"Just another day…." Beat sighed. He was sitting on a bench staring at the sky watching the slow clouds wander aimlessly, waiting for another day of the same routine. Wake up, eat breakfast, catch the bus (or if he missed run) to school, stay for detention, walk home, eat dinner, and sleep. Beat closed his eyes and leaned his head back, feeling gravity start to pull at him.

After a few minutes Beat heard a weird noise, he straightened his head and listened, suddenly he realized what the sound was, it was screaming! Twisting in his seat he looked over his shoulder at the cause of the commotion, two young kids on weird skates, one with a cap that covered his eyes and another, (a girl maybe?) who seemed to have a little obsession with stripes were plowing through an overly congested space in the station, causing all the other people to jump back usually with a scream or insults. But the two kids didn't seem to care; in fact they seemed to enjoy it! They were constantly smiling and laughing, grinding benches and rails that had people sitting on them or standing near them.

Then Beat noticed another something weird each time they passed a pole or an overly large wall they left some kind of poster behind them. Beat noticed these posters were extremely detailed yet free… he couldn't take his eyes off of either of the seemingly crazy smiling kids.

When he heard another sound that was obviously unrelated to the kids, Beat turned his head and saw a bus leaving the station. While this was a normal occurrence at the popular terminal, this sight agitated Beat extremely. That's right it was the bus he took to school.

"SHIT!!!" Beat ran after the bus with a furtive glance back at the laughing teens. Who were also leaving the station, but from the other side.

"Man, what a shitty day…." Beat walked along, annoyed at the suspension slip in his back pocket that that overly righteous teacher seemed fit to give him. Beat stood in the road and adopted one of those whiny "I'm-a-little-bitch" tones of voice, "ONE MORE TARDY FROM YOU, YOU LITTLE DELIQUENT, AND YOU'LL BE EXPELLED!!" "HA… like that freaking matters the rents would just send me to another school, and another, and another, and yet again another. They don't care just as long as I'm not with them. Besides the only thing waiting for me at home is a few packs of mouse chewed ramen." Beat began to walk slowly again and wondered what he would do for his suspension. At least tomorrow he would get to work.

Beat didn't mind work; actually he kind of enjoyed it. Beat's work was the most famous pizza joint in Tokyo-to, mainly for it's "10 minute or, it's free" slogan, this was especially extreme because it stayed ten minutes no matter where in Tokyo-to the pizza was ordered, even though it was based in Shibuya. Since Beat didn't have a car or bike, and the busses being unreliable, he was forced to run every delivery, not that he'd complain! Beat loved running. He always had energy and he loved finding all the little secret places in Tokyo-to, he loved doing everything he could to shave off a few seconds, or even a few nano-seconds! (Because y'know every little bit adds up!!) And even though every pizza he couldn't deliver came out of his pay, he loved the job. And he was starting to rack up some pretty big dough.

It was starting to get really late, even the bright, almost endless day of Shibuya-cho. Beat had just made it back to the station, which was now almost deserted; he looked around at the few shops still open and the people wandering around. Then he noticed one of the posters left by those kids. He moved closer and realized, on closer inspection, that they weren't posters they were tags…

TAGS?!?!?! Beat almost dropped when he realized what he was looking at. He had heard on the news what graffiti in a neighborhood meant! What was it the news called them? Rudies? Yah that's it. All Beat knew about them was what news reported, rudies were vicious gangsters that tried to control the city. While there were numerous reports of beatings and killings no one actually saw any of these acts though unconscious bodies in weird outfits were sometimes found all around Tokyo-to, although the tags were something no one could deny, they were everywhere.

Beat had joined a rudie gang once, (or at least they said they were) but one day he returned to the base with some drinks, only to find every member unconscious and a message painted on the wall that read "POSERS!" Beat never really minded the gang getting beat down, all they ever did was rob the shops and use him as a gopher, in fact Beat couldn't remember if they even made a single tag…

Beat crouched down and looked wildly around him. Now wasn't the time for memories, the rudies could still be around and he wasn't going to be some body found in the waters of Kogane-cho. Beat began to run in the direction of his house, every sound a potential attack, every movement was someone trying to catch him; Beat frantically wove between alleyways, jumped trashcans, and crawled through holes in fences and boards.

