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By the time he actually reached the judge's chambers, Drew Lipsky was feeling like a warped version of Ebeneezer Scrooge. Except his reminders of past, present, and truly stretching the point, his possible future were embodied by the living, not the dead.

First he dropped by the Middleton Country Club to have a word with his chiropractor, wanting to speak with him before Monday, while not disrupting the man's plans for his weekend. Upon arrival, he was greeted with thinly veiled scowls from a couple of the members, and the Manager. This was due to some unfortunate damage done to the golf course during one of his past schemes. Totally unintentional, he had simply not yet gotten the programming in his Destructo-Bots quite perfected. In his defense, the club's golf carts had born a superficial resemblance to the shape of Dementor's cybertronic mini-tanks. Very superficial, but there it was.

He found Doctor Racht waiting for the rest of his foursome in the bar. The compact, balding doctor greeted him with a friendly enough smile. Drakken hoped it didn't harm the doctor's membership, even as he shook hands, and refused a cocktail. Alcohol on his breath was certainly one thing he didn't want Eileen to detect at their wedding ceremony.

"Well, then, right to business!" Racht exclaimed briskly, then leaned closer and spoke in a more confidential voice. "Your back is fine, or as good as can be expected." He paused briefly, "For the time being, that is. I'm afraid you're going to have problems as you get older, you'll probably need a cane at least by your late sixties, and a walker is almost a certainty one day."

Drakken's lips thinned as he nodded slowly. "Terrific, as my child grows up, I'll be coming down to meet them halfway!" He muttered.

Racht took a sip from his mint julep. "I've wanted to ask you, Drew, after you took your little dive into Lake Michigan, didn't a doctor recommend you take it easy for some time?"

Drakken hesitated, then reluctantly nodded. "Of course." He replied.

"And did you?" Racht asked knowingly. When Drakken shrugged halfheartedly, he added mock seriously. "What, did you have an evil scheme you needed to do?"

Drakken looked offended. "As a matter of fact, I had to attend my Mother's birthday party! And back then, I still believed she was ignorant of my vocation!" He declared righteously, then his shoulders slumped a bit. "And, a small evil scheme.." he admitted. Then he added dejectedly, "I used to be quite the athlete, you know."

Racht's short bark of laughter startled him, and made him draw back warily. The doctor then smiled widely. "Of course I know that! I ran track for Upperton U., back when you vaulted for M.I.S.T.!"

Drakken looked at him in astonishment for a moment, then his eyes narrowed briefly in concentration, before popping wide. "Racht! You beat Chen in the hundred-yard dash!"

"Aha!" Racht clapped his hands together, "You're talking Junior year, he smoked me the following year!" He paused reflectively, "And that's another thing I should blame you for, blowing my shot with a certain redhead. I don't, of course, Lainie and I have been happy from day one, practically! Still, if Jim Possible hadn't come along to cheer for you..."

Now Drakken was blinking rapidly as he tried to process what he was hearing. "Um, it was a deal...me and Chen went to basketball games to cheer on James and Ramesh, they came to track...James and Anne? But they met at a nightclub...which would have been a week or so after that particular meet, if memory serves..." He trailed off, eyes narrowing shrewdly.

"Which was of course, purely coincidental." Racht remarked slyly, then his expression grew serious. "Truthfully, Lainie says it's possible James doesn't remember his and Anne's first meeting. Personally, I find that hard to believe, but you know him better then I do...ah, here come the guys, I have to go, Drew. Just try to take care of yourself, get the prescribed exercise, and hope for the best. You're going to pay a price for your 'misspent' youth, but it doesn't have to be a bad one." He clapped Drakken on the shoulder and headed towards his golf buddies.

Drakken sat on the bar stool, eyes far away for a moment. Then he nodded. "Yes, I certainly do know him, and this sounds like a story to hear!" He checked his watch and grimaced. "Got to get moving!" He looked around. "Don't want the judge to spot me and think I'm here checking up on him!"


