When Zim finally opened his eyes, it was to an alarm going off. He moaned, rolling over in his bed. He felt the wet stains from his cum and pushed himself into a sitting position, yawning without bothering to cover his mouth. A red light was going off in the room, but he didn't pay it any attention. Just the computer letting him know someone was outside. It was far too sensitive sometimes, then far too relaxed the rest of the time. Perhaps Gir wasn't the only thing that needed to be fixed around the base.

Zim slipped out of his bed, stretching and yawning as he went to the closet. He fumbled to pull it open, rubbing one of his eyes and feeling the contact itch a little due to having slept in them all night. The Invader muttered a few swears in Irken as he grabbed a new uniform and headed to the bathroom. It didn't have a toilet, but it did have a showering unit, which considering that he'd fallen asleep after masturbating not just once, but three times the night before, he desperately needed. He dropped the clothes on the counter and stepped in, pressing a button so that the Irken cleaning liquid could start spraying him. He closed his eyes, rubbing his face as he turned around, feeling the liquid running down his entire body.

For a moment or two, he just stood there before actually cleaning any dirt or cum off his body. Just running his fingers near his slit was enough to excite him and he broke out into a wide smile. He moved around in the shower so that he could adjust the controls and get the liquid nice and hot. Letting out a sigh a relief as it ran over his pak, he ran both hands from his chest to his lower waist. Each finger pressed a different spot as he moved them lower and lower. He gasped out, arching his back a little as he tilted his head back. He opened his mouth, scrubbing the soapy liquid over his lower stomach, just above the slit. Every stroke got him wetter and hotter, the lips parting to take him inside. They pleaded to be touched, but he merely ignored it. He breathed out slowly and roughly, sinking down a few inches as he rubbed just around his slit. His body tingled with a teasing pleasure, as though refusing to give him the sensation he wanted without him giving on his end.

Then, the Invader slid down onto the seat in the showering unit. It was just as hot as the rest of the shower, the liquid falling on him hard and heavy. Zim arched his back, letting the hot liquid run over his slit. It hurt in a most pleasurable way and he rested his head back against the wall. He panted heavily as he petted his slit. His touch was gentle compared to the heat of the cleaning liquid. His lips were spread wide, slick with so much cum that it ran down his legs. He felt it being washed away as he traced the lips of his pussy, growing closer and closer to his entrance. His cum was hotter than the shower, he found. It made him shudder, curling his toes and clenching his legs a little as he dipped two fingers into the slit. The walls clenched, rubbing themselves over his slender digits before he even began to move them. The cum encased them, drenching them with that sugary substance in a sinfully delicious way. He drew them out and licked the cum, drinking in that sweet taste. Even with the hint of the soap, it was still so tasty he was tempted to taste more.

Instead, he just pushed both fingers back into his slit. He twisted both of his digits in circles together, hitting both of the wet walls. Pulsations traveled up his spine and drew a scream to his lips. He pressed his free hand over his face as he pumped his two fingers in his pussy, striking the walls as they clenched tighter and tighter around them. He could already feel the orgasm creeping up as he arched his back to reach in only that much further. He struck the back of the cavity and suddenly that raging sensation consumed him.

It raged through his body, taking him over. He couldn't think and he couldn't see, but he didn't care. He let his body be shaken so badly he had trouble staying seated, screaming at the top of his lungs in sheer delight. He pumped against the back of the cavity hard and fast. Each strike sent a sharp sensation up his spine, radiating through his pak and making his antennae slick back against his head. He laughed out, sliding against the wall as he gripped his head with his free hand. Zim found himself bending double, scissoring his two fingers over the sensitive walls and the back of the cavity. He felt the cum drip as he moved his legs, squeezing his thighs around his arm.

Another pump and he couldn't take it anymore. The Invader let the orgasm travel through his body, making even the drops of the cleaning solution feel more wonderful than air. He closed his eyes, smiling to himself as it finished up, leaving him far more satisfied than any other Irken had ever before. No amount of rubbing or licking could ever even come close to the delightful, powerful feeling of that orgasm.

Zim drew his soaking wet fingers from his pussy, holding them out so that the shower could wash them clean. He watch with dazed eyes as the sweet liquid dripped from his digits and drew them too his mouth. He licked one, tasted a mix of sugar and soap and spat it back out. After a moment of just enjoying the heat of the liquid on his tired body, he remembered why he'd even gotten up that day. The red light. The computer. The intruder.