Faster than Beat had ever before, he made it home. He got inside and slammed the door, locking it as he pressed his back to the door and let it support him as he slid to the floor. His heart was pounding and he was covered in sweat. But a minute passed and he was almost back to normal, still sitting on the door.


All at once Beat's heart was back up. The loud noise in the alley had caused him to jump from his previous position; however he had lost his balance and was now sitting again this time facing the door.

He waited, and nothing happened, then suddenly…

*skritch, skritch*

Beat heard the scratching on the door and jumped slightly, "H-HEY whoever's there, get lost!!"

*skritch, skritch*

There it was again!! Beat got up slowly and moved to the door, it had no peephole so in order to see outside he had to open the door, and look. "O-Okay man whoever is at the door; back off! I got a gun, and I'll use it if I have to!!" Beat hoped the lie would help scare whoever it was trying to kill him.

He slowly reached for the knob and grabbed it, unlocking the door and placing his foot at the base as he did; he cracked the door a little and looked out…

But there was nothing, Beat relaxed and little, then freaked when he felt a slight pressure on the opposite side of the door. He looked down and saw a small, black… thing. It just sat there until all of a sudden it wiggled and pressed, then it was a small black thing, attached to fur.

Beat opened the door a little wider and saw a small puppy standing in front of him. Although as soon as he opened the door, it ran in without hesitation. Before Beat closed the door he looked into the alley and saw the trashcans he now realized the dog must have knocked over. As he closed the door he looked in and saw the pup now sitting on the one piece of furniture that he owned, a long soft couch which he used to sleep on. He sat down next to the pup and looked it over; it was extremely mal-nourished although extremely friendly, Beat began to pet its head and scratch it behind the ears, already deciding to keep the poor puppy. He even decided not to put up fliers because it was obviously a stray, or the previous owner was negligent. It was a small dog, with blue fur with white spots on him. The weirdest thing about it though was the star shaped spot on his back. He put his hand on his leg as he leaned back on the couch, however the pup put its small black (and COLD!) nose under his hand and flipped it back on its head, then laid it's head on his thigh. He picked up the small dog and laid down on the couch, then scooting back placed the dog on empty space next to his stomach.

The dog let out a yawn that seemed too big for his body then closed his eyes, falling asleep almost instantly. Beat smiled then laid down his head too, realizing he wasn't far from sleep himself.

Beat awoke with an odd weight on his chest and a weird smell in his face…

He opened his eyes and saw the little blue and white dog sitting with his face in Beat's breathing that famous dog breath right up his nose. Beat shifted and the dog jumped off him and ran to the center of the floor. Despite being literally fur, skin, and bones, it obviously wanted to play.

"Sorry little guy, gotta work today." Beat got up and went to the small kitchen, opened a cabinet and removed two packages of ramen, each with its own unique hole given freely by the mice.

He opened one pack and placed it in the microwave. When he finished his breakfast he put the other pack in, and when it was done placed the bowl on the floor for the dog. With another bowl for water. The dog slowly approached the bowl and sniffed the ramen, then sat down next to it and refused to eat.

This worried Beat greatly because the dog obviously needed food badly; he left the ramen and water out as he left the house. "He must be trained not to eat human food I guess. I'll have to get some dog food before I come home." Beat mumbled to himself.

When he arrived at work he was already being yelled at by the uh… LARGE chef, "BEAT!! WHAT THE HELL TOOK SO LONG THAT YOU JUST HAD TO BE LATE, AGAIN!!" Beat replied with a chuckle, "Dude calm down I'm not even late." Which was true, he was actually five minutes early.


