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Always love

By Nada Surf


'What the hell just happened?' Peyton thought all over again. She was still in the hotel room in LA. She was staring blankly at the ceiling for what seemed like forever. She looked at the digital display of the clock next to her bed. It was 5.30 am.

How was this possible?How can a life that was so good just hours ago feel so empty, so meaningless? She had had it all: a job in an important record studio with the possibility to change something – someday - ,great friends who were more like a family, and most importantly she was – or better had been – with the man of her dreams. She had been with her only true love after so much pain,waiting,crying, denying their feelings, they had finally found their way to each other and she had been happy like never before and she had lost him. She had lost Lucas.

He had paid her a surprise visit in LA after winning the championship as head coach and he wanted to celebrate with her. It was as if her sun had returned after a very long time of absence and now there was only darkness. Darkness so thick she couldn't see any hope or light wherever she turned.

And all this because she had said 'Someday'.

She could still see the pain in Lucas clear, blue eyes when she had accepted his proposal. When she entered the room Lucas had been Lying asleep on the bed. He had looked so lucky, hopeful and she had watched him for sometime before she saw the little box on the floor next to the bed. She knew immediately what it was : an engagement ring, the engagement ring Keith once gave Karen.

This was his reason for coming here. He had reached everything he wanted in this gym and only this piece was missing: Peyton standing next to his side.

Peyton had suspected something like this when she had had to go back to work after arriving late and Lucas had just told her that Whitey made him head coach and that it was almost like in senior year when they had won the state championship.

That was the moment when they had got together finally. Ha had towards hers and kissed her and it was like a thousand fireworks exploding in her stomach. She felt safe, safer than ever in her life knowing that he was there and that he wanted to be with her.

She would never ever forget this moment and this certain expression on his face. It said: 'No matter what happens I will never leave you, never. I wanna be with you for all my life.'

She had seen exactly this expression, just as her mobil rang and she had to leave.

On her way she got the feeling like Lucas wanted to ask her something very important and when she saw that little box she knew it was the question.

She thought what this would mean for her life. She was just about to get a promotion as personal assitant in maybe 2 or 3 months, as her boss has indicated, if she was ready to to work hard. And after seeing Lucas again and hearing about his success she realised that she wanted to reach something, too.

Somethingto bulid a career on and maybe opening her own record studio, one day. If she accepted his proposal she would give up that chance.

She wanted to be with him more than anything else, but first she wanted to fullfil her professional goals. She wanted to be happy with herself , she had to know that she had something on her own to live from. She wanted to marry Lucas when she was sure of this. She wanted to be independent. And she just had not had that basement yet.

So she rejected his proposal and when she said 'someday' she meant it. She wanted to marry Lucas, just not now. She knew that her heart was yearning for nothing else, but her head told her to wait.

First she wanted to see him more. In the past year she had only seen him every few months and before they decided to spend their whole life together she simply wanted to be sure that they were both ready.

But for Lucas her rejection meant the end of their relationship.

And so everything she had planned broke apart and she lost him. She had lost Lucas, her only true love and getting a promotion wasn't so important anymore, it meant nothing.

She had lost her sun, her reason to be happy, to make something out of her life because she had decided according to her head instead of her heart.

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