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Meta Knight was filled with fear.

An all too familiar face was looming in front of him, its mouth glinting with pointed teeth as it cackled silently. Its eyes were narrowed evilly and half of its face was covered in shadow. A long, star-strewn cloak was wrapped around its hidden body. Shadow surrounded it, swirling black with slashes of purple and red. Meta Knight reached for his sword, but it wasn't there. He tried to fly away, but he realized his wings as well as his cape and armor had disappeared. He felt his face for his mask, but it had gone as well.

There he lay, naked and defenseless in front of his nemesis, Nightmare.

"Meta Knight, you are mine." Nightmare hissed, his voice echoing throughout the nothingness. He reached out, surrounding Meta Knight and trapping him with long, curved fingers. The poor puffball shook uncontrollably, trying to fight the fear that overwhelmed him. "Come to me…come to your master…" The scaly hands closed around him, making it hard to breath. He felt unbearably hot.

Then knowledge washed over him like a cold drink of water being poured into his dry throat. This was just a dream. His dream. Now that he knew this was not real, he could turn this nightmare around.

"I destroyed you." Meta Knight said, recovering his courage. "You no longer exist, except in mere nightmares. You are dead and you can no longer hurt or kill any more innocent people. Now go back to where you belong and leave me to my future."

Nightmare screeched with fury and disappeared back into oblivion. A sense of calm stole over Meta Knight. Nightmare was truly gone. Dreamland was safe. Even in his dream, he was no longer weak and at the mercy of his departed enemy. He had figured out it was a nightmare and was therefore in control. Or was he?

Suddenly, the scene changed and Kirby was in front of him, standing in the courtyard of the castle with a pillow. With a giggle the pink puffball stepped forward and pressed the pillow into Meta Knight's face. Meta Knight gave a muffled cry, "Kirby, what are you doing? Kirby…Kirby, stop!" The knight struggled blindly to remove the pillow that was nearly suffocating him, but his arms could not grasp the pillow to pull it off. Kirby laughed like it was all a game as Meta Knight tried to communicate to the young Star warrior that he couldn't breath.

The whole time, King Dedede had been yelling in the background about how he wouldn't be able to barbeque the Waddle Dees if Kirby didn't give him his pillow back…

Meta Knight snapped awake only to find that he was laying face down on his pillow, his face pressed so hard into his mask that he was having difficulty drawing air. He sat up and took a great deep breath, feeling better at once. He got up to go get a drink of water, and could hear worried whispers coming from Sword and Blade's room.

"…Sounded like he was having a nightmare, shouting at Kirby to stop whatever he was doing. Do you think we should check on him?"

"Nah, I'm sure he's fine. Go back to sleep."

Meta Knight felt slightly embarrassed that he had been talking in his sleep, but at least he hadn't been shouting complete nonsense. Walking over to the candy jar that sat on the window ledge, he took a piece and popped it into his mouth. The sweet taste immediately made him feel better.

He climbed back into his bed, armor and all, and wrapped himself in his soft pink blanket. Eventually, his eyes became a faded amber and he fell back into a shallow sleep. Still, he couldn't rid himself of that feeling of weakness he had experienced in his dream. For he knew that his dream wasn't the only time he had experienced such a feeling of helplessness, a feeling he had endured many times throughout his long life…and especially in the past year.

Through his light slumber, a question suddenly occurred to him out of nowhere, almost as if someone else had voiced it to him. If you had one wish…what would you wish for?

Hmm… Meta Knight thought through his barely conscious mind. What would I wish for…?

If asked this question years ago, he probably would have wished for peace in Dreamland or for Nightmare to be defeated. Or, he realized with a twinge of disgust, he would have selfishly wished to be rid of his dark past and his ominous-looking wings. But now that he had gone through such a change in the past year…what would he wish for?

He recalled the feeling of weakness that had enveloped him as he had laid down to rest. The vision of being ever so weak and helpless in front of Nightmare was burned into his mind. It was then that he knew what he would wish for.

My one wish is to become stronger… He thought to himself as he finally drifted off into a deeper, dreamless sleep.

"For the last time, I'll only be gone a couple months. You know that's not as long as it sounds…Dreamland will be safe without me. Oh Kirby, pull yourself together!"

"No! Poyo! No go, Meda!" Kirby squeaked, grabbing Meta Knight's cape and tugging on it, his eyes fierce with protest. After all this time, the young Star Warrior had finally gained enough speaking skill so he could string a small sentence together. Still, he was as difficult to manage as ever since he was still only a couple hundred years old. Meta Knight reached over and pried the puffball's hands off of his cape. Kirby's plan to guilt him into staying was working. He wanted to make this quick.

