Chapter 1 – On the Run


It all happened so fast. After a slow morning of being home alone, I went to Newton's. To my dismay, they didn't need me today. Since Edward was away hunting, I had a free afternoon, so I decided to see Jacob. I knew Alice was watching me for Edward. I was prepared for her anger when I got back, but I wasn't prepared for this.

Jacob and I walking along First Beach, like we always did. He was telling me about Sam's reasons for why he hated being a werewolf. "He didn't want to hurt Leah, but he couldn't be with her when he knew Emily was the one he was supposed to be with." Jacob felt sorry for his brother and I felt sorry for Leah. "Hey, let's go get our bikes. You haven't ridden yours in a long time."

Jacob suggested. My face colored with chagrin, "I don't think so, Jake. I really should…" That was when I saw him. Edward was standing on the beach about 100 feet away from us. He was as still as a statue, glaring at Jacob and me. He jaw was taught with anger seeing the two of us, "EDWARD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?"

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jacob was starting to shake. He was just as surprised as his body was jerking. His entire frame was convulsing. "Edward. Jake! NO!"

Jacob was going to explode into his wolf form. I was too close to him when he was changing. I was trying to calm him, but I knew what could happen being this close to him. Edward dashed over and put himself between us. Jacob fell to the ground in his wolf form, glaring at Edward. They were eye to eye as the Jacob wolf snarled at Edward, who roared in response. Jacob threw his head back and howled into the air.

He was signaling his pack. With Edward here, the treaty was broken. The treaty was broken, which could start a major fight. Jacob snarled at Edward again. He was prepared to attack, but I ran between them. Jacob drew back when he saw me. Before I could look back at him, Edward took me up into his arms.

"EDWARD…. NO, PLEASE!" I tried to get back to my feet, but he was a thousand times stronger than me and he wasn't letting me out of his hold. His arms were like a steel trap, holding me to him. Soon, we were flying through the forest. Before I could catch my breath, I was being placed into the Volvo, my seatbelt fastened, the door slammed behind me and we were driving away from Forks.

"Edward, how could you? Why would you do that? How could you break the treaty?" It was like I wasn't there; he wasn't even looking at me. He was on the phone. "Get everyone out of the house now! The treaty's broken. I know, I'm sorry. It's my fault, but I didn't know. Get out now! I have her and we'll meet you in Denali." "Denali! Edward, I am not going to Alaska!"

My voice rang, but he didn't respond. Edward glared at me from the side of his eye and I met his glare with my own. He hung up his phone and continued to drive. Within minutes, we were out of Forks and still heading north.

The car drove, the air was silent for more than an hour. When we reached Canada, he pulled over into a gas station. Edward finally broke the silence, "Are you hungry?" There was still some anger in his voice. Stubbornly, I continued to look out my window, "No." I wouldn't, couldn't look at him. Edward quietly got out of the car. When I caught a glimpse of him in my peripheral vision, I closed my eyes and heaved a large sigh; attempting to breathe out some of my anger, but there was too much for me to completely calm down. Where was Jasper when you needed him?

My eyes stayed closed until the sounds of him getting back in the car registered with me. After he closed his door, something fell into my lap. I looked down to see it was a bottle of water. I was grateful for the water, but there was still too much anger in my chest for me to speak to him. We continued to drive until the sun was no longer in sight. All I did was stare out to the passing freeway. The scenery of Canada flew past the window.

My mind was jumbled and confused. I thought about the similarities of the situation. Last time Edward wanted to take me to Canada was when a deranged vampire tracker was hunting me for sport. I didn't want to go to Canada then, for the same reasons I didn't want to go now; Charlie. My brain buzzed with what I was going to tell Charlie.

How was I going to explain my absence this time? He was going to be so mad at me, if he wasn't already. First I ran away from him last spring, because of James, then earlier this year, I left with Alice to go save Edward, now I'm leaving again, but this time, I was taken.

I wonder if Billy spoke to him today. Did Billy tell Charlie about my visit and its interruption by Edward? Then, there was the pack; how were they reacting to Edward's actions today? Did all Cullens get out before the wolves could get to any of them?

I realized that within the past year, this is the second time I have driven the Cullens from their home. Rosalie would be mad, but would this make her hate me even more? I hated myself. I wouldn't blame her or any of them for being angry with me. Emmett is probably laughing about this, as he always does. "Bella keeps things interesting around here."

What am I doing? Why am I taking all this on myself? I was perfectly safe visiting Jacob. Edward overreacted. He came onto their land. He broke the treaty. He shouldn't have broken the treaty. Nothing is more important than keeping the treaty, but to him, there is one more thing that is more important. Me.

While driving, several familiar cars were coming up behind us. A black Mercedes, a red BMW and a red Jeep Wrangler were following us. I knew it was them; Carlisle & Esme in the Mercedes, Emmett & Rosalie in the BMW and Jasper & Alice in the Jeep Wrangler. My heart began to beat frantically, scared of the immortals that were following us.

One immortal in particular made me nervous. Carlisle, Esme, Emmett and Alice would understand. Jasper was questionable, but Rosalie. Ugh, Rosalie. A lump built in my throat from anxiety. The hum of the engine was somewhat relaxing, slowing my heartbeat. I could feel my eyelids getting heavier, but I didn't let them win.

I knew if I slept, some of my anger would disappear. I wanted to be mad at Edward. We crossed over into Alaska a few hours later. My watch said it was after 6pm in Forks. My dad is probably wondering where I was. I cringed at what he was thinking.

Hopefully, he didn't jump to a lot of conclusions. And Angela, she was depending on me to help her today. I had to close my eyes, to fight back the tears that wanted to spill from my eyes.

The scenery flew by, darkening from the setting sun and some times, I would look at the cars that were now next to us. I didn't dare look into the windows; afraid to see the glares that would look back at me. My chest was getting tighter, I wanted to cry. Finally, the car began to slow. I didn't look up to see where we were.

I knew we were in Alaska. There was no snow on the ground, which I found surprising; wasn't Alaska supposed to have constant snow all year long? The car was parked in front of a large house, similar to the Cullen's house. The house was actually bigger than the Cullen's house; it was more like a manor.

I had a fairly good idea whose home we were at. Edward was at my door, opening it for me. I didn't move one inch. My arms were folded tightly across my chest. He held out his hand for me, gesturing for me to get out. My eyes just looked at his hand, then quickly unfastened my seat belt and got out of the car, ignoring his hand and I didn't bother to look up at his face.

The other cars pulled up and there was the sound of several car doors closing, one slamming. I couldn't even look at them. I trailed behind Edward to the front of the house. Someone took my hand and held me back from him. Edward looked back to the faces of his mother and sisters.

Esme was holding my hand, Alice was on her other side and Rosalie was at mine. I didn't dare look at Rosalie, but it was surprising having her standing next to me. Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett walked past us, no one spoke. Carlisle patted Edward's shoulder and they walked to the front door.

Emmett looked back at me and flashed a smile. I half smirked back then looked to the ground. "Carlisle, what happened?" an unfamiliar voice asked as the door opened. Carlisle and his sons walked inside, while Esme, Rosalie and Alice stood with me outside.