Summary: What if Harry found out about magic earlier? Magical Creature Harry

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'Bold' Parseltongue

'Bold' thoughts

Chapter one: Parseltongue

If anyone was to look out their windows and looked at Privet Drive Number 4, they would see a small child weeding a garden. This boy is Harry Potter, the wizarding world's savior, but the boy had no clue. He grew up believing his parents died in a car crash.

Sighing softly, Harry pulled another weed among the millions there out and into the yard. His untidy black hair was always getting in way as he worked. 'Why can't Dudley weed the garden for once?'

He continued to weed as the sun went higher into the sky, and the temperature rising with it. He was about to stop when he heard something hiss,'Stupid humansss why mussst you disssturb my napsss?'

Glancing around Harry spotted a small garden snake and asked,"Where you the one who wasss talking about napssss?"

"A human ssspeaker?! I have not ssseen a human who could ssspeak the sssnake tongue!!" the snake hissed in surprise.

Harry blinked and hissed," I wasss ssspeaking sssnake tongue? But how can I ssspeak a different language without knowing it?"

"I have no clue little human. What iss your name human?" The snake asked as it slithered up to Harry and coiled around his arm, watching as he weeded the garden.

"My name isss Harry Potter and I'm nine years old, what'sss your name?" Harry asked the snake as he stopped weeding the garden and began to pick up the weeds and place them on the sidewalk.

"I don't have a name, but you can give me one Harry." the snake hissed quietly. He slithered off Harry's arm and moved to a shady part of the yard, hissing,"Come with me, Harry."

Harry followed the snake and hissed," I shall name you Sssalazar." His emerald green eyes showed excitement. The snake hissed,"That sssoundsss like a perfect name Harry. Do you know that you are one of the wand weaversss?"

Harry blinked and hissed," Wand weaversss? You mean wizardsss? But wizardsss and magic aren't real."

Salazar looked at Harry but before the snake could reply Harry's aunt, Petunia shouted," Freak, get in here now, Dudley's hungry!!!!!"

Harry sighed,"Coming Aunt Petunia!!!" "You better leave, if she findsss you, you'll be hurt." Salazar quickly wrapped himself around Harry's waist and hissed,"Magic and wizards are real Harry, I see them a lot, you are a wizard."

Scowling Harry went inside and began to cook steak and potatoes for Dudley while Salazar hissed quietly, stories of the wizarding world.