Starfire Feels Pretty

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Starfire hummed to herself as she ran a brush through her long red hair. Robin had just told her he loved her! She was "over the moon" with happiness, as the humans sometimes said. She felt that there was no possible way to express her joy by simply humming, so she got up and started to dance, not realizing that she had forgotten to close the door to her room. She still didn't feel quite satisfied, so, taking a deep breath, she began to sing.

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gay. And I pity… any girl who isn't me today." Starfire continued to dance around her room, unaware that Beast Boy and Cyborg had been passing by her room with its open door, and had stopped to watch, with slightly confused expressions on their faces.

She continued on, "I feel charming, oh so charming. It's alarming how charming I feel. And so pretty, that I can hardly believe I'm real."

By now, Raven had joined Beast Boy and Cyborg in gawking at the alien princess, who had apparently lost it. Starfire remained oblivious.

"Who's the pretty girl in that mirror there? Who can that attractive girl be? Such a pretty face, such a pretty dress, such a pretty smile, such a pretty me!"

Beast Boy whispered, "I think Star's finally lost it."

Raven murmured, "No kidding."

Cyborg was still in shock.

Starfire remained oblivious, and then everyone was silent. She sang, "I feel stunning. And entrancing. Feel like running and dancing for joy. For I'm loved by a pretty wonderful boy!"

Raven suddenly experienced an epiphany. "No wonder Starfire's acting wacko. She's in love," she whispered to the other two.

"With who?" Beast Boy asked, clueless.

"Duh! Robin!" answered Cyborg, rolling his eyes, or the human one, anyway. "Who else."

"Oh, right." The three Titans continued to watch with growing amusement as Starfire twirled around the room, singing, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty, that the city should give me its key. A committee should be organized to honor me."

Raven snorted quietly, and Cyborg and Beast Boy snickered. Starfire was getting crazy to the point of hilarity.

"I feel dizzy. I feel sunny. I feel fizzy and funny and fine! And so pretty, Miss America can just resign."

By now, even Raven was feeling an urge to smile, and suppressed a chuckle. She put a hand to her mouth. Cyborg was now filming the rest of the Tamaranian princess' performance, chuckling quietly. Beast Boy was doubled over, shaking with barely held in laughter. The three ducked away from the doorway to avoid being seen as Starfire twirled past the open door. She didn't seem to notice that the door was open.

The alien sang on. "See the pretty girl in that mirror there? Who can that attractive girl be? Such a pretty face, such a pretty dress, such a pretty smile, such a pretty me!"

By now, all three were having major problems with holding in their hysterical laughter, so when Robin appeared behind them, they were all startled.

"Guys, what's going on?" he asked in a quiet whisper.

The other three, nearly coming undone with laughter, gestured into Starfire's room. The Boy Wonder looked in, and just had to smile. Starfire still continued, completely unaware that she had an audience, the majority of which was laughing silently.

"I feel stunning, and entrancing. Feel like running and dancing for joy. For I am loved by a pretty wonderful boy!" Starfire ceased her dancing and singing, and turned to see Robin smiling an amused but also adoring smile, and her other three friends practically dying of laughter behind him. She flushed, and opened her mouth, presumably to apologize for disturbing them, but Robin took her face gently in his hands, and kissed her passionately, making her completely forget her mortification.

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