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Jim Kirk stepped off the transporter pad dripping ice and snow. He and the rest of the landing party had just come up from Delta Vega, where they had been overseeing a refit of the automated systems. Engineer Rawlins, Starfleet's choice to lead the refit, immediately went to Scotty to start bitching about the machines. Kirk figured they were getting along and decided to turn in.

The report could be written in the morning.

"'Night, Scotty. Don't stay up too late." Kirk pulled off his thick coat and dumped it by the transporter with the others. Someone from supplies would come get the gear soon, anyway.

"G'night, Cap'n. So, as I was sayin', that blasted replicator didn' even make sandwiches while I was there."

"What a shame," said Rawlins.

Kirk suppressed a smile as he left the room and headed back to his quarters. The hallways were almost deserted, it being gamma shift. He yawned. Whoever said that the captain had to be present for refits, anyway? Rawlins knew what he was doing without someone standing in back asking him every five seconds.

Oh well. At least now he could get back to Spock. He unlocked the doors to his cabin with his captain's code and stepped into the darkness within. The angular shape on the bed did not move, even when he turned on the dim desk lamp, so he figured Spock was actually sleeping for once. Good. He'd been beginning to get snippy.

Kirk undressed quickly, leaving his clothes out on the chair. He was too tired to walk over to the laundry chute. Yeah. It had been a long day. The warm air in the room, usually just short of stifling, felt good on his exposed arms as he turned off the light and slid into bed behind his lover. He hummed in satisfaction, yawning, as he wrapped an arm around Spock's waist and pressed his face into Spock's neck.

He was not expecting the shriek.

Spock shot out of their bed in a matter of seconds, ending up halfway across the room. Kirk blinked.


Spock was breathing rather heavily, and he looked around with sleep-muddled alertness for the cause of distress. His eyes landed on Kirk, and narrowed perceptibly.


"Spock, what?" Jim's heart was beating rather too quickly, he decided, as he tried in vain to come up with a cause for Spock's dramatic exit. "What's wrong?"

Spock took a moment to collect himself. "Your nose is extremely cold."