The second encounter was a passing one, and may have represented either his problems in the present as Mayor of Middleton, or his future? About to lean on his horn when the car in front of him failed to respond to a green light, Drakken instead noticed that the driver was staring out his window with a look of shock on his face. Following his gaze, Drakken only kept his own jaw from dropping because he instead had to groan.

Walking along the sidewalk seemingly without a care in the world was DNAmy. Trailing her were several curious children...and a pink elephant. A pink elephant wearing a diaper. Fighting down his normal reaction to things surreal, Drakken studied the animal with interest. He decided that the animal was naturally pink, and indeed just an elephant, not a hybrid. Why on Earth Amy would have created such a creature...Drakken shook his head to clear it as someone started honking their horn. Traffic was moving in the next lane over, but the man in front of him had now pulled out a cellphone. Drakken now leaned on his own horn to get the man moving. He succeeded, but not without receiving a rude gesture.

Drakken had already noticed a patrol car pulled over some distance behind the crazy geneticist, the two officers alternating between arguing with each other and with whoever they were speaking to on their radio, obviously about how to handle the latest weirdness to befall Middleton. As they both saw and recognized him driving past, they gave him sour looks. He turned his attention back to driving with a shrug. "Amy lived here before I came, so the police can't blame me for her contribution to their everyday madness! And she did remember the diaper!"

Still, he felt a slight twinge of guilt for just driving on without trying to help...but dealing with Amy could take all sorts of time, and he did not intend to be late for his wedding for any reason. He set his jaw and drove on...but couldn't get the idea that the sight he'd just witnessed might just symbolize something important...then he snorted. "Looking for portents, feh!" He muttered aloud, "Might as well be MacBeth, and go look for three witches!"


The third encounter was in some ways the most sobering. After parking in the municipal parking lot that separated City Hall from the town's courthouse, Drakken headed for the front entrance to the latter, where he had arranged to meet Eileen. The courthouse was a good twenty years older then the current City Hall, which had replaced it's predecessor sometime in the late eighties. It was an imposing edifice of gray stone, with a broad flight of twenty stairs up to it's front entrance. And what he saw standing on those steps caused Drakken to miss a step.

Or rather, who. Two men that even Drakken, with his occasional fits of overlooking the obvious, could not have failed to identify as Federal Agents. Agents he suspected were waiting to speak to him. Avoiding them was impossible if he was to meet his bride-to-be here, and besides, he had no...well, little reason to be apprehensive just then. However, he couldn't help one little test.

He strolled quite casually up the stairs, being briefly scrutinized by both men without exciting their interest. Passing them, he ascended two more steps before turning around, a smirk flickering across his lips and vanishing before he addressed them with a straight face. "Gentlemen, may I help you? As Mayor, the activities of the Federal Government are of course of great interest to me."

One of the Agents turned and spoke politely. "It's nothing of importance, Mister Mayor, we are just here to—Gah!" His eyes popped wide as he took an involuntary step backwards, catching his heel on the edge of the step. If not for his partner's quick grab, he might have taken a nasty spill on the stone steps.

Struggling to keep a straight face, Drakken feigned concern. "Are you quite all right, Special Agent...?"

"Drakken! No, I mean...no, I'm Special Agent Curtis, you're Special Agent Drak...no, I'm Special Agent..." His partner's words cut off Agent Curtis' babbling.

"I'm Special Agent Weaver, Mayor Lipsky, this is my partner, Special...already introduced!" Keeping an obvious tight control on his expression, he nodded to Drakken, "I'm afraid we failed to recognize you, with your..." He paused, conflicted as to how to finish his statement.

"Lack of color?" Drakken suggested helpfully, causing the man to flush slightly. Drakken smiled slightly. "Well, I am surprised, it's not really a secret among Law Enforcement agencies that my coloring is based on my exposure to sunlight, or specifically the amount of exposure."