Work that day was… extreme to say the least. Twelve deliveries to Benten-cho, sixteen to Kogane, and only three in Shibuya. Each time Beat returned for new deliveries he was yelled at by the chef who stated "I COULD DO BETTER THAN THAT WITH ONE LEG!!" Which was slightly amusing seeing as he only had one leg.

By the end of the day beat had delivered all but one pizza on time. However the only reason he didn't make it was because the little shit who ordered it wouldn't unlock the door for the last forty-five seconds.

He made it on the "No more deliveries EVAR" list hung in the main office.

Beat grabbed his personal pizza from the oven before clocking out. He returned to Shibuya station and got went into the first pet store he saw. There he got a fifty lbs. bag of food, two dog bowls, a small bag of treats, a leash, and a few chew toys.

Putting them all in a large bag, (except for the food which Beat carried over his shoulder) he walked out into the station and sat waiting for the bus. Normally Beat would just run home since his work was in Shibuya, however with the pet supplies and the pizza there was no way that even walking would be faster than the bus. As Beat sat on the bench watching the stars, then shuffled when he heard the bus approaching, then he suddenly saw something flash out of the corner of his eyes, he through his head forward almost swinging himself off the bench. He heard a metallic *thunk* on the pillar behind him. When Beat turned his head he saw a small yellow spray paint can. He turned and looked out into the dark station but couldn't see anyone. He picked up the can and put it in his bag, and then he got on the bus and waited, not knowing what to make of what just happened.

When Beat arrived home he saw that the pup had still not eaten the ramen or drank the water, he threw the ramen away and replaced it with a bowl of dog food and new water with the new bowls. The pup still refused to eat. Beat sat on the couch and opened his pizza box. Removing a slice of his pepperoni, mushroom, and sausage pizza, contemplating on how to proceed. Suddenly the pup jumped on the couch and grabbed the pizza straight from Beat's hand. He finished the slice in two bites. Now Beat was really confused. He tried putting the dog food back in the back and he put a new slice in the bowl. The pup sniffed the pizza yet refused to eat this slice. Beat took it out of the bowl and tried to hand feed him. However he still wouldn't even bite it. Beat took out a new slice and gave it to the dog and it happily ate the new slice in yet another two bites. Beat realized that the previous owner must have done something to the dog's food because the dog now refused to eat out of a bowl. Beat opened a small cabinet and saw that other that the two bowls he used for ramen and a plate that he sometimes used for pizza. There was only a small pot that the previous owner had left behind. He put that down and placed a small slice in the bowl. The pup slowly approached the pot and sniffed it; suddenly it jumped back as though something had tried to bite its nose. It repeated this strange process three more times before it calmed down and began to eat the pizza. When it finished the slice Beat got some dog food and put it in the pot, the dog ate that too.

Beat watched the puppy eat its meal and laughed to himself, he realized he hadn't even given it a name yet! Though now it was pretty clear. (At least to Beat.)

After the meal Beat played with Pots for a few minutes then laid down on the couch to go to sleep, though before he did, he saw the small can of paint had rolled out of the bag. He picked it up and studied it. It was not very heavy, at least not as heavy as a normal can, and it only had yellow on the can. He went to the alley and sprayed his name in large letters and was shock to see that the spray didn't only have one color, it changed! As he continued to mess with the can a more startling realization came to him. The color changed with his thoughts!! It started yellow but when he thought about something green it just… changed color, right then and there. Then he thought about blue, it changed. Red, it changed. Pink, orange, brown, black, white, it all changed no matter what hue or how deep the color he thought of it changed to the exact shade. Sadly the exhilaration he was experienced didn't last long and the spray quickly ran out.

No wonder it felt light.

Beat tossed the can in the alley and went back inside, and fell asleep.

Beat awoke to another morning of dog breath in his face, he opened his eyes and saw the dog was much happier and looked a little healthier. Beat got up and replaced the food and water then began to play with Pots. There was a knock at the door and Beat answered it.

