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It's amazingly easy to get what you want when you're me. All you have to do is lean forward, speak low, and ask bluntly for what you want. Usually, they're so flustered they'll just give you what you want. Give me what I want. Emmett can't do it – he's too intimidating. Carlisle refuses – he wants to get things in an honest way. I think it's perfectly honest, but with Carlisle, there's no arguing. Jasper can do it, too, but Alice doesn't like it when he does. Besides, he can make them feel giving, so it's not the same. I consider it a special talent. I'm the official "Spokesperson of the Family" because I can get people to do whatever I want.

It was with this mindset that I strode into the office. It was small, and smelled faintly of blood. The blood came from the nurse's office which adjoined the main office. I walked to the desk in two long strides, confident in my abilities. I leaned in, resting my elbows on the desk, and breathed out slowly.

"Hello," my voice velvety and smooth. Perfect.

She breathed in slowly through chapped lips. "Hello, Edward. What can I do for you?"

"I've got a question for you…" Pause. Let her feel in control of the conversation. But not too much.


"I need to switch out of sixth-hour Biology." State the question. Not ask.

"Whyever do you want to switch?" she questioned.

"There's…an issue." Never give away too much information.

"The teacher?"

"No. I'd just really, really appreciate it if you would see if there's another time for me." Voice still smooth, not show the desperate emotion.

She checked some stuff on her computer, her mind already doubtful. She didn't even check every option before giving me a "Sorry, that's not possible."

"It has to be," I said, pleaded a bit more than I would have liked.

"No, there's no room, Edward. I'm sorry."

It occurred to me to look into her mind for help, but just then someone opened the door and a blast of cool air hit me. I sniffed – I loved the smell of cool air. So piney and fresh. But it wasn't just cool air I smelled. Her. Bella. I would've stayed, I would've changed my class, if it hadn't been for her there. I glanced at her, hatred seeping out of me like it seeps out of Jasper. She was making things so hard for me, herself, and my family. Oh, and the innocent humans around her. She, herself, could never be classified as innocent. She'd never done anything – well, I didn't know that, I thought with more hatred, as I rushed out the door, muttering something in an annoyed tone, to the receptionist. I couldn't tell whether she'd done anything note-worthy at all before, because I didn't know her mind. I hated that fact. I hated her for it, as though, somehow, it was her fault.

I rushed to the Volvo, and the rest of my siblings were already there.

"Come on, home, Alice." I commanded, and she pounded the gas pedal. She must have noticed the edge in my voice that the others didn't. The edge that even I didn't detect until I heard it in her mind. She and I were usually on the same wave-length.

You're leaving, Edward. Don't leave. Alice pleaded with me in her thoughts. I hadn't even known about my plans to leave until she thought them, and then my true intent surfaced. I would go to somewhere far away, exotic. Somewhere I hadn't been before…Africa…South America…maybe just as simple as Canada. No. Not far enough away. It's still the same continent as this insufferable human being lived on. I could travel the world until she left. That's only one and a half years, until her graduation. I wouldn't make my family move – not again. It's only been two years. We can squeeze in at least another three or four.

The story could be anything. He drowned in a river, he went off to college early, he was visiting cousins in Europe…It was so simple to make up explanations that it really wasn't a hindrance.

Alice and the rest got out at the end of the driveway, and I began to drive away. I didn't know where I would drive, just somewhere. Somewhere far away from this stupid girl who unknowingly caused so many problems. Carlisle surprised me by showing up next to the car window. He asked me in his head to open the door, so I did, and he got in. All of this going 80 miles an hour. Being a vampire definitely has its perks.

"Edward, you aren't going alone."

"I'm not bringing the whole family with me, I can't uproot-"

He stopped me with his thoughts. No, it's just me.

"Oh. Alright. But what about your work?"

"That'll be why you decide to come back."

"I won't." I was like a stubborn teenager, and I knew it. I just wanted to be alone, but then I didn't.

I heard it in his thoughts, but he didn't voice his opinion. He knew I would. He knew it. He was smart enough that I didn't question it. I couldn't question Carlisle. I suppose, somewhere, I knew he was right.

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