The Irken let out a rather annoyed sigh, pushing one hand against the wall and giving it a rough shove. He got back to his feet, stumbling back into the center of the cleaning shower in order to get clean once more. Only this time, he kept his hands away from his satisfied slit. He rubbed himself free of any leftover cum, then hit the stop button. A rinsing liquid washed him clean of the soapy solution and left him perfectly clean, free of any and all germs.

With that done, Zim stepped out of the showering unit and dried off rather quickly. He ran the towel over each antennae gently, twitching because of the rough fabric against his tender antennae. Then he tossed the towel into the cleaning pile and started to get dressed. He wriggled into his pants, buttoned them, pulling on his shirt as he left the bathroom. The light was still flashing, which meant that Gir was either part of the problem like he usually was or that he was running amuck somewhere else in the lab. That was enough to make Zim frown, narrowing his false eyes violently at the ceiling. He jerked on his boots, grabbed a new pair of gloves and a clean wig and stormed out of his bedroom.

He couldn't hear Gir, which meant he was most likely in the house. The Invader rolled his false eyes, idly putting on each glove. He wiggled his fingers until it fit perfectly like always, then he eased his wig on over his antennae. He flipped back the shoulder length hair, stepping into the elevator. The Irken hit the ground level button, received a chicken cluck in response, and then it started to move. Zim tapped his foot, hands on his hips as it rose slower than usual.

"That robot is becoming stupider and stupider with each day on this filth ridden planet," he hissed out under his breath, narrowing his eyes more at the controls. He didn't receive any answer, but he hadn't really thought he would. Zim made another mental note to check out Gir's intelligence device, then the doors opened and he stepped out into the kitchen. "Gir!"

There was no answer, which annoyed the Invader more than it should have. He clenched his hands into fists, storming from the kitchen to the living room. He scanned the room for his the robot, but found that he wasn't there. In fact, no one was there. Zim rolled his eyes again, turning to head back to the lab.

"Hiya, buddy!" Keef chirped out, waving rather wildly to the alien with both hands. Zim screamed, jerking back as fast as he could. He nearly tripped, staring at the human as he waved and smiled so widely it should have hurt his face. He narrowed his fake eyes, glancing around the kitchen to figure out how Keef had been able to sneak up on him. Considering who it was, however, Zim knew he probably wouldn't be able to find a logical reason and indeed, he didn't.

"What are you doing here, Keef?" Zim asked instead, standing straight and pointing at the cheerful human with one finger. He twirled the finger in a circle, looking at the stove to see if he were making waffles or something, but there was nothing cooking. He turned back to him when the child stepped forward, laughing as though he couldn't figure out why he was being asked such a question.

"I know I just ran off yesterday and I wanted to apologize, buddy. Things were just going so fast. I was thinking today we could go see a movie and maybe get some lunch," he replied, talking so incredibly fast that the Irken could barely keep up with him. Instead of trying to, he just muttered 'uh-huh', looking around the kitchen for the clock. He found one, though it hadn't been the one he was looking for, and saw that it was one in the afternoon. He made a face before turning back when Keef said his name. "Zim? Do you wanna see the movie about aliens? I bet you'd like it. You seem to like that sorta stuff."

"Shouldn't you be in school or something?" he said instead, ignoring the comment about how much he seemed to like 'aliens'. Keef blinked twice as though he had no idea what he was talking about. Then he gave a small laugh.

"I came over first thing this morning. It sure was messy in here. I spent the entire morning cleaning for you, Zim. I thought you'd like that. You're usually so clean. I made you breakfast, it's in the fridge. What do you want to do today, buddy?" Keef rambled out, moving closer to the Invader. He reached out to touch his arm and Zim slapped his hand to the side, turning back to the kitchen. Sure enough, it had been cleaned from top to bottom. A sort of anger rose up inside him, not only at the fact that Gir had let Keef stay inside the house all morning, but that he'd let him clean. He could have found one of the entrances to the base, and then his entire cover would have been blown.

"Don't touch me," Zim ordered, slapping his hand away from him again. Keef's smile briefly faltered before he just lowered his hand to his side and gave him a rather happy smile. He paid it no mind as he stepped out into the living room, looking at the now clean ceiling and walls.

