A/N I haven't written anything like this before, so I'm just trying it out. Let me know if I have no business writing it (But I might just keep writing it anyway, since it's fun). It's Alice/Bella, but Edward plays a large role as Bella's friend, and Jasper does as well since he's Edward's boyfriend. If you've read some of my other stories, you know that I have a tendency to dip into the smut pot a little, but I haven't decided whether I want to go that direction with this story yet, so for now it's just T. If anything is confusing, please ask about it, because I prefer to write stories that people understand. Thanks!


I had just started unpacking my closet when I was hit with a vision.

A girl was standing on railing of a bridge, holding onto a post next to her and looking down at the river below. Her face was tormented and her brown hair whipped around her. Finally, she took a deep breath and jumped, her arms spread out as if she were trying to fly.

"NO!" I screamed as I came out of the vision. A second later everyone was in my room.

"What is it?!"

"What's going on?"


This last question came from Edward, who had already seen my vision in his mind.

"Tonight." I said, ignoring the other questions. "We have to help her."

"WHO?!" Rosalie screamed, getting impatient with our private conversation.

"I don't know her name." I admitted as I remembered her beautiful brown eyes, which were full of pain and sadness. I found myself wanting to hold her, comfort her. Thinking of her killing herself tore my dead heart right out of my chest. "She's going to kill herself. She's going to jump." I whispered, but I knew they heard me. Esme flinched and Carlisle wrapped his arms around her lovingly.

"Yes." She whispered. "We must help her."

"But she's human!" Rose protested. She hated anything that could be a threat to our exposure. But somehow I already knew this girl could be trusted.

"Enough, Rosalie." Carlisle said with authority. Then he turned to me, "Alice, do you know what time tonight?"

"I think around eleven." I said.

"We must be careful. We don't want to scare her even more." Carlisle said. "Alice why don't you and Edward go. Too many people might make her do something rash, but I think his mind reading will come in handy." I nodded and looked at the clock. It was already ten.


Alice and I were in my Volvo, staking out the bridge where she had seen the girl jump. So far, no one had come, but I was entertained by the argument going on inside Alice's head.

You don't know her. But I want to. It's too dangerous. You could kill her! I won't. Since when do you even like girls?! I –I don't know.

I couldn't help the chuckle that slipped out of my mouth and Alice glared at me.

Stay out of my head! She screamed in her mind. Then she froze, staring out the windshield.

"She's here." She breathed almost in relief. I shot her a glance before I looked out to find our reason for being here. She had parked an old red pickup truck just off the side of the road on the other side of the bridge from us and was exiting the car. A moment later her thoughts hit me like a battering ram.

I should have done this a long time ago. Poor Charlie, I hope he understands. It's for the best. Now he won't have to worry about me. I wonder if anyone else will come to my funeral besides him. Doubtful. They'll probably throw a parade to celebrate. GOD! I HATE IT HERE!

Alice was already getting out of the car when I looked over, but I held her back.

"Let go of me!" She hissed

"Just wait a second." I tried to convince her. Her mind was all over the place, but one thought seemed to command everything else. She had to save this girl or she wouldn't be able to live.

Bella had reached the railing of the bridge now and looked over the side. Hmm, It's higher than I remember. Come on Bella, you can do this. She urged herself, but as she placed her foot on the first rail, I lost my grip on Alice.

I ran after her over to Bella who jumped at our sudden appearance.

What are they doing here?! Who are they? She's beautiful. They must be new. Great. Two more people to think I'm a freak.

"What do you want?" She asked us, backing away slightly.

"We want to help you." Alice blurted out. Smooth Alice.

"What?! I-I-I don't need any help. I was just taking a walk." She said.

"On a bridge, at 11:30 at night?" I asked skeptically. She frowned. Her thoughts were all jumbled. I couldn't get a read on her.

"Look, just leave me alone, okay?"

"Sorry, no can do." Alice said, taking a step closer to the girl. I tried to follow her, but her scent was overwhelming and instead I took a step back. This wouldn't be good for Jasper.

"What do you care? You don't even know me."

"But we want to." The girl looked at us suspiciously. Yeah right, no one wants to know me. Everyone hates me, why would they be any different.

"What's your name?" I asked her. She seemed hesitant to tell me, but decided it wouldn't matter, since she still planned on killing herself after we left.

