Title: Complexity and Passion

Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Rating: T (13+)

Story Format: Multi-chaptered

Warnings: A small shred of violence compared to what I usually write, and cursing.

Universe: Digimon Tamers [Post-series, 4 years later, all of the older Tamers are graduating their senior year at high school]

Characters/Pairings: Jeri Katou/Beelzebumon

Summary: Prom night wasn't turning out to be as enjoyable as Jeri expected. However, when a raven-winged Digimon walks into the picture her night takes a twist neither of them saw coming.

Chapter Playlist: "Fields of Gold" by Sting; "First Love" by Utada Hikaru; "Deep River" by Utada Hikaru; "Gravity" by Yoko Kanno [the sappiest playlist in history]

Complexity and Passion

Part One: Always With You

Prom nights were thought of as a night of fun and an enjoyable experience for all who came. And, Tamers or not, it would be the same for the young heroes who had saved the world (or two if you want to get technical about it) four years ago.

It was a lost cause for Jeri's father to try and suppress the small smile tugging at his lips upon hearing his excited daughter's laugh coming from upstairs, occasionally her redheaded friend and the young woman's mother joining in from time to time as they were both preparing for their own prom night. He had to be careful of not allowing his mind to wander back in time to remember the memories his wife had left him with of the prom night they shared together, or risk losing several chunks of his digits with the knife he was using to chop up a few veggies for the stew he was preparing.

A customer, a man who couldn't have been but a few years older than he, gave his own small grin at the sounds from upstairs.

"So, is your girl getting ready for a party or something?" he asked curiously as he set his drink down on the counter.

Without looking up he replied, "It's prom night for her."

"Ah," the man said lightly, shaking his head with a grin on his face. "Prom night. Good times, good times."

Jeri's father gave a chuckle. "I agree."

He gave an amused snort. "Who couldn't?"

A few moments of comfortable silence between the two passed until the customer broke it. "Well," he said as he stood from his perch on the stool, "I'll be off. You all take care, now."

The knife froze for a moment as he glanced up and nodded. "You, too."

He didn't notice that silence had filled the room now. The only sound that came from upstairs was the occasional creak of a floorboard, though it didn't bother him a bit. But leave it to Rumiko to shatter the peace like a hammer would glass.

"And now," a voice suddenly exclaimed from the bottom of the steps, abruptly jerking him out of his train of thought and causing him to jump. If Rumiko took notice of his reaction, she didn't show it as she continued, "I present to you the young, the beautiful, Jeri Katou!"

Dramatically the woman swept an arm out towards the top of the steps, and her father could hear the 'thunks' of high heels hitting the wood of the steps as the ladies made their descent.

"Oops!" Jeri suddenly said, though a giggle from her a second later whisked the worry that struck her father's heart away.

"Careful, Jeri," her stepmother said in concern.

"Geez, if you're going to try and kill yourself, make sure I'm not around." Was Rika's playful remark to what he could only guess as Jeri's near trip-up, judging from the frantic look that crossed the Digimon Queen's mother's face for a split second.

"I'll keep that in mind," Jeri replied as she reached the bottom of the steps and stepped into her father's view.

Now, the thing with him is that there have been probably just a few times in his life where his breath had been sucked right out of him, or his gift of speech had fallen face first on the ground and died. So few, in fact, that he can't recall any of those moments.

But this was definitely one of them as his eyes widened at the sight of his seventeen year old daughter.

The four women certainly hadn't been spending all of their time talking, that's for sure. Every strand of Jeri's once straight hair that she grew out for the past few years was now curled into auburn spirals that bounced gently with her steps, the tips of it barely brushing her shoulders. From golden colored chains hanging from her ears were small oval cut pieces of amber that matched the larger shard hanging at the center of Jeri's collarbone from a similar chain. Hoops of the same amber hung upon her wrists. The light golden dress that she had picked out was simple and hugged her body in its silken embrace. Unlike the pictures he'd seen of young women that attended proms, Jeri's face wasn't caked in makeup, but had a small application of blush on her cheeks, lip gloss, and eyeliner that made her bright amber eyes that much more electrifying.

She looked so much like her mother. She was beautiful.

He didn't notice his wife's smile as she watched his stunned reaction.

Jeri's giggle brought him back to reality. "I take it I look okay?"

If okay meant that every shard of beauty in the world was brought together and multiplied, though none of it could hold a candle to you? Yes, then you look more than okay.

That's what he wanted to say, or at least something along those lines. It's just too bad he had never been good with words.

After clearing his throat he replied, unable to keep the awe and surprise out of his voice, "Yes, you—you look stunning, Jeri."

Jeri beamed at this, and Rika, who had on a red dress, her hair down, a little more makeup applied to her face than Jeri, red high heels and was equally gorgeous, gave a smile at her friend's reaction to her father's words.

Yet she couldn't hold back that tiny, pixel-sized spark of jealousy that Jeri had a father who was around to shock with her beauty, but she didn't. As soon as the pinprick of negativity emerged, she squashed it like a bug. After all that had happened to them she should've known better than to allow such negative thoughts and feelings to emerge, no matter how small.

Besides, the look on Renamon's face was probably ten times more priceless than whatever reaction she could've fished out of her own father.

"Alright!" Rika's mother said cheerily. "You two better run along, now. Don't want to keep the boys waiting, do we?"

With that Rumiko herded Rika and Jeri out of the house so she could drop them both off at the high school.

"Be careful," Jeri's father called out after her, with her stepmother adding cheerily, "And have fun!"

"I will!" Jeri answered back with the brightest smile just as she closed the door behind her.

Or, at least she thought she would.

She was about two steps from the entrance of West Shinjuku high school's gym when Takato called Rika's cell phone (Jeri left hers at the house, she figured she wouldn't need it) and forced the redhead to give her the news.

