Most of these have their origins in the ST XI kink meme, which had inspired my creativity greatly. :3

Warnings: K/S

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek!

"Your quarters are hot. And I mean that literally." Kirk waved a hand at his neck in an effort to get some air flowing. Spock just raised an eyebrow and asked the computer to turn down the temperature.

"Is that better, Captain?" He had moved over to stand by the desk, his arms folded easily behind his back.

"Much. Thank you." Kirk rubbed his hands together in a 'let's get started' kind of manner. "All right. Chess."

"The board is behind you captain, in the alcove beside the bed. I will retrieve the pieces."

"Okay." Kirk turned and moseyed past Spock's impeccably made bed (of course) toward the chessboard. He almost fell into the alcove himself after tripping over something on the floor. "Woah! Ow. Hey, what's this?"

"What, Cap…tain…" Spock froze, a bowl of pieces in his hands. Then he frowned. "That is none of your business, Captain."

"I just want to know what it is." Kirk examined the bundle of red cloth in his hands and slowly began to unfold it. It took a rectangular form, only a few feet on a side. It was very soft. It also looked like the corner had been chewed on at one point.

"Jim…" Spock had a warning in his voice, now, but Kirk was having too much fun to care.

"Is this a blanket? Hey! This is like your kid blanket, right?" He grinned at Spock. "Awww... You still sleep with it?"

Spock said nothing.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of. I still have my old one back in Iowa, though it's probably in the attic or something by now."

"Captain, I believe the purpose of your visit was to engage in chess, not to comment on my personal belongings." No response. "Captain."

"It's so soft… Like fleece." Kirk came over and wrapped the blanket around his first officer's shoulders. He pulled Spock closer with it.

"Jim, please." Spock looked uncomfortable, though whether it was because of Kirk's fascination with his blanket or because of his use of it was unknown.

Kirk remedied the situation with a kiss.