Title: And I Quote
Fandom: Total Drama Island
Pairing: Duncan/Courtney
Chapter: The last, Titled 'Remember'
Summary: It was time to leave, time to get out. She never knew it was about time she started to remember.

"What is human life? The first third a good time; the rest remembering about it"

-Mark Twain

I was not the prettiest girl here. I was not the best dressed girl here. But, oh, thank god- I was the most sober. But, oh, dear god- my ride was the least sober.

"Bridgette, who knew you were such a party girl! CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!"

What the hell was wrong with people?

I ran through the crowd, bumping people- scowling, putting on a bitch face, but god, I wasn't in a bitch mood. I was just tired, and I wanted to go home. I hated this stupid party.

I heard the sound of fabric ripping, and I suddenly burst into tears as I looked down at my dress. My favorite dress.

I felt a hand wrap around my waist, and before I could try to push them away, they spoke: "The offer for a ride home is still here." I put my head to his chest and nodded, too embarrassed because of crying to look him in the face.

He didn't seem to mind. As we stepped out of the crowd and into the night air, I let it hit me as small sprinkles of rain stung my cheeks. Maybe it would wash away the mascara that I knew must have run down like a black spider web across my face.

"I'm sober, just to let you know. I know you're going to ask that sometime." He clicked the button on his car keys, sliding me into the passenger seat and walking around to settle into his own. He turned on the car but didn't drive, and for a long time we just sat there.

"Thank you." I turned to face him, and he gave me a weak smile. Looking at his face for the first time, I felt my face flush- how come he could still make me do that?

"Yeah. I just... please stop crying." I saw him squirming. I remembered how uncomfortable he could get sometimes. I wiped them away, and I saw him calm down. He took in a breath, a cocky smile spreading across his face.

"It's nice to see you Princess."

He let his hand intertwine with mine, and I found myself realizing how familiar it all was. How easy it was to recognize me with him, how much I could remember.

A/N: This was officially the last chapter of 'And I Quote'! I feel like it did a pretty good job, and it had some key points in DxC. This last chapter was probably my favorite… my favorite used to be chapter 3, then it was chapter 5, I don't know.

But anyways, guys, thanks for sticking with this story although it was a bit cliché (I'm truly sorry for that), but really, thanks :D

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