Weaver acknowledged Drakken's statement with a curt nod. "Yes, we were briefed about that, but it just slipped our minds, I'm afraid. Right now, we do need to speak with you about your cousin, Edward Lipsky, better known as 'Motor Ed'."

Drakken groaned inwardly, but maintained an expression of polite interest. "Really? Well, I spoke with other Agents about him just last week. In fact, I've spoken to officers of various agencies practically on a weekly basis. I even make sure there are pastries in my office when I expect them, and to date, none have gone uneaten."

Weaver's face twisted into a scowl, which deepened considerably when his partner whispered something in his ear. All Drakken caught was "I told you...". But Weaver chose to ignore his fellow agent and addressed Drakken.

"That may be so, Sir, but there's been a development, Ed Lipsky freed his gang from police custody yesterday evening."

Drakken's winced slightly. "Special Agent Weaver, can you at least tell me that they weren't liberated from a work detail outside the prison...again?"

Now Weaver truly looked embarrassed, but managed to answer in a steady voice, "The Warden saw no reason to block them from volunteering for the detail, they had been model prisoners since their initial arrest and incarceration."

"Well, at least you didn't included 'tracked down' in that statement," Drakken replied, "Since Slim Possible handed the whole bunch over to you gift-wrapped!" Drakken now noticed a limousine pulling into the curb at the bottom of the steps, but focused his attention on Weaver. "And before you ask, I haven't heard anything from my cousin in some weeks."

He barely paid attention to the chauffeur who ran around the front of the car to open the nearside door, as Agent Curtis spoke up to draw his attention. "We're actually wondering if you rendered any assistance to your 'cousin' in freeing his gang." Drakken noticed Weaver wincing even as he favored Curtis with a disbelieving stare.

"Firstly, why the 'air quotes' for cousin?" He asked, "Edward Lipsky is my cousin, after all!" Curtis blinked in confusion for a moment as Drakken continued, "And what assistance would you credit to me? I'd be willing to guess exactly how it happened, since he has done it the same way at least twice before!" Just then he was distracted by the sight of his mother exiting the limo, but Weaver blocked his line of sight to the chauffeur...but his mother's smile...he forced his attention back to the two Feds.

"He waited until evening, after the work detail had been out all day, and the guards were thinking about what they were going to do when they got off shift, and not as much about their jobs! If he used a diversion, it was a subtle one, so as not to put them on their guard. After all, isn't he known for being 'loud'?" Anne Possible had now emerged from the Limo, and was reaching back inside to assist Eileen. Drakken decided to cut this short. "Look, bottom line, he broke them out, again, and he did it on his own, or perhaps with the help of one or two friends who weren't locked up! Now, I'm getting married, and my bride has just arrived, so if you have anything specific that applies to me, please ask it and be done!"

Both agents partially turned as they regarded the limo, and Drakken's jaw dropped, as he wished fervently that he'd kept on talking. When Weaver turned, Drakken had a clear view of the chauffeur. Clean-shaven, hair trimmed short, uniform immaculate, it was nevertheless Motor Ed Lipsky standing there holding the door as Eileen emerged from the vehicle.

His stomach knotted as the two agents' gazes swept over the bridal party. Surely, after the mistake with Drakken, they'd notice...then Agent Curtis opened his mouth, and firmly inserted his foot in it, granting Drakken's nerves an unexpected salvation. "Lovely bride, but what exactly does she see in you?" Curtis asked lightly.

Weaver's hands clenched into fists as his head snapped around to glare at his partner, who had already realized how poor his choice of words were. At least, the back of his neck had suddenly turned a bright shade of red, and he seemed to wilt considerably at Weaver's look. Then Weaver turned back to Drakken sharply, as his partner sheepishly followed suit.

"We have no further questions at this time, Mister Mayor," Weaver said, while keeping his eyes directed at his partner, "But you will notify us at once if your cousin contacts you, won't you?"

