Chapter 1: GSSpiritDude

Not so long ago, a race of beings composed of negative emotions arose. They were called the Darksides. They fought, mercilessly, for the world of light, but were thwarted time and time again. Centuries later, the oldest Darkside made a prophecy that a Darkside of a being of light and who was from another world would bring them at the time of an eclipse.

As expected, the Darkside never appeared. Some Darksides tried bringing out the Darkside out of beings of light, but the Darkside would either die or prove not to be the right one. Others felt that the Darkside would never appear and tried to take over the universe…as expected, they were thwarted by the defenders of the Fiction Realm called the Author Fighters. But there are some that wait, patiently, for the Darkside.

The tale quickly became a legend, which most people scoff at these days…

The funny thing about legends is, sometimes, they're all too true…

For the Darkside has arrived…

A TLSoulDude original production…

Starring the voice talents of Keanu Reeves, Steve Blum, Jennifer Hale, Doug Jones, James Arnold Taylor, Jack Black, and Jason Statham…

Author Fighters: Time Crisis

(Cork, Ireland, 1:00 A.M.)

On the coast, there was a Catholic Church. The father strode across the crags to get some salt air to help him sleep. However, he noticed something on the crags. He quickly got assistance to help the poor person…if person was the right word.

"What is it?" one of the rescuers asked.

The person was a hedgehog with gray fur, a black five-point head crest, a bronze mane, and a black leather glove with metal studs.

"It is a person in need." The father replied, "And he shall be welcome here."

(6:00 A.M.)

Some people wondered if the hedgehog was dead. For the last five hours, he didn't awake. However, his vitals were weak, but still active. His breathing was shallow and his heart was beating weakly. He also seemed to be injured. He had an arm that was broken in three places, several whip scars on his back, and a bullet lodged in his leg.

While the medic was trying to remove the bullet, the hedgehog's eyes suddenly snapped open. They were dark blue, like the deep ocean. His hand then flew to the medic's throat.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!" he snarled.

(Los Angeles, USA, 3:00 A.M.)

Airnaruto jumped onto the roof. As expected, he caught a young teenager staring at the sky. The youngster was his apprentice, Lunatic121 of Fictor.

"See anything?" Airnaruto asked.

"Same as the last three months he's been gone." Lunatic sighed.

"I know. We all miss 'im." Airnaruto said, putting a kind arm around Lunatic's shoulder.

Lunatic and Airnaruto were both referring to Lunatic's older brother, TLSoulDude. The Fictorian had left three months ago after helping defeat Drake…twice.

"It's just…I felt like I lost him just when I got him back." Lunatic said, obviously depressed.

"Hey, it obviously hurt him to make that choice." Airnaruto said, "There are some things…you've just gotta fight alone…"

"But…what if he's hurt?" Lunatic asked, worried, before rambling, "I mean, we stick together! If he's dead, how'll we know?!"

"LOONY! TAKE A DEEP BREATH!" Airnaruto commanded as he noticed Lunatic steadily turning blue.

Lunatic took a deep breath before breathing regularly.

"Hey, guys." D-Dude said, walking in.

"How long have YOU been standing there?" Lunatic asked.

"Long enough, bro." D-Dude answered his little brother, "I miss TL, too."

"We ALL do, Big Double D." Airnaruto pointed out.

"I think we miss him more." D-Dude said, gesturing to himself and Lunatic, "I mean, he was more than a brother. He was our best friend…"

A shooting star then flashed past and Lunatic looked at it with hope, but it soon faded.

"Who am I kidding?" Lunatic asked, "Lord knows when he'll be coming back…"

(Cork, Ireland, 10:00 A.M.)

The hedgehog was sitting on his bed. After he attacked one of his nurses, the father walked in.


"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!" the hedgehog barked.

The father walked in and saw the hedgehog with the medic in a stranglehold.

"You do not want to hurt her." He said, "Now just let her go and calm down…"

The hedgehog cooperated and the medic ran out of the room. The father walked over.

"Who are you?" the hedgehog asked, but held his hand up and began to flex it, "And…who am I?"

(End flashback…)

"Who or what am I?" he asked, looking himself over, "I know how to talk, read, write, add, subtract, multiply, but I don't even know my own name…"

Who is this strange new hedgehog? Is HE the destined Darkside? WHY do I keep asking obvious questions?

Find out in the next installment of Author Fighters: Time Crisis!