"Zim? Buddy? Do you wanna watch a movie here? I brought a couple. Or we could play a game. I have scrabble! I bet you'd be real good at that. I could make us lunch if you're hungry," he continued, following the alien into the living room. Zim nodded a few times, though he wasn't really paying him any attention. Finally, after inspecting the room to make sure Keef hadn't found any way to the base, he turned towards him. Keef was still talking about what they could spend the day doing, moving his hands quickly in the air as he did. Zim narrowed his fake eyes more and more with each passing sentence, despite the fact that he didn't hear a single word the boy was saying.

"Zim has no need for you anymore, Keef. Zim does not need anyone. Get out of my house," he finally stated, jerking one hand in the direction of the front door. The human's voice dropped off in the middle of a word, his smile fading in a rather confused sort of way. He stared at the Irken as though he hadn't heard him right, or at least, thought he hadn't. Zim merely flicked his wrist in the direction of the door. "Get out."

"But, I thought we were dating. We had sex. Are you mad that I left yesterday? I can make it up to you. I don't know why you're so mad. We're the bestest of friends, buddy. Don't worry, once you try my apology cake you won't be mad," Keef started, stepping closer to him with an apologetic smile on his stupid face. It made the Invader shake with rage, his hands clenching back into tight fists. He stepped back, jerking one hand to the side. Keef jumped a little, blinking and stopping where he stood.

"Zim dates no one. You did not fulfill me like you were supposed to. I have no more use for you. Now, get out of my house!" Zim hissed out, letting his eyes show all the rage he had ever felt for this annoying child. Keef stared at him, that smile of his fading around the edges. He glanced around, perhaps for Gir in order to get some help convincing his 'boyfriend' to calm down and reconsider.

"Buddy, I—"

Zim let out a scream of anger, jerking forward and grabbing the boy by the hair. Keef let out a shout, nearly falling as he was pulled towards the door. Zim ripped the door nearly off the hinges as he shoved the human out of his house. He stumbled and practically fell over. Zim gripped the doorknob to keep from killing the stupid child as he turned around and stared at him.

"Leave me ALONE!" the Invader shouted out before he slammed the door shut in Keef's face. He snapped the lock into place and pulled the windows closed, checking to make sure they were all locked as well. Then he checked the front door one more time before resting his head against the cool wood for a moment. He heard Keef asking to be let in several times before he just rang the doorbell and told him he'd be back later to see if he were feeling better. Just hearing that he would be back, and Zim knew he would be, made him shudder in horror. When he heard the footsteps heading down the path and reach the sidewalk, Zim pushed himself off the door and turned around.

"Meow!" Gir sang out, standing in the middle of the room with his dog costume on, though not over his head. Zim rolled his eyes, walking back towards the kitchen. He didn't have to look behind him to know the robot was following him quite like the boy he'd just thrown from his house. "HI, Master."

"Yeah, uh-huh," he mumbled, heading to the fridge. He pulled the door open and looked at the mass amounts of waffles stacked on plate after plate. He narrowed one eye, keeping the other open wide. He cringed a little and shut the door. When he turned to look at Gir, he was standing there, though he was watching the ground for some reason. "Don't let Keef back in if he comes back."

"Yes, sir," he answered, saluting him, his eyes glowing red for the briefest of seconds. Then they faded back to the light blue-green they usually were and he meowed like a cat again. The Invader gave him his signature look, but it went unnoticed as usual. "You look like you could use a HUG!"

"No, Gir, I don't want a—urgh. . ."

Zim glared at the opposite wall as Gir squeezed him into a tight hug before he could move away. The robot rubbed his metal cheek against the Irken's chest, telling him that this would cheer him up. It didn't, but Zim didn't bother to tell him that, knowing perfectly well that it wouldn't have any affect on him. In fact, if anything, it would only make encourage the robot to hug and squeeze him more so. The Invader twitched at the very thought, which only received another squeeze from his companion. He turned away from the wall, glaring with all his might at Gir, who just continued to rub his cheek happily against his chest as though he were the most content creature in the world. The alien twitched again, moving to push him off. However, just as he was pushing his hands into the robot's shoulders, there was a beeping sound from the ceiling. It was a new feature that informed him when the Tallest were calling him. He glared at the wall, annoyed at the loud sound for several seconds before it registered to him that the Tallest were calling him.

"The Tallest!" he shouted out, shoving Gir back from him. He let out some shout of something that made absolutely no sense. But Zim was already climbing into the elevator, telling the computer to hurry it up, that he couldn't miss a call from the almighty Tallest.

A quick update, can you believe it? With Keef! He's such a stalker. . .