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Jack stood at the top of the stairs, staring at the clock, watching the hour and a half tick by slowly. "Can it really be that long?" he asked himself. He remembered writing down the time on the note he sent to Rose, and as he read it over in his mind, it was ascertained that the time scribbled on that scrap paper was indeed 11 o'clock. "I hope she can think of some excuse to get away," Jack thought, imagining Rose deep in conversation with the bunch of nosy hens he had just dined with. "The only one with any sense is Molly." He laughed to himself. "Thank God she was generous enough to lend me this tux," he thought as he stared at his ostentatious surroundings.

In mid-gaze around the Grand Staircase, he turned to suddenly see a familiar, though unwelcome face, approaching him. It was Cal, Rose's fiancé, and he had an unusually deliberate expression on his face, like his mind wasn't aware that his body was out in public…he was in his own world. Coming down the first flight of stairs, Cal's gaze suddenly fell on Jack; shock was succeeded by bewilderment, which turned into an almost relieved expression before Cal's face took on its normal, aloof appearance.

"Dawson?" Cal inquired, looking right at the young man. "What are you still doing up here? I thought you were going to return to your cabin… in third class, where you belong."

"I was just on my way there, but had to stop and take in my surroundings before I continued. It's not often that a guy like me even gets a glimpse of places like this." Jack was trying to keep his cool. After that incredibly cruel insult in the dining saloon, he wondered why, all of a sudden, Cal was being so amiable. Looking deep into Cal's eyes for some sort of sign, Jack was suddenly lost in their deep lagoons of blue sapphires. He also never noticed the gentle curve of Cal's lips, or his almost perfect cheek bones…wait this wasn't right. Jack's face took on an expression of confusion, and disgust with himself. The sound of Cal's voice broke the silence of Jack's contemplation.

"Well, I know that I haven't treated you right before, and a part of me tells me not to do this, but I still feel some gratitude for you saving my fiancé. What say you to coming to my cabin for a nice cigar and a brandy? I left the boys early tonight. They got started on the subject of war, how depressing. I intend to make this crossing as agreeable as possible. What do you say?"

Jack nodded "Sure, yeah, a cigar might be nice."

"Good," Cal responded before gesturing to Jack to follow him. They passed down long corridors adorned with crystal light fixtures and intricate carved panels before reaching the door to the cabin. Cal opened the door, and allowed Jack to enter. Jack looked around the incredibly luxurious suite, his eyes missing nothing. A complete circle around the room landed Jack's eyes on Cal's angelic face. Cal was staring at him, as though Jack had something left over from dinner on his shirt. Jack quickly looked down and, finding his shirt to be clean, looked back up, only to meet Cal's gaze for a second. Then Cal turned around and began to pour the brandy and open the, from what jack could smell, very expensive cigars, their aroma easing the tension in the room.

Cal, with cigar in one hand and brandy in another, motioned for Jack to follow him into Cal's bedroom, adjoined to the luxurious sitting room by a small door. "I figure we'll be more comfortable in here," Cal said as he ushered the young man into the spacious chamber. Jack looked around himself, once again absorbing his surroundings. "Have a seat, Dawson," Cal said as he himself sat on the sofa along the wall opposite the bed.

Jack cautiously took his seat. Why was Cal being so hospitable? Was it not only moments ago that he had embarrassed him in front of practical royalty at the conclusion of dinner? Looking at Cal again, Jack noticed an unfamiliar look come into the man's eyes, and he was quite puzzled. It almost reminded him of Dracula's seduction of the young Jonathon Harker. Continuing to peer into Cal's face, trying to figure him out, Jack began to sip the brandy. "My, this is excellent," he thought as he took another swig, finishing the delicate portion allotted to him.

"My, but how you drink. Usually a gentleman enjoys his brandy." Cal said. Jack ignored the obvious insult to his mannerisms, and inquired if he might have another. "But of course, Dawson." Cal replied and went to the other room to fetch the decanter, returning quickly, the amber sloshing within its crystal chamber. He set the decanter down and poured Jack yet another glass.

Turning to give Jack his next brandy, Cal asked "Would you mind if I slipped into something a little more comfortable? It doesn't look like I'm going anywhere else tonight."

"No, go right ahead." Jack said. He was going to leave, and prepared to rise, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"Dawson, do you really think that that's necessary?" Cal inquired with a half smile on his devilishly angelic face.

"Well, I just thought out of courtesy… but if you don't feel the need, I won't bother. I'm just trying to be a gentleman here." Why was Jack so nervous, he and Fabrizio was had changed in front of each other countless times. What made this man any different from Fabrizio?

"I very much appreciate the thought, but it's certainly not necessary." And with that Cal threw open his wardrobe and drew out a pair of red pajamas and a robe. Laying them on the bed, he began to undress. He first removed his coat, then his shoes and socks. Next he un-tucked his shirt and began to unbutton it. He turned to face Jack here, and slowly, one by one, unbuttoned the shirt, revealing more and more of his toned chest to the young man on the couch. Jack could feel blood rush into his boyish cheeks…was he blushing.

Next, Cal undid his trousers and laid them on the bed. He was in nothing but an undergarment. Jack couldn't help but watch as Cal slipped out of it, revealing his manhood. "It's so big," Jack thought. "Even flaccid that thing has to be 7 inches long." Jack was then disgusted with himself, "it must be the brandy talking."

Cal had out on the bottoms of the pajamas now, but left the top off. He seemed to be struggling with something, but Jack couldn't figure out what it was. "Can you come here, Dawson?" he asked. Jack jumped up to Cal's assistance.

"What do you need?" Jack asked, puzzled as to what Cal wanted. When Jack was just a few inches away from Cal's back, Cal turned around, looked Jack in the face, and replied.