Although he immediately wished he hadn't. Standing directly in front of him was the boy with the wool cap over his eyes, the girl, (for Beat was close enough to tell) was leaning against the opposing wall of the alley. Beat tried to slam the door but the boy stopped him.

"Dude, Dude, calm down man!"

"Don't "Dude, Dude" me man! I know what you guys are! You're rudies!!"

"Yah… so?"


"Dude it's not like the news says. We're not that bad. And gangsters is kind of a mean term, doncha think?"


"Dude c'mon we just wanna talk"

"I don't care what you want. Go away."

At this the girl finally spoke, "C'mon Tab, he ain't listening. I told you giving him the can would be useless."

"Can?" "You mean that spray can?" Beat stopped struggling with the door and for the first time really looked at the two kids in front of him. "You mean to say, YOU, threw that can at me?"

"DING, we have a winnah, you catch on quick, doncha kid?" Said the girl with a cocky smile. "You didn't think that god threw that thing down from the sky didja?"

Truth be told Beat didn't know what to make of the whole spray can incident. And it left him rattled that these two even knew about it.

"What was with that can? It felt like it was reading my mind."

"That's exactly what it was doing." The boy said, "The cans are creativity incarnate. They change to show what the user wants. And only a select few can even see them."

"What do ya mean; it's a solid object, who couldn't see it?"

"Like I said, all but a few. I see you used it last night, show me where the can is now."

"Easy look right therr…" Beat looked at the empty spot next to the trash he was sure he threw the can. He left the door and ran to the now empty spot on the ground. Searching frantically, but never finding even a hint of that yellow can.

"It disappears after its creativity has run out." The boy said.

"WHAT!?! That's ridiculous. Nothing can just totally disappear. It's against the laws of nature!"

"Dude that's what I'm trying to tell you! While it does have effects on the real world, the can itself doesn't actually exist. They are just giant masses of creativity created by the thousands of people in the city."

Beat could barely believe what he was hearing, but he could believe it.

"Okay I get what you're saying, but so what?! You guys are still gangsters, and this has nothing to do with me."

"Untrue." Said the boy, "It actually has a lot to do with you. Maybe you weren't paying attention when I said not many people can see them. About 1 in 327 actually. Although no one can actually calculate the odds because the people who can't see them won't believe they exist."


"Calm down man… anyway since there aren't many of us, people are going to come for you, GANGS are going to come for you, and everyone wants to increase their size so they can take more territory. Or they if they can't get you to join, they'll make sure you can't join someone else."

Beat stared open mouthed at what the boy just said. He knew that he meant every word, and that freaked Beat.


"Meet us at the terminal tomorrow. Well test your skills there. If you're good enough that we think you can protect yourself, or at least run away, we'll let you go on your own with, gods speed. Though we wouldn't mind if you joined the… uh… "group". (Beat noticed his oversion to the word "Gang".) However if not we'll make sure to keep you safe and train you till you can."

With that the two kids ran off. Yelling behind them "Make sure to bring some good skates man!!"

Beat went back into the house and sat on the couch. Pots jumped up next to him and forced him to scratch his ears. Beat thought incessantly about the two rudies and what they would do. Beat decided he would go. At least they were open about their intents.

After about an hour Beat left his place with the intent to find a good pair of skates, almost immediately he saw a message on the wall. "Go here" it said and left an address, he headed to the more "shop populated" areas of Shibuya. Looking for the street he almost never heard of before. He had to continually ask directions and saw that he was beginning to enter one of the few parts of Tokyo that he had never seen before. After a while he found the street. As he looked for the number he saw that it wasn't there. Specifically speaking the numbers between where it was supposed to be where there but the number he was looking for was gone. He looked around for about ten minutes, about to give up and decide the whole think was some elaborate prank. He sighed and looked up to the sky, and directly above him was a house stuck between the two other rows. Beat found a ladder and began to climb it, when he reached the top there was a small door with a sign on the top of the frame. "All ye who enter here must have soul." Confused Beat began to open the door. However it was locked. He tried knocking but no one answered. Beat began to scan the door and wall and soon found a small mark. It was cut into the wood and almost unrecognizable. Yet it was somehow familiar. He started to trace it with his finger, and then he heard a loud click. He looked to the door which was now swinging slowly inside.

