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Summary: AU. After Dean and Sam lost their mother in a car accident which left Sam blind, they start to live in a small city with their dad John. But it's up to Dean take care of his bullied little brother and his alcoholic father. Sam is 11, Dean is 15.

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Chapter One: Open your eyes, Sammy…

Flashback on:

Dean was sitting next to his dad in the hospital's waiting room. They already knew about Sam now, but they couldn't help being apprehensive about how the little boy would cope with the bad news.

Sam Winchester would never see again.

And although John knew he could do anything, he still felt guilty about the damn accident that killed his wife and took his son's sight. He was screwed now. He would never be the same again.

Dean put his head on his father's shoulder, and John flinched a little, in surprise. He didn't understand how his son could still love him after all the mess he put them trough.

- Dad…it's okay… We'll be okay…

- Your brother's blind, Dean. Your mom is dead. I think we won't be okay.

- Hey, you have me and Sammy, dad… we could never hate you. It wasn't your fault!

John started sobbing. He should be comforting Dean, he was just eleven! But instead, he was being comforted… and he felt lost.

- You can see him now. He's awake. – the doctor said to them with a small smile.

Both John and Dean rushed to Sam's room, urging to see the youngest Winchester. He would probably be very scared… and Dean wanted to make sure he was around to help him feel better.

Sam turned his head to the door when he heard the footsteps, and for a moment he was scared; when he felt that smell, though, he tried to open his eyes, but it was very dark in that room, he couldn't see a thing. Even though he didn't really needed to see that it was his dad. He could smell his aftershave.

- Oh, Sammy… - John wrapped his arms around his son, and Sam hugged him back, feeling ok now. He was with his family.

- Daddy…where's De?

- I'm right here, bro. – Dean smiled and patted his little brother's head. – Are you feeling well?

- Yes! – Sam said. – But can you please turn on the lights? I can't see anything…

John sighed and put Sam on his lap, hugging him. Dean stood by their side, almost crying. But he couldn't cry, he needed to be strong for Sammy.

- Sammy… you know we had an accident, right? – John asked slowly.

- Yeah… Mommy… will never come back. – the little boy rested his head on John's chest. – I know, dad…

- And Sam… well, your eyes were hurt in that accident…

- Is that why I'm not seeing anything? – He asked in a low tone of voice.

- Yeah, son… and… I'm afraid it's going to be like that from now on.

Sam didn't cry after his dad said that. He just heard how John was crying so hard, and he heard Dean comforting him. Actually all Sam cared about was being with his family.

He was safe now.

Flashback off.

- Rise and shine, princess! – Dean entered the small room he shared with his brother and smiled when he saw Sam opening his eyes slowly. – C'mon, breakfast's ready.

- Dean, please… - Sam started to get up. – I'm tired…

- Yeah, sure. If you didn't want to stay up until late to watch that stupid movie…

- It wasn't stupid!

- Yeah, bro, right. – Dean rolled his eyes. Sam couldn't see, but he liked to hear the movies. It was something they did together every Sunday. – But now you have to hurry, we have school today, remember?

Sam got up and walked slowly to the bathroom, while Dean smiled proudly at how Sam was so independent. His little brother was now eleven years old, and he only needed a stick when he was outside the house.

- Where's dad? – Sam asked, still in the bathroom.

- He's looking for a job. I think he woke up really early today.

- Ah. So what did you make for breakfast?

- Pancakes… - Dean smiled. – And some orange juice. And Sammy, please, don't stay in this bathroom forever, or we'll be late, you bitch.

- Yeah, right… jerk.

Dean smiled and returned to the kitchen. Their house was small, and he didn't really care about it. Since the accident John never got another job for a long time, and it was difficult for him to get the boys everything they need. Sometimes John's friend, Bobby, helped them buying books, clothes and the essential, although John never appreciated this kind of help.

And Dean also knew that the fact that John was always drunk didn't help to get a good job either. His father was a failure in everyone's eyes, and Dean didn't like to see him like that. He knew John gave up his own life after that accident, but Dean would only be truly happy the day his dad would be back on his feet.

- Dean, can we visit Uncle Bobby today? – Sam asked his big brother while they were eating their breakfast.

- Sure, kiddo. I'll help him fix some cars anyway, so you can go with me.

- Does daddy know you're helping Bobby again?

- No, and he won't. You know dad doesn't want any of us working… but… it's been almost two months, and he is still unemployed.

- Do you think he'll get a job soon?

- I'm sure he will, Sammy… but while he doesn't get one, it won't hurt if I help.

Sammy gave his brother a small smile and Dean smiled back, thinking about how much he needed to help his dad out with the money. If the man just accepted any kind of help it would be much more easy…


John Winchester walked into the small grocery shop downtown and folded the newspaper while waiting to get some attention from the owner. The man gave him a nod, indicating that he could talk.

- I'm here… about the job…

The man new who he was: John Winchester. Everybody knows that the man was always getting in trouble, always drunk…

- And why should I give you a job here? – The old man who owned the place looked at him like he was thrash.

- Please, I…I need it very much, I can do many things… just give me a chance, I'm good at cleaning and organizing things, I -…

- If you can actually do all these things, Winchester, why are you always hunting for a new job?

John looked down, and the man laughed in a mocking way.

- Just get the hell outta here before I call the police.

He gave a small nod to the old man and made his way out of the place, feeling so bad… every time it was like that. No one liked him, no one wanted to give him a chance.

And maybe this people were right. He was nothing more than a failure.


Sammy was walking slowly to the back of the school, so he could just eat his lunch with no one around. Since he and Dean didn't have lunch at the same time, he just sat alone, trying to get away of Daniel Henderson and his friends.

He sat on the bench and started biting and apple, hearing the other kids playing and laughing. Sometimes he wished to have a life like that. He wished he could play with the other kids… be like the other kids…

- Hey, you freak!

Sam froze when he heard his voice.

- Were you hiding from me? – Daniel laughed. – Well, you can never hide from me, you know that?!

- P-please… stay away from me…

- Stop this, kid, I'm not doing anything with you now. I'm busy with a girl, you understand?… I don't think so, because you never really got near a girl before. I bet they are afraid of you.

Sam flinched when he felt Daniel's breath so close to his face.

- C'mon, Sammy, you can be honest with me… you would rather prefer to be fucked than to fuck someone, wouldn't you?! I know, Sammy, I know… I can remember how you liked it when we played … You are just a piece of shit, you freak… you fucking fag!

And then, he was gone.

Sam was breathing hard, shaking.

Yeah, maybe he was a 'fucking fag' like Daniel said, but he would never let Dean know about it. He would never let his big brother know how much Daniel had hurt him before, because Dean would probably think he was weak.

Dean would never know about it.


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