Drakken nodded, almost a little too vehemently. "Any future contact I may have with my cousin, I will report to you at once, Agent Weaver." He responded smoothly, rationalizing in his own head, that what was going on right now was 'present' contact, therefore he wasn't exactly being untruthful!

Weaver shifted his gaze to Drakken, and after a moment's hesitation nodded his acceptance. "Thank You, Mister Mayor, we won't take up any more of your time."

He didn't take his partner's elbow as he turned to leave, but he might as well have from the way Curtis fell into step beside him as they walked stiffly down the steps and towards the parking lot.

Relief washed over Drakken so strongly he felt light-headed for a moment, but then he focused on Eileen, and his heart rate slowed notably as he sighed in contentment.

At which point James Possible, coming up unnoticed behind him, clapped him on the back with a hearty "You're such a lucky man..." and nearly launched him into orbit.


The Askews arrived some ten minutes later. Mrs. Askew was in a foul mood. Leaving her daughter for just a short time to go hurry her husband, she had returned to find a note on the door saying the others had all left in the limousine.

It was hard to tell how much of her displeasure was directed at her daughter for not waiting or her husband for the delay that caused her to miss the ride. She glowered at Shego and Bernie, who were standing next to Shego's car as Mr. Askew pulled into the adjacent empty slot. She didn't say a word to either woman as she exited her vehicle, she just adjusted her purse and stalked off, not even waiting for her husband, who had not even set the brake yet.

As she vanished, Shego hurriedly moved to intercept Mr. Askew as he got out of the car. She pulled a flat package enclosed in brown paper from behind her back as she approached him, holding it out as he regarded her warily. Then she leaned close and whispered something in his ear, then stood back. After a brief hesitation, he took the package.

As Shego led Bernie away, the nurse looked back to see Mr. Askew tear open the wrapping and begin to examine what was inside. "What did you give him?" She asked Shego.

Shego smirked. "A copy of the HenchCo Summer Catalog." She replied.

Bernie cocked an eyebrow at her. "The one you modeled in, to pay off Hench?"

"The one we modeled in, you mean!" Shego corrected her with a sly grin, "And in which Hench insisted on digitally restoring my former coloration!"

Looking back at Mr Askew, who looked quite pleased with what he'd found leafing through the catalog(And hoping vehemently it was Shego's 'fashion' pics, and not the doomsday weapon section that brought a smile to his face!), Bernie replied "Hey! I only have a hand in one ad, modeling a ring, no one would recognize me from that!"

Still grinning, Shego feigned astonishment. "Oh? What about the background shot, where you wore..."

"Mention the 't' word and there will be bloodshed!" Bernie growled. "It was hard enough not to kill the guy modeling the actual product, I've never met such a self-absorbed ass!" Then she paused reflectively, "Outside of my brother Frank, maybe!" A suddenly self-conscious Mr. Askew had now gone to the trunk of the rental car, and appeared to be secreting the catalog in his luggage, which drew a frown from Bernie. "Doesn't look like they're planning to stay long after the ceremony." She observed.

Shego's own brow furrowed, then she shrugged. "Who cares? Let's get inside fast, don't want to risk Grogan kicking off early!"

The security guard gave Shego a wary look as he directed her to Judge Grogan's chambers, and she couldn't resist tweaking him a bit. "Listen, if a short guy with a German accent shows up, no matter what he tells you, he's not on the guest list! It'll just be Professor Dementor trying to crash, probably with some fiendish device in his pocket."

"Shego!" Bernie hissed as she dragged her grinning friend away from the slack-jawed guard, "That really wasn't nice! Besides, what if he calls the FBI or someone, and they insist on providing security for the wedding?"

Shego waved her off as they entered the judge's chambers. She replied in a low voice. "So what? If the FBI has nothing better to do let them come, what's the...harm?" She did a double take at the tall figure in the chauffeur's uniform standing next to the door. "Oh, me and my biiiiig mouth!" she muttered under her breath.

