Chapter 16: Unbreakable

"Ow, ow, OW!" GS shouted as Hirabi rubbed some kind of ointment onto his burns, "Couldn't that lizard just use that magic blood he used on Azubaz earlier?"

"I WOULD, but there's no cut." D-Dude replied, "My blood only heals if it gets in an opening in the skin, like a cut. Burns…you'll have to let that heal on its own."

"And thanks for healing us like that." Azubaz said, "Well…those who needed it, anyway."

When GS had passed out after his fight with Shade, the group took the unconscious Darkside for healing. They had somehow found their way out of the labyrinth (which mostly involved X Prodigy blowing holes through walls). When they got out, D-Dude gave medical treatment to those who needed it. Unfortunately, he couldn't grow Tash's hand back.

They were currently in a small house outside of Odessa, Ukraine.

"Heh. I'm still hyped." Lunatic smirked, "I beat Drake Ebon Darkstar. How many Authors can say THAT?"

"Yes, Loon, you beat him. I'm proud of that…" Airnaruto said before finishing, "But you nearly got yourself killed. Which means, when we get home, you'll be bench-pressing until sunrise."

"WHAT?" Lunatic shouted.

"Tash, get me some bandages." D-Dude said.

"Yes, SIR." Tash replied, enthusiastically, as he took off.

"WHY is a Darkside taking orders from you again?" X asked.

"For some reason, he thinks that he has to serve me because I spared his life." D-Dude replied.

"Oh…so he's a moron?" X Prodigy asked.

"Most likely." The dragonsaur shrugged.

"Here's your bandages." Tash said as he bolted back in with a long strap of white cloth.

"Ah, thank you." The dragonsaur said as he took the bandages and began to wrap it around GS' midsection, "Keep these on for the next couple of days and your burns should be healed."

"Thanks." GS said, wincing as the bandages stung his burns.

"Is he ALWAYS like this?" D-Dude asked.

"You should see him when we're trying to remove bullets." Azubaz stated.

"Makes a big fuss?" Airnaruto asked.

"You have NO IDEA." Hirabi smirked.

"Hey, I can hear everything you say!" GS snapped, indignantly.

"So…what's gonna happen to ya now?" Lunatic asked.

"I've…gotta think it over." GS replied as he made a small motion with his hand. Immediately, Azubaz grabbed Airnaruto and X Prodigy's heads and slammed them together. The Author Ninja and Hollow Devil were immediately knocked unconscious.

"Hey, what the-" Tash's question was cut-off as Hirabi shot him and D-Dude with darts filled with tranquilizer fluids.

"What's goin' on?" Lunatic shouted.

"If Drake and Shade are still ticked off at me, I think it'd be best if my team and I…made a run for it." GS replied as he stood up, "And the best way to go on the run is to make sure no one knows where you're going."

"Seriously, what're you thinking of?" Lunatic asked, an edge in his voice. If need be, he WOULD fight…

"There might be some Darksides that want nothing to do with Drake, like me." GS replied, "My team will find them, train them to defend themselves, and, if need be, fight off Drake."

"Heh." Hirabi smirked, "I think I like that plan."

"And you can count me in all the way." Azubaz said. He ALMOST smiled at that.

"Well, what do you expect?" GS asked the remaining people who were conscious, "I almost died for my freedom. I'm not gonna give it up without a REAL fight."

"You're TL's Darkside, alright." Lunatic smirked, "You're about as sappy as he is." Something then occurred to Lunatic, "You're gonna knock me out, TOO, aren't ya?"

"Yeah…unfortunately." GS replied as he pulled out a small dart gun and loaded a needle into it, "When you see TL, tell him I say 'hi'."

"Uh…sure." Lunatic replied.


The dart hit Lunatic in the arm and he fell to the ground, fast asleep.


Lunatic groaned as he pushed himself up.

"Glad to see you're okay." D-Dude said, "The drugs could've had some dangerous effect on your sanity…wait, never mind."

"Why would GS just dart us and leave?" Airnaruto asked.

"He…wants to be left alone." Lunatic replied, "He just wants to be free."

"So, he's gone rogue, eh?" X asked, "Sounds like something he would do…not that I know much about him."

"Can't say I know a lot about him, either." Tash said, "Drake didn't really let him out of his sights when he was still in the Shadow Palace."

"He'll stand a good chance. If he could trump Shade Blood." Airnaruto said before saying, "Well, guys, how about we go back to where WE belong?"

"But…what about Dudley?" Lunatic asked. He was immediately answered by a low barking. He looked around and saw the Basset Hound running towards him and coming to a halt, "DUDLEY! How'd you find us?"

Dudley made several barks, which translated into…

I did things no dog should ever do. They will haunt me forever.