"Bella, Bella Swan. Who are you? I haven't seen you before." She said. Alice answered for us.

"I'm Alice Cullen and this is my brother Edward. We just moved here."

"The new doctor's kids?" She asked. People have been talking about them for weeks. But why are they here? Now?

"Yes, our father is going to work at Fork's Hospital."

"Alice and I decided to take a drive and acquaint ourselves with the roads." I said, trying to give her a reason for us to be out here. Alice seemed to catch on to what I was doing.

"Yes, and we saw you out here and were worried about what you were doing."

I didn't hear a car pull up. Damn this girl was observant. That didn't bode well for us.

"Listen Bella, I know you want to get rid of us, and I know why, but we'll stay here all night to make sure you don't do anything if that's what it takes." Alice stated bluntly. She and Bella were staring into each other's eyes as if having a silent conversation. Jasper and I often did this, but it was easy with a mind reader and empath.

I suppose I have no choice but to put up with it at least one more day. She definitely means it when she says she'll stay here. They seem nice. Maybe they won't…Yeah right. As soon as they hear about me from everyone they'll hate me, just like everyone else. Oh well. One more day won't hurt anything.

"Fine I'm going home. I guess I'll see you at school tomorrow?" She asked with a grimace on her face. What happened to her to make her want to kill herself? I had a feeling I would find out tomorrow. With that she walked back to her truck. Alice and I followed her at a distance until we saw her turn into her driveway. After she got into bed we headed back to our house.

When we got home, I told everyone about what she had been thinking. Esme looked like she wanted to cry while Jasper and Emmett looked ready to kill. It was obvious to all of us that Alice cared a lot about this girl and that made her important to us. Rose, well, she was caught between hating Bella and hating people for hating Bella.

We decided to take one car to school. I wanted to take my Volvo, but Emmett complained about being squashed, so we decided to take the Escalade. We normally only used it for full family trips with all seven of us, but it was comfortable and it had tinted windows so we could have an escape if the sun snuck up on us. Of course, that never happened with Alice around.

When we arrived at school we got out of our car and decided that just one of us would go get the schedules while the rest waited here. Alice volunteered and went off to find the office. I was talking to Emmett and Jazz when I was accosted by the smell of cheap perfume. I turned to find a girl with dyed blonde hair and an upturned nose smiling at me.

"Hi! I'm Lauren!" Oh my gosh! They are so hot! The bronze haired one is totally mine. I gagged a little at her thoughts.

"Hello." I returned with little enthusiasm. She was undeterred and began rambling about different people and an upcoming dance. Just then a rumbling sound interrupted her as Bella's red truck pulled into the parking lot. Lauren glared at the girl with a look of disgust. I chose this as my opportunity to learn a little bit more about people's opinions of Bella.

"Who's that?" I asked her.

"Ugh! That's Bella Swan. She's a freak. No one likes her." She stated and then looked around conspiratorially before adding, "She's also a dyke. She used to watch us in gym when we changed so we made the coach make her change in the hall bathroom." Oh so that was it. She liked girls. I almost laughed and then I glanced at Jazz.

I moved behind him and circled my arms around his waist. "Can you believe that Jazz? She's gay! How horrible!" I said in pretend shock. Jasper laughed and tugged my head around to give me a sloppy kiss. Lauren gasped and Emmett's booming laughter attracted the attention of the whole parking lot.

We started to walk away when Lauren called out to us again. "Weird stuff happens around her. You should stay away, if you're smart." She warned us before going back to her friends in a huff. I looked over to see Bella rushing into the school with her head ducked, trying to avoid the rocks and crumpled up paper being thrown at her as she did. I growled a little. Human could be so mean sometimes, and that, coming from a vampire, says something. We followed Bella up the stairs, glaring at everyone we passed. Emmett actually pushed a boy who had thrown a rock at her hard enough that he fell backwards over the railing.

I didn't have Bella in any of my classes before lunch, but Alice was in two of them. We spent most of the lecture discussing the events from this morning. At one point I had to hold Alice down so she wouldn't rip off Lauren's head, who was sitting two seats in front of us.