She sidled over next to Motor Ed and hissed "What are you doing here? I heard you got the boys off the road gang yesterday, shouldn't you be hiding out?"

He arched an eyebrow at her and whispered back, "And miss cousin Drew's wedding? Not on your life! Besides, no one recognizes me like this, anyway."

Shego studied him critically, then nodded. "You have a point, even I had to check twice...didn't you have most of your mullet grown back after I...um, torched it off?"

Ed didn't react to the reminder of the consequences the last time he'd ticked Shego off. "Yeah, I did...truthfully? I used to hate wearing a helmet over it, and not having it gives me an excuse to wear one, which I'm thinking these days is a good idea."

That piqued Shego's curiosity. "No argument there, but did something particular happen to make you think that way?" Bernie had drifted away to talk to the other women, and Shego noticed with some amusement James Possible fussing over Drakken, who seemed a little rattled.

"Well..." Ed hesitated, then leaned close to whisper in her ear, "Truth is, I came across some of my old papers, from when I was still trying to make an honest living? Well, I was reading them...and some of it was hard to sort out. I mean...I remembered it all eventually, but for a bit there, some of it didn't make sense!" He grimaced before finishing "I may have taken one too many knocks on the head, is what I'm thinking."

Shego nodded slowly. "You and Killigan both." She replied, "He's changing his ways, what about you?"

Motor Ed drew back, one hand on his chest, looking slightly offended. "The Motorman change his ways? Nah! Just going to play it a little safer, that's all!" Then he leaned close again. "Besides, you should see the kick-ass helmet I put together! Visor with HUD, thermal and low-light, comm hookups that the Feds would need a whole van to hold...and satellite radio, of course, got to have my road music, Seriously!" He began to assume his 'air guitar' stance, only to have Mama Lipsky's head snap around to lock her eyes on him. He promptly snapped to attention briefly before relaxing slightly.

Frugal Lucre, who's mother was also in attendance(At Mama Lipsky's invitation, the first time Drakken realized the two women even knew each other!), now strode in and headed for Drakken. "Judge just got here, should be up as soon as he changes out of his golf clothes!"

"Lets hope so," Drakken replied dryly, "If he tries to perform the ceremony still wearing them, my future Mother-in-Law will likely need medical attention!" He noticed that his future father-in-law was studying Shego in a way that was vaguely disturbing. Fortunately, the subject of his interest was busy talking to Ed, and didn't notice. Then Mrs. Askew, eyes on Eileen, said something to her husband, and his head snapped around so sharply he winced even as he replied, face reddening slightly.

To be honest, Mrs. Askew didn't look quite as severe as she usually did. There was a definite wistful look in her eyes. Drakken sighed quietly. "Even when her daughter is marrying...me, it's still the same for a mother, I suppose." He looked at Eileen chatting happily with the other women, not looking the least bit nervous. "She is, of course, but she's always good at hiding it." This time when James' hand fell on his shoulder, he didn't even flinch. "Lucky, lucky man!" James said quietly, and Drew nodded in wholehearted agreement.

It was nearly ten minutes before Judge Grogan entered. By that time, Mrs. Askew had thawed out enough to join in the chat, even saying something civil to Shego. Meanwhile, Frugal Lucre had somehow gotten into a deep conversation with Mister Askew, with Motor Ed listening in intently. Other then Bernie coming over to offer her best wishes, Drew and James had stood alone, discussing a few old times.

But then, even as the Judge came over to talk to Drew, Bob Chen ran in the door, out of breath. "Hold up a bit!" He gasped, "Ramesh is parking the car, he'll be right in!" Then he bent over slightly, hands on his knees, and tried to get his breath back as Bernie and Anne showed their concern.

Drakken blinked, then looked at James, but he seemed surprised, too. But then a big grin spread across his face. "Well, looks like we're reinstating an old tradition, not to miss each others' weddings!"

Drakken snorted, then grinned. "Which I broke, I believe?"

