Author's Note: For the Conversations with a Hat Challenge. Will include more characters.


"Evans, Lily!"


'Interesting…you're very opinionated, you know.'

I don't know what you mean. And aren't you supposed to be telling me where I belong?

'Only you can decide that. Still, I'll have a look…lots of courage, very sure of your ideals…smart, intuitive…not willing to put in the hard work, though, definitely not Hufflepuff…and you certainly don't belong in Ravenclaw, you'd hate the excessive studying, not to mention the abstract debates—you're shrewd, I can see that…'

My best friend thinks I should be in Slytherin. They look a little scary, though.

'Would that stop you?'

N-no…Look, can't you just tell me where I fit in? Before next week? I have classes to go to, you know.

'Insecure, eh? Muggle-borns—always think the school's made some kind of mistake…'

No, it's not that…exactly. Why not Slytherin? I can do it…

'Absolutely not—those snakes would eat you alive. There's only one place you belong—