The five of us made our usual entrance into the lunch room to gasps and whispers. I held Jasper's hand tightly and whispered words of encouragement to him, as we crossed the room. My poor Jazz, he still found this lifestyle difficult, but he was getting better. Alice led us towards an almost empty table, except for the girl at the end, picking at a salad in front of her. Bella.

"Hi Bella!" Alice called making her look up. She gave a tentative wave as she took us all in. She scanned our faces and then winced a little as her gaze fell upon Rosalie.

She's glaring at me. I guess she hates me already. Well, she can just join the club, or better yet the Facebook group. Bella thought wryly. I wasn't the only one to notice Bella's reaction and Alice turned to glare at Rose, who had the good grace to look a little ashamed.

"Can we sit here?" I asked gently. She was still very fragile and was planning to return to the bridge as soon as possible, maybe even tonight.

She nodded and we each took a seat, Jasper was the farthest away. Alice took the seat right next to Bella.

"So Bella, what's there to do around here for fun?" Alice asked her, trying to get her to speak. She shrugged, but when we remained attentive, she sighed and put her fork down.

"I think there's a café in town that a lot of the kids go to."

"You've never been?" Emmett asked. She shook her head and frowned a little deeper. Alice kicked him hard under the table and hissed at him too low for Bella to hear.

"We're not much for coffee. How about movies?" I asked her. She slowly looked up at me, her sad eyes drawn and tired.

"There's a movie theatre in Port Angeles. It's right next to a used book store I like to go to." She said and a small smile appeared on her face, making Alice beam.

"You like books? What's your favorite?" Jasper asked without taking in any air. He still looked to be in pain, but the mention of books distracted him a little. My baby loves books. I rubbed his knee and smiled at him.

"Umm, Wuthering Heights, but I love Austin as well." Bella said, perking up a little. Apparently, she loved books too, not that I didn't, but I'd rather work at my piano.

"You like the classics! Me too! I really like historical fiction. One of my favorites is A Farewell to Arms. It's not a real classic, but it will be one day." Jasper exclaimed. Bella was about to reply when an apple hit the back of her head.

"HEY FREAK!" Someone called out, presumably the one who threw the apple. Bella rubbed the back of her head and whipped around, standing from her chair as she did so. Unfortunately her foot got caught and she fell to the ground. The whole cafeteria broke out in laughter. Suddenly our trays started to shake on the table and silence fell around the hall. A few pictures on the wall fell, shattering the glass in the frame.

"She's really angry." Jasper whispered to me. Was Bella doing this? I felt Jazz send some calming waves out and the rattling of trays slowly stopped. Bella's shoulders slumped as she heaved herself back into her seat.

"Bella are you okay?" Alice asked concerned, as she reached her hand to the back of Bella's head to check her for injuries.

"I'm fine." Bella growled and tried to slap Alice's hand away, but as she made contact, she cried out in pain and pulled her hand into her chest, cradling it.

"Bella! I'm so sorry." Alice said. She was frantic between her concern for Bella and her worry about exposing us.

"I need to go to the nurse." She stated before standing and slinging her bag over her shoulder with her good hand, the other still held protectively to her chest. Alice slumped in her seat, defeated.

"I'll come with you." I said standing and leaving no room for arguments on her part.

"Whatever." She muttered before leading the way out of the cafeteria.

I quickly caught up to her outside and fell in step along side her.

"Was that you in there?" I asked.

"Was what me?" She said with a little bit of a growl. Aww, how cute.

"Did you do that to the trays and pictures?" I asked even more bluntly. It seems I've lost my tactful touch. She stopped and faced me, her face flush with anger and confusion.

"Yes! Okay! Yes! I did it, and now you can call me a freak too. Just leave me alone!" She said, trying to run away, but tripping over air and falling onto the grass. I walked over and held out my hand for her, helping her up.

"I don't think you're a freak Bella." I stated and she snorted at me. Her thoughts expressed her disbelief even more blatantly. "Can I tell you a secret Bella?" I asked her, making up my mind on the spot. She didn't answer, but looked at me curiously. "Think of a number, Bella, any number." I told her.

Is he serious with this? What's he going to do, some kind of magic trick?

"It's not a magic trick Bella, just think of a number." I smirked at her and she raised her eyebrows in surprise.

