Emma , Rikki and Cleo speed through the water towards Mako island. Racing of course like always. Emma is the first to arrive and when she gets there she finds a brunette mermaid sitting on a rock with her tail in the water. Cleo and Rikki arrive seconds later to see the girl as well.

" Who are you ? " asks Emma.

The brunette flips her hair and says " I am Melissa , mermaid of the Pacific. And you ? "

" Emma Gilbert. "

Melissa nods " And how about you two ? "

Rikki looks at Emma who shrugs and then answers " Rikki Chadwick. "

" And I am Cleo Sertori . "

" So it is true. You guys are the other three mermaids of the oceans. "

Cleo looks at her friends and then back at Melissa " What do you mean ? "

" There are four mermaids of the ocean. They are suppose to work together to save the world from the evil. "

Rikki cuts in " What evil ? "

" The evil is coming. It will be here in time. Now let me continue. There are four mermaids of the oceans. The mermaid of the Pacific , The mermaid of the Atlantic, The mermaid of the Arctic and The mermaid of the Indian. Together they are to save the world. The mermaid of the Pacific has the power to make water appear and disappear. The mermaid of the Atlantic has the power to freeze water. The mermaid of the Artic has the power to move water and The mermaid of the Indian has the power to boil water. "

" So your saying I'm the mermaid of the Indian ? " Asks Rikki questionably.

" If you can boil water yes. "

" So that makes me The mermaid of the Atlantic and Cleo The mermaid of the Arctic. " Emma states.

" Yes it does. "

" What is this so called evil ? " Cleo asked

" She's an very evil mermaid. No one knows much about her. All they know is that she has all four of our powers and that she will use them against us to get what she wants. "

Emma interrupts " What does she want ? "

" No ones knows that. "

Cleo looks at Emma and Rikki " This evil mermaid reminds me of Charlotte. "

Rikki laughs and then nods.

Emma giggles a bit and then says " Ya a little. "

Melissa looks at the three girls " Who's Charlotte ? "

" She is this girl that became a mermaid by using this moon pool. She had all of our powers and she used them against us. But that doesn't mean she's the evil mermaid. " Emma finishes

" Oh and why do you think she isn't the evil mermaid ? "

" One Charlotte isn't capable of anything super evil and two she isn't a mermaid anymore. "

" That doesn't mean I thing " Cleo says. " And Charlotte is evil. "

Rikki laughs " You only think that because she dated Lewis. "

" Not true."

" Is so. "

" Is not. "

" Totally is "

" Cleo. Rikki. Stop fighting. " Emma says in her angry voice. " This isn't the time. "

" It doesn't matter if this Charlotte girl is the evil mermaid of not. The point is the four of us have finally met. The four of us can finally prepare for the final battle. "

" What final battle ? " Emma , Rikki and Cleo all say at once.

" The battle where we take her down."

" Um I don't mean to be rude." Rikki pauses " But how do you know all of this. "

" I know all of this because ... "



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