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Chapter 1 - Suna

A hand reached out to take hold of Gaaras. Cerulean blue eyes met sea foam eyes and Gaara was hit with a sudden wave of knowledge, he knew the person who those eyes belonged to…

"Kazekage-Sama" the unknown person said with a cheeky smile splayed across his face and a glint in his eyes "Aishiteru…"

Gaara woke up with a jolt and groaned as he looked at the clock, 5:46AM, it's red lights flashed tauntingly at Gaara as he ran his fingers through his fiery locks.

Slipping into his Kazekage robes Gaara watched the slowly rising sun through his window, the sky was filled with pinks and oranges, the burning ball of yellow fire reminded him of a certain jinchuuriki - Uzumaki Naruto. The boy that had saved his life. Twice. (The boy that he lo-). Gaara shook himself mentally and turned round to see Temari stood in the doorway looking at him slightly confused.

"Good morning Kazekage-Sama" she mumbled smirking slightly, knowing how Gaara hated being called that.

"Kazekage-Sama….Aishiteru.." the words seemed to be the only ones Gaara heard, triggering memories of his dream to flood back. Temari noticed Gaara tense slightly as his eyes glazed over and his brow furrowed slightly. She walked over and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder, silently thanking the boy that gave her ability to do this. Gaara was brought out of his thinking by the hand and he gave Temari a small reassuring nod, as if to stay "do not worry for me, thank you" then turned and walked out.


Naruto woke up with his sheets tangled around him. Of he course he did not notice this problem as he attempted to climb out of bed, thinking only of his Ramen, when a loud 'thud' bought said blondes attention to his position on the floor having landed unceremoniously on his ass. Groaning as he disentangled himself Naruto rubbed his head and thought about the dream that caused him to wake up.

"Gaara eh? Who would have thought that?" Naruto mumbled to himself as he got changed "Out of all people…I didn't think it would be him" there was a chuckle escaping from the blonds lips and then he shook his head. For a supposed 'dobe' he sure caught onto these feelings quickly, and he felt very accepting of them. His thoughts had plagued the blonde until he had reached the kitchen, absentmindedly pulling a cup ramen from his cupboard and turning on the kettle. As soon as his beloved ramen was made Naruto literally inhaled the cup before going to reach for another one, half way there he heard a knock at his door. His hand fell to his side and he hung his head 'no more ramen…' and slowly went to open the door.

"S-Sakura-chan!! What are you doing here?" He asked looking at the pink haired Kunoichi curiously. She smiled briefly before looking Naruto straight in the eyes. Her calmness shocked him, raising his eyebrow he backed up slightly.

"TEN MINUTES AGO UZUMAKI!! YOU WERE MEANT TO BE WITH TSUNADE SHISHOU!!" Sakura yelled, making Naruto and anyone in a ten mile radius wince at the "younger Tsunade"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly when Sakura dragged him out of the door closing it behind her and took him all the way to the Hokage Tower.

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