"Yes, you. Whenever I see you with Rose, I get insanely jealous. At first I thought I was Jealous because of her obvious attraction to you, but then quickly realized it was her that I was jealous of. Oh, Jack if you only you knew how long I've wanted this." And with that Cal leaned forward, slowly, and kissed the young man on the lips, his tongue begging entrance into that warm, luscious mouth. Jack quickly backed away. "Oh, Jack, if only you knew that I always get what I want- One way or another."

Jack went to the door and found it locked. He looked at Cal, who laughed mockingly. "Just think of what I could offer you. Money…Power… everything." Cal looked into the boys face, now filled with fearful indecision. "Why don't you come over here, sit down, and we'll discuss it," Cal suggested as he patted a place beside him on the bed. Jack timidly accepted, and sat down.

Cal put his arm around Jack's waist, slowly drawing their two bodies together. He turned Jack's face to his, and once again placed a kiss on the young man's mouth. This time, Jack allowed Cal's tongue entrance. The two explored each other's mouths fervently. Cal laid Jack down on the bed, and, slowly, tantalizingly, began to undress the gorgeous figure beneath him. Oh, how Cal loved that boyish face and figure.

Cal removed the jacket and unbuttoned the shirt, leaving Jack's wildly heaving chest bare. Cal loved the sight of the boyish yet masculine stomach with the little trail of blonde hair leading to the ever-growing bulge in Jack's pants. Cal traced his fingers up and down Jack's body, making him almost squeal in delight. Cal took his mouth and slowly sucked one nipple, then the other.

"More," Jack pleaded, but Cal suddenly stopped.

"I think we've forgotten our place, Dawson," Cal said. Jack's face, pleading for the wonderful feeling of Cal's tongue, turned to look at him in bewilderment. Cal suddenly seemed angry and he jumped off the bed, removed his pajama bottoms, and slapped Jack on the face. "Let's remember whose slave and whose master. On your knees."

Jack hesitated, and Cal could wait no longer. He forced Jack down on his knees. Before Jack knew exactly what was happening, Cal began to shove his now 10 inch erect cock into the boy's mouth. Jack had never been prepared for anything like this. Of course he and Fabrizio had pleasured each other a few times, but his buddy's cock was no larger than four inches, maybe even less. Jack gagged, and Cal seemed to go wild with the sound. "Jack, take it. You're such a fucking whore…aww yeah." Cal was going wild at the sound of the boy's gagging. Jack's eyes were wild with hunger as he devoured Cal's cock. But once again, Cal's mood shifted, and he seemed dissatisfied. "On the bed, Dawson," he commanded. This time, Jack obeyed.

Once on the bed, Cal ripped the pants off of Jack's lower body, leaving the boy naked and defenseless. "Get on all fours," Cal demanded, and Jack obeyed. "You do catch on quickly. It took me at least a few tries to learn to obey Lovejoy."

Jack, on the other hand, was puzzled. He had never before in his life experienced anything like this. So, one can only imagine his reaction when Cal began to lick Jack's asshole. Jack made sounds of pleasure as Cal slowly rimmed him.

"Oh if only he knew what was coming," Cal thought. He then stopped rimming Jack, and Jack, who couldn't see anything but Cal's feet through his legs, was perplexed. Then without warning, Jack felt the most intense pain he had ever experienced in his entire life as Cal thrust into him. Jack let out a yelp, and Cal just laughed as he gave another violent thrust.

"Please stop." Jack asked weakly.

"I'm making you a man, Dawson. Now, be a good little bitch and it will only hurt for a little while." And once again, Cal rammed into Jack, and continued to do so. Cal listened with joy as the boy's cries of pain turned into cries of pleasure.

"Faster," Jack said. And, because Jack had been such a good little slave, Cal obeyed. The faster Cal went, the more Jack seemed to enjoy it. Cal could feel he was close to cumming, so he pulled out. Jack turned around, confused and disappointed. Cal moved forward so that his now purple cock was right in front of Jack's face. Knowing what to do, Jack engulfed Cal's rod, making Cal moan in pleasure as the boy deep throated him.

"Jack, get ready. You're so...ahhh…ahhh," and with that Cal filled Jack's mouth with his salty, tasty seed. Jack almost seemed to smile as he tasted his master's cum. Cal pulled out of Jack's mouth, leaving the boy there, with cum dripping out his mouth, down his chest.

"Lay down," Cal commanded. Jack did as he was told, and Cal moved down, his face, directly over the boy's 7 inch cock. Cal took it in his mouth, and Jack moaned in ecstasy. Cal's tongue on his cock was one of the most wonderful things he had ever felt in his entire life.

"Oh, Cal" Jack moaned. Cal began to suck faster and faster. Jack moaned, and shot his load in Cal's mouth. Cal took his mouth off, just as Jack shot all over his face. Cal returned to lay by Jack. Jack rolled over and began kissing his master, licking the cum off his face. With a quick look at the clock on the bedside table, Jack realized he had fifteen minutes before he was supposed to meet Rose at the clock. Seeing that both of them were incredibly appeased, Cal said:

"I believe that your presence here is no longer appropriate," And with that got up and quickly dressed. Jack had a torrent of emotions running through him as he dressed. After doing so he turned to face Cal, who looked back, smiled that devilish smile, and turned away. Then realizing he needed more, Cal ram to Jack, gave him a long passionate kiss, and groped the boy's bubble butt.

"Meet me Sunday right after lunch near the separation between 1st and 2nd class." Cal said. Jack nodded in agreement and turned to leave. Cal couldn't resist slapping the boy's ass one more time as Jack shut the door behind him.