1. S C R E W I T 

Leah trudges down the stairs and grabs her coat, she thinks about asking Seth if he wants to come. But, how un-cool would that be? Asking your little brother to come and hang out with you since you have no friends? So, she throws him a quick goodbye over her shoulder as the door closes behind her with a soft click. There had to be something to do in this godforsaken town.

An hour later she realizes that there's nothing to do in this godforsaken town. That is, until she passes by the Black's place, where she can smell the distinct smell of marijuana and vodka wafting in the air. She wrinkles her nose, but decides to check it out. She walks down the long driveway to find Jacob Black sitting in a plastic lawn chair, head dipped back, joint held by his mouth, staring at the stars. "You little stoner!" she cries out in disbelief. After all of this time that they shared thoughts in Sam's pack, she never thought he'd do something illegal. She has to admit, it kinda makes her like him a bit more.

"Crap!" he exclaims, trying his best to hide the pot while a slow building sheepish smile dominates his face. He puts his palms in the air, "Okay, okay. You caught me. Your not gonna say anything, right?"

"Well," Leah starts, walking to his garage with a small clandestine smile. She drags out another chair and places it next to him, "If I smoke some, I'm just as guilty as you."

"Alright!" he agrees heartily, passing her the bottle of Absolut. She takes a swig and gives it back to him. To which he passes her the smoke and she daintily takes it, placing it into her mouth and taking a large breath puffing out large rings of curious smelling smoke.

"So Leah," he slurs slightly, shifting his weight a little so he's facing her, "How've you been?"

"I'm not Leah, I'm a figment of your imagination." she teases, wiggling her fingers in front of his face.

He cocks one eyebrow so that it disappears under his shaggy hairline, "I'm not that

stoned." he says, turning back on his chair so he can see the stars.

"Yeah." Leah says sardonically, "All right."

"See that?" Jacob asks, poitinting somewhere in the sky. Leah leans in closer, "That's Orion's belt."

"Just looks like three little stars to me." she quips, puffing smoke.

"Yeah, well." Jacob huffs, "in a few thousand years they'll burn out. And you'll miss them."

"You think I'll be alive in a few thousand years?"

"With your temper? Who knows." he shrugs, and Leah thinks that may be plausible. A few thousand years--of being alone.

She chokes back a sob, and Jacob looks startled and slightly frightend. She waves him off, "It's the weed, it's f-fucking with m-me."

Almost instantaneously, Jacob had wrapped his arms and starts to sooth a sobbing Leah. "Shh, it's okay. Shh."

Leah pulls away and looks at the spot where her tears fell on Jacob's cotton tee shirt. She swipes at her eyes in vain though the tears continue to fall. "S-sorry." she stutters, standing up, "I-I'm just gonna go home."

"Kay." Jacobs says, taking a sip of vodka. "Hey, Lee." he calls softly, she turns around "Happy Birthday."