Takato was sick. With a raging case of diarrhea.

Oh, yea. What a great way to start off the night.

So for the next half hour or so, Jeri was alone, spending more time with her back against the walls than anything else. After she figured there really wasn't a point in hanging around since the whole experience felt weird without Takato, she decided to leave and walk back home instead of getting one of her friends to miss some of the fun because of her.

Her house really wasn't that far away from the high school, and thanks to her quick feet she could make it there pretty quickly. But as of now her feet were screaming within the confines of the high heels she picked out when Rika's mom took them all shopping.

Jeri gave a small sigh as she thought, This might take a while.

Just to keep herself from dwelling over the negatives of the night and allowing her feet to drive her insane, she started to look around and see just how different the town was at this hour of the night. The streets were deserted, and the full moon provided some illumination along with the street lights. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, which allowed every star she could see at this perspective to shine brightly. The sight caused a small smile to play across her lips; even as a child she could always pick out beauty in simple things.

And everything would've been rather peaceful, considering all that'd happened—

--if it weren't for the four men that'd been trailing her for the past two minutes or so. Even from this distance she could hear them growling like a pack of dogs, sometimes snorting with laughter. Call it intuition, but Jeri knew she had to get away from these guys as she could feel their eyes burning holes through her back, and not in a good way; it sent the hairs of the back of her neck on end. She didn't bother looking back as she could hear them just fine, and giving the attention they desired would only escalate this. She was alone, which meant she was on her own, unable to depend on anyone else's protection. Instantly she tried to scrounge her memory of the few punches and defensive blocks Henry taught her one day at the park a few weeks back.

But, in truth, she hoped that it wouldn't reach that point.

It did anyway.

They'd caught up quicker to her than she'd thought, mainly because even in the dark they could see her frame tensing and decided to get quiet and swift about it.

But the worst part was they'd caught her in front of an alley that was a good ways away from the streetlights, the moon giving the only illumination in the area. The next thing she knew her back collided with the brick wall bordering the alleyway, though as soon as her assailant's grungy face came into view she cocked her fist back and thrust it out with as much force as she could gather and yelled, "Don't touch me!"

And apparently she was stronger than she thought. As soon as her first two knuckles slammed into the man's nose he let out a yelp and stumbled backwards. Even with the lack of light she could see the surprised expressions on the other men's faces.

Though they weren't shocked for long and her short-lived victory ended when they turned to her with anger in their eyes.

"You little bitch!" One of them roared, drawing a knife out of their pocket. Her eyes widened at the sight of it, how it gleamed menacingly, thirsting for her blood and starving for her skin.

And yet she didn't back up against the wall and beg for her life like the men expected. Instead she narrowed her eyes boldly and shifted into the fighting stance she remembered seeing Henry in once when she and the rest of the Tamers attended one of his competitions last month. It wasn't perfect and she didn't move with the fluid grace like a true martial artist, but the blaze in her eyes belonged to that of a warrior. Her hands were curled into fists so tightly she could feel the bite of her manicured nails into her palms.

The men laughed at the sight. This beautiful, gorgeous, dolled-up young woman had every intention on fighting them off, no matter what it took. In their minds they found immense amusement in it and got the idea of playing around with her before they showed her the price of daring to defy them.

"Aw, ain't that cute! Th' lil' miss is gonna kick our asses," one of them joked in a mocking tone.

Jeri surprised herself when she replied in a defiant manner, "Yes, I am." Remembering Henry's words on watching your opponent, she scanned the men up and down quickly. Their stances were lazy and they all had their legs spread, ready to lunge, which meant her high heels would have an easy shot. She'd be doing the world a favor by ridding these brutes the ability to procreate.

And yet before things could've been taken any farther, a huge black figure dropped down from the night sky behind the men with a strange metallic 'thud.'

But before anyone could react to the newcomer, a clawed hand shot out and grabbed the back of the shirt of the guy who was closest to Jeri, and threw him to the side like a rag doll. The other three men were still in shock as they'd just witnessed a grown man being tossed like a Frisbee, but one of them regained his wits and instinctively drew his knife out and lunged at the shadowed being. The man's blade was blocked by a plate of metal attached to the back of the creature's hand, causing sparks to fly at the contact. The assailant only had time to mutter "What the--!" before being thrown back, knocked out as the back of his head collided with the brick wall behind him.

Jeri watched it all with wide eyes, caught between fear and awe. This wasn't a fight. The being that she guessed was a Digimon (no human could dream of having the physical power the creature displayed) was tossing the men around like toys a child no longer wanted to use.

Her amber eyes flicked up from the sight of the men to the dark figure, and her heart stopped beating as soon as the cloud that hung over the moon was swept aside, allowing its silver light to illuminate the form of her savior in a beautiful yet eerie way.

His bright emerald eyes gleamed like a cat's as it reflected the light, shining with the cunning of a predator, all three of them flicking from one man to the next, his mouth set in a sneer; a fang peeked out from under his lip, adding to the impression she got that he was not happy. His skin that wasn't covered by his helmet or the biker gear he wore seemed to be silver rather than being the near pale blue, and every piece of metal that was strapped onto his strong, lean figure shone. The large set of raven wings flashed with the light as well. The edges of his form, caged by black leather, blended with the darkness around him.

It took a few seconds for Jeri to find her voice, and when she spoke so quietly she almost didn't recognize it as herself. "Beelzebumon?"

Author's Note: This story has been killing me! I've been working on it for months now but it doesn't want to flow as easily as I hoped. It was supposed to be a massive oneshot but I didn't want to wait on it any longer. So here ya go! My first crack at a Jeri/Beelzebumon fic! I love this pairing to bits but damn, talk about a major lack of fanart and fiction! Anyway, tell me what you think. Thanks for reading!