James nodded, then whispered "Wish I had had a good excuse to miss Bob's second wedding, that woman..." He broke off as Professor Ramesh came in, also slightly out of breath. Ramesh nodded to Drew, smiling sheepishly. Drew responded with a genuine smile for both his old college chums.

Judge Grogan now cleared his throat. "If you would all please take your places, and we'll begin." There being no seats for the wedding party, 'places' were basically improvised on the spot. Of course all three parents were at the front, as were Jim and Anne, acting as best man and matron of honor. Everyone else stood where they had the best view, or were most comfortable. Motor Ed was close to the door that lead to the courtrooms, reasoning that trouble if any would come through the other entrance.

Grogan looked at Drakken, who held one of Eileen's hands, the other was clutching her bouquet a bit tightly. "When I first heard that we had a person of your particular vocation camping on Middleton's doorstep, I expected that you would one day stand before me..." Grogan began, causing Drakken to smile weakly, "And now you have, twice! But on neither occasion for reasons I could have imagined in my wildest dreams! The first time, to be sworn in as Mayor, has caused me no little apprehension, which I can honestly say has not completely passed as yet."

The Judge paused, gaze scanning the room, noting that his words were causing a bit of apprehension in the wedding party. "And now, the second time, I find myself about to unite you in matrimony with a lady I assume is of sound mind..." He shifted his gaze to Eileen, who smiled nervously.

"Well, we're still waiting on the results of the last batch of tests..." Drakken commented, and got a light punch in the arm as a consequence, along with the satisfaction of seeing Eileen's smile brighten.

The corners of Grogan's lips twitched, and he nodded. "So be it." He then raised his voice, "We are gathered here today in front of these witnesses to unite these two people in the estate of marriage under the Laws of the Sovereign State of Colorado..."

James Possible did not forget the rings, there were plenty of handkerchiefs to handle all the tears,(Frugal producing a substantial number from his jacket pockets, bought at bargain prices, of course), and no one showed up to arrest Motor Ed and disrupt the proceedings.

In fact things went so smoothly that Drakken was almost afraid to say 'I do', fearing that would unleash all the accumulated bad karma he must have gained while behaving himself these past few months. That fear lasted about two seconds when he looked at his bride's face. "I Do."

The bouquet toss in fact was the only jarring note. The fact that neither Shego nor Bernie tried to catch it was not surprising. But the fact that Emma Lipsky and Mrs. Lerman went after it like starving cats after meat left looks of shock on both of their sons' faces. Mrs. Lipsky's next words came close to making Eileen a widow, after she lost out to her opponent. "All I can say is, don't wait too long, hon."

"Don't worry about that!" Mrs. Lerman quickly assured her. Bernie abruptly found her arms full of a limp Frugal Lucre. "Smelling Salts in his right inside pocket, dear." his mother informed her.

"That reminds me," James Possible remarked, "We didn't have a bachelor party!"

"Nor a Bridal Shower, and too late to worry about either now, Dear." His wife responded with a smile. Then she looked at Eileen, "But don't expect to get out of a baby shower, Mrs. Lipsky!"

"Oh, that sounds nice..." Drew and Eileen said in unison.

"Jinx! You owe me a grandson!" Emma Lipsky crowed.


Mrs. Askew hugged Eileen tightly. "Oh, I wish we could stay longer!" She said tightly as she wiped tears from her eyes. "But you did spring this on us so suddenly..."

"I know Mom, don't worry." Eileen replied with a gentle smile, "You and Dad have a nice cruise, and don't let him get too much sun." That drew a snort from Mr. Askew, but then he smiled and embraced his daughter, whispering something in her ear that made her nod, smiling widely. He then shook hands with Drakken, who was rubbing his shoulder after a series of progressively more vigorous backslaps, culminating in Motor Ed's. The big man then whispered something in his cousin's ear, drawing a nod of understanding.

