A/N: So, This was supposed to be the second part of the chapter 5, which I divided in two because I had to travel and didn't had the time to finish. Hope you like it!

Chapter 6: Deal (Part Two)

Sam fumbled slowly through the house looking for his brother. It was still early and maybe he had not awakened. It was Friday, he was anxious to know whether or not Dean would take him to Marcy's party.

Sam wanted to go. Badly.

He sat on his bed and touched Dean's face slowly, still wondering whether to wake him or not. Dean looked tired, he had helped Bobby with a car the day before and they had been working non-stop throughout the afternoon.

Sam was still worried about the whole story of Julie and Dean. She was Daniel's girlfriend and Sam was afraid that something worse happened, because he knew his brother was really liking her. And man, when Dean was fond of someone, whoever the person was, he would do anything. Sam admired him for being so nice and brave. He wished that, someday, he could be the same.

- Dean…

His brother moved slowly and Sam tried again:

- Dean. You have to wake up.

- What… what happened? – He opened his green eyes, searching the room. Sam was right there and Dean closed his eyes again. - Sammy… what do you want? It's just six thirty.

- I know. Sorry…

- Where's dad? He already left to work?

- Yeah, just ten minutes ago or something. I made you breakfast.

- Now I know that you want something. – Dean rolled his eyes and got up, starting to walk to the kitchen. Sam joined him. – What is it?

- Oh… I was wondering if you could… go with me to my friend's birthday party.

Dean poured him some orange juice, doing the same to his brother.

- Oh, sure. When?

- Tomorrow. – Sam answered, looking happy now. He was afraid Dean would not want to go because it was a kid's party. – So, we can go? Really?

- Yeah, why not? Where does he live?

- He?

- Yeah, your friend. – Dean explained, searching for the eggs. – Where is his house?

- It's a she. – Sam corrected him, his cheeks starting to get red. He could swear his big brother was smiling mischievously at him. – Marcy. She studies with me.

- Ah, 'course. So… it's a she, definitely. It's great news you were invited to a party… and by a girl! So, my little bro is getting some attention, huh…

- No, I'm not! – Sam answered quickly, and Dean laughed.

- S'ok, Sam, I'm just kidding. Now eat your breakfast and let's get ready to school.

- So, uh… will you see Julie today?

Dean shrugged and then answered, his mouth full of food:

- Well, I have to, she's in my class. Look, Sam… what's the problem? Why don't you like her?

- What?! I never said I didn't like her, Dean, I just told you that it might be dangerous to be near her, she has a boyfriend and…

- So what, Sammy? If she liked him enough she would never be with me. The guy is a dick, he doesn't deserve her.

Sam sighed and shook his head, sipping his juice in silence. Dean was never stop that, so he was in trouble. Both of them, actually.


- Hey, kid! Would you turn off the fucking radio?! It's fucking seven in the morning, you bastard!
Daniel took a deep breath and slammed the door of his room with full force. He was sick of his stepfather, always thinking he could give him orders and tell him what to do. He was not his dad, never would be.
But no way Daniel would lower his head as he was doing before. He never wanted this man to be around, he was always drinking and being and ass to him and to his mom. Daniel couldn't understand why the hell his mom was still with this man, he couldn't get why he was still living with them. A lot of times, when Greg got angry or when he was drunk, he used to beat Daniel's mother and it was always bad. He couldn't do a thing, so he just cried alone in his room, waiting for this to finish.

Every time he tried to spoke to his mom about Greg, she would same the same thing: "He'll change, Danny, You'll see… things will get better."

But things never got better. He was getting more and more violent day by day. He started doing things to him… when his mother was not around. She left early to work and Greg stayed at home all day, eating and drinking without doing nothing else to help at home. So now, his new sport was make Daniel 'entertain' him while his mom was not home. But that was a secret Danny was keeping. He did not want his mom to know that.

- Do you want me to turn this thing off or will you do it by yourself?! – Greg shouted again and the boy just kept staring at the ceiling, while Misfits' Die Die My Darling was playing loudly at his bedroom. He didn't care. If he wanted to turn the radio off, so he would get to do it by himself.

Daniel heard the footsteps and closed his eyes. He was laying on his bed now, just waiting for him to show up. And he did. Seven o'clock in the morning, and the bastard was already drunk.

- Are you deaf or what?! Hey! I'm talking to you!

- I'm listening.

- So turn this thing off! Now!

Since Daniel not moved, Greg slammed his fist on the radio and the music stopped right away. The boy looked at him defiantly and the older man kept staring, obviously angry at him for his behavior.

- Now, I'll teach you a lesson! Pants off, now!

Daniel felt tears start to run. He did not move, so Greg walked to him and started pulling his pants by himself, the boy struggling to get free from his touch. The man slapped him right in the face and Daniel looked at him, now still, while Greg said:

- Keep your mouth shut… and take it like a man. Get off your pants…

- I'm going to school now!

- Your problem, not mine. Watch the way you walk, so people won't notice what you have been up to, fag. I'll make you have some respect for me after this one, boy… Oh, you will respect me for sure… so now get on your knees and do me a favor before I get started. – He said while unfastening his belt.

Daniel thought it was surely the worst way to start a day.


- So, Sam, will you go to the party tomorrow?

Sam nodded his head at Marcy and she smiled. She sat by his side and suddenly felt nervous to be near him: Sam was such a handsome boy, she wished he would like her, 'cause she was sure she had a big crush on him. How could she not have one? He was handsome, smart, and she thought it was really cute the way he was all shy. She loved his dimples, and how it showed up when he smiled.

- Yeah. – He smiled at her, answering her question. – Dean will take me. I really want to go, it'll be fun.

- Yup. My mom is making a lot of things, and she baked a huge cake too.

- Nice. I love cake. And if there'll be plenty of food, Dean will be happy. – He laughed a little, his heart racing. Oh, now he was thinking about what Dean said… she was such a nice girl…

Marcy slowly held his hand and stoked in gently, praying he would not get mad at her. And he didn't. Sam smiled and squeezed her hand back lightly, feeling a sudden heat. Wow. He was looking forward to go to that party after all…