Love Never Fails

Author's Note: This story will be a continuation of the book, with perhaps pieces of the TV series mixed in, along with my own creativity. I hope you enjoy! Its my first attempt at a fan fiction, so I would welcome your feedback!

Disclaimer:This is a fan fiction work. I by no means own the rights to Christy the novel, TV series, or movies. I have just borrowed the characters. These characters belong to the Marshall-LeSourd family. This story is for entertainment purposes only and I do not seek any profit. This is strictly for personal enjoyment only.


Chapter One

"Alice, hurry, come quickly. I jest can't believe it, it's a miracle, God sent her back to us Alice, it's Christy, she's OK Alice, she's OK!" There was no mistaking that all too familiar Scottish brogue, and more, the joy that radiated from it as Neil called my name. Doctor McNeil was calling my name, and more, he loved me, he loved me in the way I had hoped someone could come to care for me. My sickness had brought such clarity to months of confusion and heartache. Gently, my hand tightened around Neil's ever so slightly. Cutter Gap's epidemic had come much too close to stealing the time that I had with Neil and I was not about to let go of him now. Everything in me wanted to open my eyes, to see the joy reflected in his eyes that I heard drifting across the room through his voice, but I just couldn't. Physically my body was still too weak and it took every effort just to concentrate on the many voices now filling the room.

"Neil! What is it? I came as quickly as I could. Please, tell me she's OK Neil. Neil?"

"She's alright Alice. Her body is very weak. I don't know how she pulled through. Alice, I won't lie to you. We had lost her. There was nothing left that I could do except wait for her to die and then suddenly – it's a miracle Alice. God brought her back to us." I could hear the emotion thick in his voice, as if it took everything in him to push the words out.

"Praise the Lord! I was so worried, so worried that I just didn't know what we would do without her. But Neil, thee must be exhausted. Is there anything that I can do, anything that Christy needs right now? Perhaps thee should get rest of thy own while I attend to Christy for a while?"

"No Alice. Right now she needs as much rest as she can get. She still hasn't completely awakened yet, but I can't leave her Alice. Please, not when I nearly, I mean we nearly lost her. I think it would be best if I remained here through the evening to ensure that she really has pulled through the worst of it."

"Of course Neil. But please, if there is anything thee needs, please, let me know at once. David is beside himself downstairs. I'll let him know of the good news and make sure that he does not interrupt her rest till morning."

"Thank you Alice – there's much I wish to speak with you about, I just don't know how to yet."

"Thee will in time Neil, do not rush thyself. Christy is in the Lord's hands, as are thee." With that, the room was quiet once again. Quietly the door shut behind Alice as she left the room. I was keenly aware of Neil's presence. With every ounce of strength I could muster, my eyelids began to flutter open and slowly, bits and pieces of the room came into focus. Every corner of the room seemed to have been stripped from floor to ceiling of all life and color, of everything I loved so much. In their place were bedpans, medicines, and the smell of lye soap and disinfectants. A crisp breeze found it's way through the window and blew across the lamplight's flame, catching my attention until my gaze fixed upon a head of unruly red hair. Nothing held my attention like the glazed eyes of Neil shining back, right through mine. I wished so much I could reach up and sweep an unruly curl from his face. It looked like it had been weeks since Neil had rested himself; he looked so tired, so completely spent.

"Well, welcome back Miss Huddleston. I must say you gave us all quite a scare." He was all doctor now, nothing but deep concern and something else, something of restraint etched on his face. Nothing like what I had expected.

"Neil, I..." Neil interrupted me all too quickly. There was so much I had to know, that he had to know. I didn't want to wait a minute longer.

"Do not try to speak lass – you've been through quite the ordeal and you need rest. There will be time for questions and answers tomorrow, for now; I just want you to get your rest. I can't tell you how relieved I am to see those clear blue eyes of yours again." Neil's hand reached up to brush a strand of hair that had become misplaced from my cheek. His hand lingered, ever so gently. "I thought I would never see them again."

"Neil, thank you. Thank you, for everything." I whispered hoarsely. I didn't know if he could sense the deeper meaning behind those words. My hand reached up to grip his with an amazing amount of strength born most likely from my own panicked urgency for him to know what was in my heart. Did he even know I had heard everything? I longed for him to know that it was his love that drew me back, that I knew he needed me like I now realized I needed him, but the moment was lost to the reality of the circumstances we found ourselves in.

"Lass, don't thank me. I could not do a thing." He looked away then, pain written all over his face. "A doctor never wants to admit that there are limits to his abilities. Perhaps it's pride, but I've spent my whole life trying to ease the pain and suffering of those I care about most." He looked at me then, something written deep in those eyes that for whatever reason, he just couldn't verbalize. "I'm just so glad the Lord saw fit to hear my prayer Christy. Perhaps he knew just how important you are to Cutter Gap, how without you something would be missing, how without you something in me might be missing."

I had grown so tired. By the time Neil had finished sharing with me my eyes had already closed, though I had heard every word. Neil McNeil needed me. Tomorrow there would be many questions, and I was going to get my answers.