Judge Grogan offered Drakken his hand, and Drew shook it. "Congratulations, Mayor Lipsky, you have a beautiful bride! But I think one member of your family had best make himself scarce, I may be old, but I'm not blind, and I'm quite sure something about his face is jogging my memory." As Ed backed casually away, the Judge continued. "Now, I'd really appreciate it if you took the wedding party elsewhere, I have a little work to catch up on, if you don't mind."

"Of course, Your Honor." Drakken replied, though before leaving Eileen planted a kiss on Grogan's cheek that actually made him blush.

There were reporters outside, mostly the society reporters from the local newspapers, but Denise Doughty was standing by her news van, looking vaguely disappointed that no weirdness had happened. She also failed to recognize Motor Ed, even when he made a pass at her. And got shot down in flames.

After some last handshakes with James, Chen, and Ramesh, and with Eileen waiting in his car, Drakken had a private moment with Shego.

At first, neither could figure how to start, but finally Shego got the first word in. "Kinda weird here, Doc, not sure how I'm feeling right now. We definitely just closed a door behind us, didn't we?"

Drakken smiled wistfully. "Yes, I think we have. As far as not going back, that is, not sure all of our past has been laid to rest, mind you." He looked at his new bride and sighed. "Hopefully though none of it will ever come back to truly haunt us in the future. But as to ever returning to my old profession..."

"Doc, let me be straight here." Shego said seriously, "If you were ever to go back to being a real supervillain, and hurt Eileen, I might actually end up heading the line to kick your butt!" Then she gave Drakken a quick kiss on the cheek. "Now go on, start enjoying married life!"

Drakken nodded, but took both of her hands in his first. "Thank You, Shego, for sticking with me...for longer then a day, that was a surprise! But all this time, it's more like a miracle! I could not have made it here without you, just to state the obvious!"

"Same back at you, Doc." Shego responded, eyes glistening. "Now, GO! You're ruining my tough-girl image, and keeping Eileen waiting in a hot car!"

Drakken nodded, gave her hands a squeeze, then turned and practically skipped to the door of his car. He and Eileen shared a long kiss before starting up and pulling away. As they pulled on to the street, Drakken suddenly muttered a curse under his breath. "Blast, I never got around to asking James and Anne about their first meeting! Oh, well, it can wait, I suppose..."

Bernie came up alongside Shego. "You Okay?"

Shego took a moment to respond. "You know, I have lived the most chaotic life I can imagine, but I don't think I really handle change well. I usually deal with it by..." She trailed off and shook her head. "Forget it, I need a vacation from not working!" She turned to her friend. "Listen, I have a way to square things with a few Asian countries, to get me off their wanted lists. It shouldn't be dangerous, want to come along?"

Bernie eyed her warily for a moment. "How often are you right when you predict things won't be dangerous?" That caused Shego to grin widely. "Thought so...well, after you handle that Open Lair situation on Tuesday, I'll think about it."

Shego's grin vanished and she groaned. "Oh, Snap! I forgot about that, thanks so much for the reminder..." Then her eyes narrowed thoughtfully. "You know, there might just be a way to do this and be back by Tuesday."

Bernie snorted. "The way air travel is these days? We'd spend more time in customs...oh, wait, you have your own jet!" Then she frowned. "But even with it, the travel time..."

"Nah, wasn't thinking of my jet, I have a new way to travel, we can get this done faster then you can imagine!" Shego responded enthusiastically as she put her arm around Bernie's shoulders and began to steer her towards Shego's car.

"Really?" Bernie asked, curiosity and suspicion warring in her voice.

"Really!" Shego assured her. Then she gave a slight shrug. "Of course, I still have to learn all the controls..."

"Excuse me?"

"Well, it's a new plane! Got to get a feel for it!" Shego replied confidently, "And besides, Doctor D wants me to get it out of the lair before the Open Lair anyway, so why not try it out?"


"Come on, it'll be fun!"



"Famous Last Words..."


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