~Deadly Beauty~

You turned to me when you were feeling low,

And, honey, I don't let go easily.

But that's all right, 'cause as long as you pay for me,

I'll be here for you.

I'll help you forget your misery;

I'll bring a smile back to your tired face.

It's not quite as young and good-looking as it used to be,

Before you met me,

But that's okay, 'cause as long as you have me,

You won't care.

Your boss thinks there's something wrong with you –

He yells at you now more than ever.

Your old partner thinks so, too:

He keeps giving you funny looks when you two cross paths,

Keeps saying, "I'm gonna take it easy on you."

Funny thing is, you don't care about all this as much as you used to –

You don't care about much of anything, except for me.

So you'll keep on coming to me,

And I'll hold you in my tender embrace, like I always do.

I can't help it that I'm slowly but surely destroying you –

It's just what I do.

And as long as I continue to whisk you away from your worthless existence,

You don't really care, do you, darling?

Author's Note:

Where did that come from? Definitely inspired in part my friend teenelizabeth's poetry, but how was the idea actually born? Don't have a clue.

I might continue in this vein of thought, but it depends on the feedback I get, I suppose. Would you like to see more? I know it's dark, but I think it's rather intriguing in a morbid kind of way.