Unfortunately, none of the people gathered could SPEAK dog.

"So…should we…?" Airnaruto was cut-off by a catapulted cow.

"WHAT THE-?" everyone shouted.

"Hello, American and English pig-dogs!" a French knight taunted, "I FART in your general direction! I wave my private parts at your aunt! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!"

"RUN!" X shouted.

And they did…as the obnoxious Frenchmen catapulted cows and other verities of farm animals at them.


"FIVE OF MY ELITE GUARDS DEAD, GS IS GONE, AND I MISSED THE LATEST EPISODE OF DEADLIEST WARRIOR!" Drake roared, the effect of his voice on the Shadow Palace being equivalent to a level seven on the Richter Scale. He seethed in rage before shrugging and saying, "But Shade's not in charge, either. I guess it's a consolation prize."

OniKagemon materialized in front of Drake. His Shadow Realm punishment had ended along with the Chaos Duo and Killer Rose. The Ninja Digimon held out a ringing phone.

"Your phone's ringing, sir." OniKagemon said, "And those jerks downstairs made me bring it to you."

"Who could be calling?" Drake asked, in an irritated voice, as he picked up the voice, "Talk to me."

"Hello." Replied a familiar voice, "I know you're ticked and it's making me happy. I know you're gonna try and track us down. There's just two things I wanna tell you before you try it—ONE, if you DO try it, I'll do what I did before and beat you every time. And TWO—I'm gonna be showing our people a world you don't want them to see. A world…without YOU. A world based on freedom from any dictator. I'm not gonna tell you how this is gonna end. THIS is how it's gonna begin. Everything else, I leave to you…"

The line was cut-off.

"Did you trace the call?" Drake asked OniKagemon.

"Yeah, I did." OniKagemon replied.

"Well, we've got another job on our hands." Drake said.


Back in America, Lunatic looked at the night sky.

"Bro, it's been about six months now." He said, "D-Dude's got some nutty Darkside working for him. I mistook a Darkside for you, though it WAS an easy mistake to make. And…I managed to beat Drake." He then gave his grin as he said, "I don't know when you'll be back…or where you are. I just know that God's gonna bring ya back in one piece. I can wait. It'll be worth it."

Lunatic then stood up and walked away for some more training with his sensei.


GS hung up the cell phone and dropped it into a river. He walked over to Azubaz and Hirabi, who were riding motorcycles. GS climbed onto one. He felt his trusty Armalite, Glock, and Trench knives. He smirked as he revved his vehicle.

"Let's ride." GS said, "Nothing can break us…"

The three then took off, leaving trails of dust behind them.

(A/N: I don't own the song. Fireflight does.)

Where are the people that accused me?

The ones who beat me down and bruised me

They hide just out of sight

Can't face me in the light

They'll return but I'll be stronger…

GSSpiritDude: Jason Liebrecht

Hirabi: Olivia Hack

Azubaz: Steve Blum

God, I want to dream again

Take me where I've never been

I want to go there

This time I'm not scared

Now I am unbreakable, it's


No one can touch me.

Nothing can stop me.

Lunatic121: Maile Flanagan (first chapter), James Arnold Taylor, Steve Blum (Blaze Vein), Liam O'Brien (Shock Vein), and Johnny Yong Bosch (Plasma Vein)

Dimensiondude: Jason Griffith (first chapter), Doug Jones

Airnaruto: Kevin Conroy

X Prodigy: Russell Howard

Sometimes, it's hard to just keep


But faith is moving without knowing.

Can I trust what I can't see

To reach my destiny?

I want to take control, but I know


Oldkid: David Anders

Drake Darkstar: Scottie Ray

Shade Blood: Steve Staley

God, I want to dream again

Take me where I've never been

I want to go there

This time I'm not scared

Now I am unbreakable, it's


No one can touch me.

Nothing can stop me.

Kama: Jennifer Hale

Tash: Brian Drummond

Shidden: Keanu Reeves

Discus: Crispin Freeman

Darkshock: Darius McCrary

Seamus: Dee Bradley Baker

Forget the fear, it's just a crutch

That tries to hold you back

And turn your dreams to dust

All you need to do is just…


God, I want to dream again

Take me where I've never been

I want to go there

This time I'm not scared

Now I am unbreakable, it's


No one can touch me.

Nothing can stop me.

God, I want to dream again

Take me where I've never been

I want to go there

This time I'm not scared

Now I am unbreakable, it's


No one can touch me.

Nothing can stop me.

So, that wraps it up for Time Crisis. Though it was kinda slow in some parts, I DID enjoy being able to write out the action sequences.

Next up on my agenda is one I've been trying to plan out for a while now—Author Fighters: The Assassin's Guild. I just hope it turns out good.