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"Weasley, Frederick!"


This hall is so big, I bet it'd make a really terrific place for a fireworks display! Or maybe—I know! Food fight on brooms—like Quidditch, but tastier. I can't believe we're finally at Hogwarts—it's a fitting spot for our genius!

'Our genius? Ah, yes, the brother. Well. You certainly are confident. Where to put you?'

Gryffindor, of course. Everyone knows they're the best.

'Do they? You're really too creative for them, you know. They'll only narrow your mind, and that would be a pity, what with all that 'genius,' wouldn't it?'

They won't 'narrow my mind'! I'd never let someone else do my thinking for me! Besides, you said yourself I'm confident, and Gryffindor's the house for brave people, and that's like the same thing, so—

'It most certainly is not! I see you suffer from a certain recklessness. Set against that admittedly Gryffindor characteristic is your ambition. I might consider you for Ravenclaw, but your intelligence does not lie in that direction. Hufflepuff would never recover from the advent of someone like you. Slytherin, on the other hand…'

You want to put me in Slytherin? Don't you realize how much that'd cramp my style? I mean for starters, Bill and Charlie and Percy'd never speak to me again—well, Charlie would, because he's a decent sort, and Bill is too, really, but Percy—I dunno, maybe he'd—but that's not the point.

'Then what is?'

George isn't going to end up in Slytherin. That's not who he is. And besides, the Slytherins don't look that accepting of thinking outside the box to me. Gryffindor's where I'll have the most freedom to be creative, like you said.

'Perhaps. But you could go far in Slytherin.'

Yeah—like to the other end of this hall and all the way back to the Burrow at a sprint! I'd rather be with ickle Ronniekins and baby Ginny than in Slytherin.

'Very well. Take good care of yourself and your schemes in—