He entered the house, it was extremely dark. The only light coming from outside. But soon that too was extinguished as the door quickly slammed closed. After a few seconds Beat was blinded as a huge flash of light illuminated the entire room. And in front of him was a large black man with crazy hair and orange lips, with a large letter K tattooed on his forehead. "YO YO YO, Professor K on the air waves. Guess what yall? I just got some weird little punk boy in my station. YO little punk boy. What do you want?!"

As Beat looked around the room he saw that this was a big radio station complete with some of the biggest stereos he'd ever seen and a large dj table in the center of the room.

"Um… some friends told me to come to this address…."

"OH, SOME FRIENDS HUH? All right listeners, WHO SENT ME THIS FOO??"

"Uhh... look they told me that I could by skates here."

"OH THEY DID, DID THEY?? LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, PUNK, THIS AIN'T SOME SKATE SHOP, THIS IS JET SET RADIOOOOOOOO!" At this the man threw up his hands and shouted towards the sky at his unseen audience.

"So little punk boy who sent ya? Hmmmm?"

"I don't really know them-"


Beat thought about this long and hard. All the while the dj stared at him with eyes that seemed to know more that his face.

Finally Beat answered. "I wanna be a rudie."

At this Prof. K laughed so hard he began to cry.


Beat looked at the dj, not knowing exactly what he meant. Then strangely his arm began to tingle. Beat looked at an opposing wall that was blank. Beat's eyes unfocused and he felt his arm move. In ways he never knew it could. After a few swings beat stopped. He tossed the can in the air and watched as it faded from view before it even hit the ground. He looked at the wall and saw the medium tag that was now there.

"PHEEEEWOO, not bad little punk boy." Said the dj with a low whistle. "I see you got soul…ALRIGHT CAN'T NO ONE SAY PROF. K DOESN'T HELP THE LITTLE PEOPLE!!"

With that Prof. K ducked under his dj table and started making a lot of noise. He popped his head up and looked at Beat, and then mumbling a few things to himself ducked down again.

After a few minutes Prof. K jumped up and tossed a large bundle to Beat.


Beat left the house, jumped down to the ground, and ran home.

When he got home he sat on the couch and began to open his package. Right on top were a brand new pair of yellow in-lines with two large neon-green wheels he picked them up and looked all over them, reveling in the newness of them. Then he looked back in the package and saw something more. There was a new shirt and pants, as well as some headphones, goggles, and a wristband watch. At the bottom was a note.

"Yo, little punk boy, what you got here is some new threads, (trust me man you desperately need them) anyway don't let these fool ya. They will never need washing and are almost completely bullet proof. Never take'em off you'll need'em."

Beat immediately put on the clothes and was amazed how good they felt. Although the goggles gave everything a slightly yellow tinge.

He fed Pots then went to sleep. (In his new clothes… to break them in)

Beat woke and immediately left for the station. (After feeding Pots of course.) Skating there was a bit difficult but he managed to get the hang of it on the way. Beat saw the two kids standing next to one of the shade roofs that covered the benches.

"Nice look." Said the girl. Beat couldn't tell if she was being sarcastic or not.

"Okay, easy introductions." She said. "First I'm Gum, that's Tab, and you are…"


"Actual name or rudie?"

"What do you mean?"

Mew gave a heavy sigh. "I mean the streets are rough and most if not all rudies have fake names. You think our names are actually Tab and Gum?"

"… I've heard weirder…."

"Wow… so that's your actual name….







Mew was suddenly jumping around screaming her head off after Tab gave her a hard slap on the back.

"Be nice Gum." Tab said with a chuckle.

"FUCK YOU TAB!! Look, just go to your little hidey place and let me start testing the kid!!"