"I know. I'm no good at farewells either." The knight said gently, unfolding his wings as his cape disappeared. "Yet there is nothing you can do to stop me. My heart is set on this journey. When I return, I will be the strongest swordsman in all of the universe." His eyes burned with determination at these words. Then they softened when he looked back down into Kirby's disappointed face. "Next to you of course." The warrior laughed.

"Don't go!" Kirby wailed, his eyes wide and pleading. "Pwease? I sad pwease!"

"I know you said please," Meta Knight sighed, rolling his bright yellow eyes, "and I'm glad you have such good manners. But saying please isn't going to faze me." Hopefully, he added silently. Kirby stomped his foot in frustration.

"Come on Kirby, can't you say a nice goodbye for your mentor?" Sword stated, suddenly appearing as he walked up the hill they were standing on. Blade followed close behind. Kirby kicked at the ground, avoiding their gazes. The little warrior knew he was acting childish, but in his heart he knew he was a child, so he felt justified. Besides, there was no way he was going to let Meta Knight just leave.

"Sword, Blade…" Meta Knight began, but Blade raised a hand for silence.

"We know, my lord. You want us to protect Kirby while you're gone, just like always.

You know we will, sir, you don't have to ask." Blade said cheerfully.

"Maybe next time we can come train with you?" Sword asked hopefully.

Meta Knight nodded, a slight tinge of pink in his amber eyes. "I would like that, but first, I will make this journey of my own." Then he turned to Kirby, looking expectant. There was a long pause. "You have plenty of friends Kirby," Meta Knight reminded him, "You can play with Bun and Fumu while I'm gone."

Suddenly, Kirby brightened up. "You need come say bwi to them!" He said excitedly, glad he had found an excuse to make Meta Knight stay longer. But the knight shook his head, knowing that he couldn't afford to stick around much longer and lose his will to leave altogether.

"You'll have to tell them for me that I said goodbye. King Dedede as well."

"You still haven't said goodbye to Sir Meta Knight." Blade pointed out. Meta Knight felt a twinge of annoyance. He didn't want to stick around all day to find out if Kirby was going to say goodbye or not. He began to turn away, when Kirby spoke up. "Bye." He said hastily, glaring at Meta Knight's feet.

"It's not goodbye forever, Kirby." Meta Knight reminded him, smiling under his mask, "I'll see you sooner or later. Until then, keep doing what you do best and protect the home you love."

The bitterness disappeared from Kirby's face as he heard those wise words. He looked at his mentor, sadness etched in every part of his face. "Ah miss you." He murmured.

"I'll miss you too." Meta Knight said, reaching over to give Kirby a pat on the head. Then he turned to his two most trustworthy knights. "Farewell." He told them.

"The same to you, my lord." Sword murmured.

"We'll expect you to be back in one or two months, then?" Blade asked.

Meta Knight nodded. "That's sounds about right." Then he spread his wings and took off, flapping up into the sky, as those that were closest to him watched him disappear among the clouds and into space.

Meta Knight sighed, once more going over his farewell to Kirby in his mind. It had been a month now, since then…and almost a year after the horrible events that took place within Nightmare's fortress. No evil had disturbed the land of Dreamland since then. Life was quiet and peaceful, just as it ought to be. Most residents enjoyed the new era of serenity that had descended upon the land. Meanwhile, it had made a few residents restless. Meta Knight was one of these residents.

About a month ago, he had come to the conclusion that he needed to become stronger. Although Nightmare was now defeated, the adventure had opened his eyes to his weaknesses. His skill had softened since the many wars, and he needed to get back to training. Dreamland's lazy lifestyle had taken its toll.

Not long after realizing this, he made it his goal to take a short leave and train. When he told everyone this, Kirby had grown upset, desperate for him to stay. He had no idea what had made the puffball so frantic, but it must have been one of his many strange quirks. After all, it seemed highly unlikely anything bad would happen while he was gone.

Of course, he had left his apprentice in the care of his two most-trusted minions. After that, he had asked for permission from the king before leaving. Dedede's response still made him chuckle under his breath.

"Fine! Go on your vacation and have fun away from the rest of us." The penguin had scoffed. Meta Knight felt amused. One could hardly call it a vacation.

For a whole month, he had been hunting down any remaining demon beasts that had managed to live off the land. He had been engaging many monsters in perilous fights and with each one; he was growing strong once more. He felt extremely pleased with himself and it felt great to be on his own with the freedom to explore wherever he wanted. It made him feel young again.

Food was not a problem, since the planets near Popstar were full of friendly creatures that took in Meta Knight with open arms (that is, if they had arms). Life was good for the knight and he couldn't wait to get home and show off his renewed skill. Yet, he was not yet done exploring the many neighboring planets and planned to continue his quest and only stop when he saw fit.

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