just lay back and let his 'servant' continue. But when he felt Gir's metal hands clamping on one of his thighs in order to arch his head a little more, the dam of rational thought broke and he let out a scream that seemed to shake the entire room.

"GET OFF ME!" he roared at the top of his lungs, grabbing Gir's head and ripping it back. There was a loud snapping sound and then Gir was staring up at him with nearly blank eyes. His tongue was still slightly out, dripping with the wetness from his master's slit. Zim's body twitched with sheer horror, eyes slightly widening as a drop of his cum slipped off Gir's mouth and landed on his sheets. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!"

"Nooothing," was Gir's innocent answer, cooed out as though he hadn't just been licking the alien's slit. He grinned widely, pushing his hands together like a guilty child would have. Zim's hands shook, squeezing his head tighter and tighter, though it didn't faze him in the slightest. He just smiled and pointed at his master. "Yous were all wet. It looked tasty. You told me I could."

Zim spat out something, he wasn't even sure what it was supposed to be himself. Then he just shoved the robot onto the floor with a loud clunk. Gir let out a laugh, sitting up and wiping the remaining cum off his lips. Seeing him do that sent a visible shudder through the Irken. He turned away, pulling the sheets over his naked body. For a moment, he just glared a hole through the wall. Then he shifted that stare back at Gir.

"What are you doing? Get out of Zim's bedroom," he hissed out in a voice that would have terrified most people. Gir's smile faltered, but he hardly doubted it had anything to do with his tone. And, indeed, a moment later, Gir had tears welling up in his eyes and he thrust out his lower lip in a futile attempt to change Zim's mind.

"But, Maaaster, I wanna play!" Gir whined out in such a sad voice that it would probably have gotten some sort of reaction out of the Irken. But not tonight, not right now. He just glared with all the fury of the universe and jerked his finger towards the door with a warning to get out in biting Irken.

Gir didn't fight him. He just hung his head sadly and shuffled out of the bedroom. He looked back a couple times, only to receive a dark look and a flick of the wrist to continue. Then the door was pulled shut and Gir was gone, off to bother someone else, Zim was certain. But at least he was alone, though he had no idea how much damage he would have to fix in the morning.

"Ugh. . ." he muttered, pushing a hand against his forehead. The aching hangover from the party was alive and well, despite it already being Monday night. He had stayed home all day nursing the hangover he'd woken up to on Sunday with. And still it tormented him. In the back of his mind, he considered staying home from school tomorrow as well.

But at the front of his mind was Gir. He lowered his pink orbs to his lower waist. He didn't need to move the sheets to know that he was still slick with cum. His slit was stimulated, excited and waiting to be touched and stroked again. Since Saturday night, he had been flooded by dreams about that guy and how he had stroked him down there. It had perked his slit up, excited to be touched after so many years of being ignored.

Zim moved one hand to the slit. He careful ran one finger over it, feeling the slightly opened lips. He felt the hot liquid as it built up and occasionally dripped onto his bed. He needed to be stimulated, but there was no one there to help. He had no partner and he hadn't in years. Just touching the slight opening sent a tremor down his spine. He slowly closed his eyes, lightly touching the area around the slit. He hadn't felt someone rub up against his bare body in so long, he had nearly forgotten what it felt like. But what that person had done, he had never felt before.

He had actually pressed a finger against the slit, as though trying to insert his finger through his pants. No Irken had ever gone beyond the standard rubbing and caressing. It was enough to send someone into a spinning orgasm for several minutes, nothing else needed to be done. But for that brief second, that moment before the entire night went blank, Zim had felt a sensation like he never had before. That human had done something he'd never done, never even heard of. And he only wished he knew what it was.

Zim moved two of his fingers into the slit. He felt the soft walls of the slit, feeling the slick cum. It sent a wave of spasms through his entire body as he felt along the walls. He let out a soft sound, trembling from the feeling. But despite the intense sensation, he felt nothing different. He had felt this all before, often when he was alone and longed to rub up against another Irken.

No, that human had done something different.

And it was starting to drive the Invader insane not knowing. He tried rubbing and pushing, but nothing caused that insane feeling that had wiped the rest of his memory clean. Zim let out a sigh and pulled his two fingers out of his slit. He felt the walls pulse a little as though wondering why on Irk he had stopped. He massaged the area around the slit as it slowly closed completely. No need to stay open if no one was going to rub against it.

"Stupid humans. . ." Zim spat out, falling backwards on the bed. His head smacked into the pillow and sent a pulse of pain through his already aching head. He let out a moan, curling up on the bed, hands shooting up in a futile attempt to help the pain. It didn't do much, but he liked to pretend he did.

Tomorrow. He'd figure it out tomorrow. Tonight, he had his headache to worry about.

If you're a little confused about the Irken anatomy, don't worry, it is all explained in chapter two.

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