"Fine fine, but remember…"

"FUCK YOU" Gum shouted as Tab began to skate away laughing to himself.

"Alright now let's see you do some basics…."

Despite her attitude Gum was a pretty good teacher. After about ten minutes Beat learned the proper way to dash, jump, grind, and wall ride.

"Don't worry too much about tricks just yet. When you have enough speed to do them, you'll know, after that just jump and your body should just go with it naturally. Now go find Tab he'll show you how to tag."

Beat looked and saw that Tab was sitting on the edge of a balcony watching him and Gum train. With a little inspection he saw that he got up there by riding up the middle of a small delivery truck that had an impromptu ramp on the back of the bed. After a few tries Beat was right up there with him.

"Okay Beat, my man, I know that you got some experience with Prof. K. Heard it all go down on jet set. I'm going to teach you how to do it on command. Take this can." Tab handed Beat a large BLUE can.

"Umm dude what's this… isn't it supposed to be smaller, and yellow?"

"Luckily for us not all the cans are that small, sometimes in areas that don't get visited much, the creativity groups together and they create these blue ones. They got about 5 times more spray in'em."

Tab turned to the wall. "Now you were probably expecting me to say concentrate, DON'T, concentration causes you to think of an end result, and while that's ok, for a beginner it's better to learn to go with the flow. So relax, don't think about anything just let the creativity release itself and do the work.

Beat stared at the wall and tried to clear his mind. It was a lot harder than he remembered it. He tried to think about how it had happened at Prof. K's… then he remembered the word. "SOUL"

All of a sudden Beat got that tingle in his arm, he unfocused his eyes and let the can move his body. Soon another medium tag stood staring him in the face.

"GREAT JOB MAN!!" Tab shouted. Took me three times to figure it out, once you get home put two or three tags up and that should let people know to leave you alone."

Beat was hardly paying attention. He was still staring at the tag until Tab spoke again.

"So uh… did you mean it?"

"Mean what?"

"When you told K. that you wanted to be a rudie."

Beat was caught off guard when he said it. He barely remembered his episode with K. and he wasn't sure he was ready. But when he looked inside himself, he knew he couldn't walk (or skate) away from this.

"Ya… I meant it."

"Cool, cool… so you uh… wanna join us…?"

"Ya man I'd like that."

"Tight. Hey I don't mean to be a drag but could you let me and Gum crash at your place. I think she's about at her breaking point sleeping in an alley."

Beat laughed and agreed.

When they all got to Beat's place, Gum wasn't impressed.

"Man what's with this place it's almost as bare as the alley."

Beat looked at her and said. "Ya it's not much but it's affordable and close to my job."

Beat looked around it was more like a garage than anything else. Then an idea came to him.

"Hey, you guys got a name yet?"

"No why" they answered almost simultaneously.

"How bout the GG's?"


"Ya for the "Garage guys"

Gum spoke first. "I hate it, I find it highly sexist and offensive."

Then Tab. "Well I like it, all in favor."

He and Beat raised their hands,

All opposed


"Sorry girl, outvoted."


With that she jumped on the couch and settled herself in.

Tab looked at Beat and laughed. Then he said in a quiet voice, "Thanks man, Gum may not say it but I know she was reeeeeeeally starting to hate the alley."

Tab walked to the side of the bed and sat down leaning his back against the couch and settling his head in the corner of the couch and the wall. Beat decided to do the same. After Pots had settled himself in Beat's lap, Beat began to drift to sleep.

Thus The GG's were born.

This is their tale.

First let me thank anyone who reads this fic. When I first played the game I loved it, but whenever I studied it online or with friends. They all said beat was making the team. But when I played the intro it said nothing about that, so I always figured both tab and mew started it and beat was a joiner that ended up becoming the leader.

Secondly I rated this T but I'm not sure if this crosses the line on language. So if you feel that this fic is too inappropriate ill raise it up to M.

However and my friends I curse about this much so that's what I based it off of.

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