The next day

Juice Net

" I still don't get why she turned into dust. " Cleo says.

" Me either. " Rikki agrees.

" I guess we will never know. " Emma states.

" Guess not. " Amber agrees.

" It's all over though. I guess that's the point. " Melissa says.

" Ya. I leave tomorrow. " Amber whispers.

" Same " Melissa agrees.

" Your leaving too ? " Cleo asks

" Ya. " Melissa answers.

" I'll miss you. " Cleo says. " Both of you. "

" I'll only been here a week. " Amber states.

" So. You're an amazing person. Even if we did think you were evil. " Cleo adds

" Thanks. " Amber says.

" So why are you leaving Melissa ? " Emma asks

" I need to go home. Talk to my dad. Tell him the truth. " Melissa answers

" The whole truth ? " Cleo asks

" Yes the whoe truth, I'm gonna tell him what I was really doing here this year. I'm gonna tell him I'm a mermaid and that my mom was one too. " Melissa

" Wow that's bold. " Rikki declares

" I'm tired of lying to him. " Melissa clarifies.

" I guess within the next few months we are all gonna be split up then. " Cleo adds.

" What do you mean Cleo ? " Emma asks " Me and you will still be here. "

Cleo shakes her head. " I'm going to live with my mom. "

" Oh. " Emma replies

" What about Rikki ? " Amber asks.

" Me and my dad are moving. " Rikki answers.

" Oh. " Amber replies " I guess we are all splitting up then. "

" Ya. But we'll be okay. Plus we might meet again in time. " Melissa says

" Yes you never know what life has in store for us. " Cleo agrees

" I feel like going swimming. " Rikki says

" You always want to swim " Melissa jokes.

" Do not. " Rikki argues

" Ya you do. " Melissa teases

" Okay. Maybe I do. " Rikki agrees

" But I agree the five of us should all race the the moon pool for old times. " Melissa adds

The beach

The five girls sit on the beach.

" I can't believe this is going to be my last swim with you four. " Amber says

" As you said earlier you've only know us a week. " Cleo adds.

" Ya I know. " Amber clarifies

The five girl get up take hands and run into the water.



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