It's just a coincidence. Whatever, I'll think of a number, but I'm not going to make it easy for him. Guess this Edward: 738, 276, 1490.635. Ha! It's not even a whole number!

I laughed. "I guess I never specified if it should be a whole number or not. 738,276,1490.635." I said. She gawked at me.

"How did you do that?! She exclaimed.

"I told you you're not a freak Bella. If you were that would make me one too…and Alice and Jasper actually." I added as an after-thought. She gasped and looked at me with wide eyes. Before she could speak the question out loud, I answered it. "I read minds. My boyfriend, Jasper is an empath, and Alice can see the future." Her jaw dropped open and she seemed caught between disbelief and shock.

"So you see, we do understand, at least a little." I said. "So what do you do, exactly? Telekinesis?" I guessed. She shrugged, finally coming out of her shock a little.

"I don't know, really. It just happens when I'm upset. I guess maybe it's telekinesis, but I don't know how it works." She said lowly as she plucked a piece of grass from the ground next to her and began ripping it up nervously. We sat in silence for a minute before Bella looked up at me with a glint in her eye and a small smile on her face.

"So you like boys, huh?" She asked me and I couldn't help but laugh.

"And you like girls." I stated. She sputtered and stared at me. I laughed again. "Lauren told me." I said as an explanation. She growled again and I laughed. "Down, kitty. And don't worry, I think it made Alice's day when I told her." Alice would beat me later for saying that, but I didn't care. I could tell they liked each other and I'm simply not a patient person, as Jasper and his countless ripped shirts would tell you. Bella blushed and I had to swallow the venom pouring into my mouth.

"W-why would it make her day?" She asked quietly.

"Are you really asking me that Bella?" I said seriously.

"She likes me?" She asked as if it were the most impossible thing in the world. "Why?"

I saw Alice approaching us then and gave her a wink and a smile.

"Because you're beautiful, and funny, and caring, and wonderful." Alice whispered into Bella's ear as she came up behind her silently and knelt in the grass. Bella jumped and turned around to be only inches from Alice's face. She fell backwards in shock and I couldn't help but laugh.

"But you don't even know me." She whispered as she took Alice's hand she offered to help her up. Alice smiled and tapped her temple with a finger.

"I know lots of things I shouldn't." She stated, taking a step closer to Bella. Go away Edward! They both thought to me at the same time, never breaking the gaze between their eyes. I looked between the two of them and took this as my cue to leave, laughing as I went off to find Jazz before class.


I was lost in her beautiful chocolate eyes. I wanted to go swimming in them.

"So you see the future?" She asked, though she already knew the answer.

"Yes." I whispered taking another step closer to her. Her scent was intoxicating, pulling me closer and closer.

She blushed and looked at her feet. I already knew what she wanted to ask me so I urged her on. "It's okay. Go ahead and ask me." I told her. She froze and looked back into my eyes, apparently trying to find something there. A moment later she took a deep breath and asked.

"Are you, I mean, do you, uh, like girls?" Her voice broke on the last word in her nervousness. I took a step closer to her and shook my head no. She slumped and I quickly wrapped my arms around her to hold her up.

"No, Bella. I don't like girls, I only like one girl, but I like her a whole lot." I said, pulling her a little closer to me. I smiled when I heard her breath hitch. "Breathe, my sweet Bella."

"Alice." She breathed out as she melted against me. Of course someone HAD to ruin our moment.

"HEY LEZBOS! NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT!" A girl with mousey brown hair called from the steps of the cafeteria and the group around her snickered. A growl escaped my throat and I gently nudged Bella behind me protectively. She clung to the back of my shirt and I heard a small whimper come from her. Nobody hurt my angel! I was seeing red and about to go rip off the girl's head when someone stepped in front of me, blocking my way.

Emmett grasped my arms, holding me in place, while my other siblings gathered around. Edward was holding Jasper back and whispering to him, but it didn't seem to be helping. Apparently my anger was seeping out to him.

"HEY HOMOPHOBES! WHY DON'T YOU ALL SHUT UP!" Jasper yelled at the group on the stairs.

Jasper's anger, intensified by mine was soon affecting all of us and a vision of us ripping through everyone in the school came to me.

"We have to go." I said and grabbed Bella's hand dragging her with me to our car. I certainly wasn't about to leave her here with those ignorant assholes.